2020 will be a year with many transits in the sky. The most important combines two powerful planets in opposition: Jupiter and Saturn. To know if your sign is under their influence, come and read about the signs with more power in 2020 right now.


If you love Astrology, you already know that every planet and every star has its own and different characteristics. According to the transits they perform in the sky, they form aspects to each other and we receive the related beams here on Earth.

We already talked about the luckiest signs in 2020 and the ones that will not be so fortunate. Now, it is time to talk about the signs with more power in 2020. In order to do that, we need to find out what are the signs that most receive these beneficial beams.

When it comes to luck, we always refer to Jupiter. And when it comes to power, we often relate to Saturn. In general, 2020 will be a not so tough year and with no urgent changes for everyone. But the opposition of Jupiter and Saturn will figure as one of the most important aspects of the new year.

Jupiter and Saturn will enter the sign of Capricorn in the last month of 2020 and will spend some long time there. Jupiter is a benevolent planet, while Saturn has the fame of being tough. But when Saturn is in sextile or a trine with your sign, it brings some advantages and benefits.

With all this being said, let’s check the signs with more power in 2020?



The main transit of the year, which is Jupiter-Saturn in Capricorn favors you, obviously. You are on the top of the luckiest and most powerful signs in 2020. We know that you are not a party animal but you should celebrate this bright opportunity to make everything right in 2020.

It is difficult to have all areas of life in sweet harmony but this will happen throughout 2020. You can count with luck on family and professional sectors, so there is no need to think twice about investing your time in new endeavors. Promotions, happy transfers, sparkling love and wedding are some of the keywords for you.


Jupiter, which is the ruler of Sagittarius, will pass through your Second House of Money. This makes an excellent time to mix your financial life with success. If you have been thinking about upgrading your car, buying or selling properties and investing money, do it while 2020 lasts.

The influence of Saturn will also make your results in work more solid. If money was not flowing in your bank account lately, now you can start breathing easily. You are going to be paid what you deserve and even if you want to risk in a extra job, the move will be right.


The opposition of Jupiter and Saturn can harm other signs but for Scorpio, this aspect will be very favorable. In 2020, you have everything you need to make your dreams come true, especially those you have been dreaming for a long time.

Your power will be on love and financial as well, leading you to new and exciting relationships and luck in investments. Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, will be influencing you in a good way too, proposing fruitful changes and bright beginnings.



Capricornians are very responsible, traditional and serious people in whatever they do. When they are in harmony, they are independent beings who always think about progressing and climbing the ladder. They have self-control and an ability to plan and lead work teams in a stable and realistic way; in 2020, they are part of the 3 signs with the most power.

At the beginning of the year, Capricorn will have clear ideas and the possibility to reinvent themselves and choose their own path. The influence of the Sun will give them the power to manage and organize their resources. They will be responsible with their health, which guarantees their well-being throughout the year.

At work they will be creative and generate new projects. Juno’s entry into Capricorn will make them commit more to their health and physical well-being.

The asteroid Eros, on the other hand, will endow them with the power to deliver and receive pleasure in intimate relationships. They will continue to have an increase in their vitality. They can propose or rethink new objectives to ensure more resources and position themselves into roles of leadership.

In the middle of the year, the communication of these natives will improve, which favors good relationships with their partner. They will regain the love of their profession and grow in prominence, thanks to Venus in the VI House of the sign. Health should be reviewed during this period, especially to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

New commitments will begin in their emotional life, marriages, celebrations or favorable situation changes for these natives. In the family, they will be the leaders of profitable family businesses. Jupiter in Capricorn, in the month of August, will give their health a refreshing break.

Partner relationships will improve favorably. With respect to school, they will stand out and lead research groups. Saturn‘s good influence on health will lead them to recover quickly from diseases and feel more vigorous.

In family relationships, Capricorns will demonstrate their power, putting healthy limits on their children or those who depend on them. Good advancement in the professional field. In health, they will connect with their personal strength, thanks to the influence of Pluto. Their relationships with those in power will be improved during November; the influence of Mars brings promotions, raises or improvements in the professional field.

The year will end with a positive evaluation and reflection on personal goals. There will be a need to control expenses and great physical strength due to excellent health.



The second of the signs with more power in 2020is Scorpio, which has characteristics such as assertiveness, passion for what they do and determination. The power that the natives of the sign will show this year will be a calm but confident leadership. It will give confidence to those around them, especially their most loved ones.

At the beginning of the year, Scorpio will be inspired in their romantic relationships. The influence of Jupiter will make them acquire property, real estate or find new sources of income which will position them as powerful providers. They will be assertive in choices regarding their health, introducing healthy habits to improve their physical and emotional state.

The Sun in Scorpio on April 20th will give them the power to decide the conditions or advances in engagements. They will take the reins of their business, it is a good idea for them to seek advice. In health, they will want to free themselves from past demons. New romances may appear in which they will tend to take control of it.

Mid-year, Scorpio will focus on professional commitments and the need to promote their career. They will have good omens. There may be trips that will make them stand out in front of their peers. Love could occur with people from other cultures. In international business they will know how to give clear guidelines in order achieve positive economic results. Regarding health, they must worry about stress and pressure to avoid suffering from discomfort.

Meetings and reconciliations in family relationships have positive outlooks during this period thanks to the influence of Saturn. This will put the followers of Scorpio in positions of reference for those closest to them. At work, successful projects will come to a close. Health will improve considerably and they will adopt exercise routines.

The last quarter is the best for Scorpio, with an increase in energy giving them the power to improve emotional relationships or find a partner, for those who are single. They will be very productive in business and have positive finances. It will be necessary to demand repayments when they feel it is necessary.

Expect great physical strength and an excellent mood. The year will end with new financial projects, with the aim of prolonging their power in this area. There will be stable health, a need for rest and being at peace with themselves.



In this list of the signs with more power in 2020 is Aries ,which is characterized by being dynamic, competent and always trying to be first in everything. The ruling planet of these natives is Mars, the same that will rule in 2020, so it provides its influence giving power, determination and leadership.

The courage that they put into their actions and the pride of their achievements will give them security and the self-confidence necessary to secure a place among the three most powerful signs in 2020.

hey will invest wisely in business, trying to ensure good financial spending, and their health will begin with a lot of metal clarity. It will be necessary to set goals and make changes when necessary in order to ensure good health. Good physical connection with their partners. They will adopt a healthier lifestyle.

There will be a change of status in romantic relationships. Possibilities of climbing to higher positions in the work hierarchy. The influence of the Sun provides energy and vitality. It is a good time to practice competitive sports and emerge victorious.

They will be more aware of their feelings, which will give them more power to decide things correctly. Be ready for possibilities of growth at work thanks to the influence of Jupiter in the sign. It is a good time to heal from ailments. Their self-esteem will grow and this will improve coexistence within their family.

Both Mercury and Venus will bring benefits in the workplace, highlighted in fields such as advertising, the arts or banking.

By the middle of the year, a lot of pleasure will dominate erotic situations. Economically and professionally, the influence of the moon will make them want to advance with determination to a new level. They will need to rest a bit to replenish their energy and they will need to follow treatments to the letter; to be more authentic with their loved ones and to be self-sufficient financially, but a little stressed.

During the last quarter of the year, the New Moon will give them confidence and they will enjoy intimacy. They have good prospects and analysis for projects. Responsibility with their own body. They will grow professionally with courses, raises or trips abroad. November will be a fertile period for those who wish to have children.

The year will end with Aries holding the reins of their destiny in emotional relationships. With Venus positively influencing teamwork and their capacity for leadership and the need for new spiritual searches.


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