The 4 Zodiac Signs That The November 2020 New Moon Will Affect The Most

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A new moon always represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, and usually comes with positive energy and vibes that give you the motivation to start something different.

According to Forever Conscious, this new moon stands out as the last in the lunar cycle before a new eclipse season begins, which means that “we are going to be wrapping up and putting end to major themes we have been working with since the start of the year.”

Stardust says, “Mutable signs are sun signs that occur at the end of the season. They are the most flexible and changeable by nature — the chameleons who complete projects through their creativity.”


Many opportunities on this day will appear in the form of some kind of disadvantage but as you should have learned, from the bottom you can always go back, so even a misfortune could turn into an adventure.

What you have not had to learn yet, can still be learned slowly, without having to resort to who knows what lessons.

Just live and pay attention to the small details.

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Perhaps you have underestimated some commitments lately and these have certainly led you towards goals not exactly corresponding to your expectations, much higher and more structured.

In any case, now it is useless to attribute blame because you will do nothing but sharpen the thoughts that are already latent in you and that at the moment need to be transformed into something positive and not

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Every little victory of this day you will have to dedicate it to yourselves, because in doing so you will know to have given one hundred percent and to have exploited all your potentialities, without surrendering to anything.

This is what will distinguish you from others, from the crowd and from those who do not want to listen, who pretend to have all the problems in the world when they do not even know what they are talking about.

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Show some scruples today, especially towards those who have long insisted that you find a solution to certain problems, but that you have obviously not listened to.

Your indifference is known and sometimes it is not too hidden either.

You should learn empathy, because it may also happen that in a not too distant time you will need solidarity.

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