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The 3 Personality Flaws Each Zodiac Sign Doesn’t Like To Admit They Have (His And Hers)


It’s very hard to admit to oneself about potential personality flaws that may be lingering about. Your friend calls you out on being late constantly? It’s traffic. A coworker tells you that you’re not exactly the best at taking constructive criticism? You try and convince them why you’re right.

We make up little excuses for ourselves to justify our actions – sometimes they’re innocent, while other times perhaps we should reassess the way we handle certain situations. Nonetheless, nobody is perfect, and our flaws can sometimes be endearing if anything.

Moreover, if we’re seeing someone new, or bickering with a family member, we have a tendency to tell our closest friends about it. This leads us to the inevitable “what’s their sign” question and next thing you know you’re justifying their actions by the Zodiac, all the while smirking that you’re nothing like that. As much as you like to think your sign is perfect and it’s others who have it harder, we all have a few flaws we should take the time to consider, or at least be aware of.


We’ve rounded up all the Zodiac signs for both guys and girls in hopes to help us all take a step back and realize that nobody is perfect!

Scorpio Men: Jealous, Self-Destructive, Vindictive

The scorpion is fierce, and so are you. Extremely loyal and brave, you’re the epitome of a knight in shining armor. Passionate and tough, you’re a whirlwind of emotion – positive and negative. When you’ve been crossed, you’re known to be vindictive, and that’s when things get scary. In your rage, you have a tendency to self-destruct as well, something to definitely be wary of.

Being passionate is a great quality to have, but be careful it doesn’t cross the line into jealousy. This is when things can get out of hand, both in your mind and in regards to those around you!  

Scorpio Girls: Manipulative, Secretive, Resentful

Your mysteriousness draws so many admirers to you, Scorpio girl, making you a striking sight to behold. You can sometimes abuse this mysteriousness to manipulate others, realizing that it’s so easy to get your way. If you find someone isn’t falling under your spell, you have a tendency to become resentful, almost confused that your magic potion isn’t working.

Being the enigma that you are, you love keeping others guessing, but it’s this secretiveness that can drive others crazy, not being able to crack you. Let others in and don’t be afraid to bare your heart, you have an award-winning personality that’s sure to command an entire room.

Pisces Men: Impractical, Private, Scatterbrained

Like the fish that rule your sign, you have a laid-back approach to life that sees you gentle and calm, taking life as it comes. You have a view of the world that’s serene and spiritual – which some can view as very impractical or idealistic. Be careful not to get lost in your own world, you’re known to be a scatterbrain that forgets things easily.

As serene as you are, you’re definitely a private individual, preferring to keep your thoughts to yourself. This can annoy others who want to know what you’re thinking, as your zen-like qualities are hard to keep up with sometimes.


Pisces Girls: Sensitive, Escapist, Passive

You’re such a likable sign – dreamy and romantic, always thinking of creative pursuits. However, you’re known to take things too far with your hopes and goals, because if they don’t go as planned you tend to have an escapist approach to them, blaming the mishaps on misfortune or elements out of your control.

You can also be very sensitive when things don’t go like you thought they would, really messing up your mellow demeanor! Be careful of being too passive – you tend to move slow sometimes and may end up missing out on wonderful opportunities, ones that will get you that much closer to your dreams!  

Aries Men: Stubborn, Envious, Blunt

With the Aries being the first sign of the Zodiac, you know how to take control, displaying phenomenal leadership skills. Sadly, it’s those leadership skills that make you known to be quite stubborn, just like the ram that rules your sign.

When you don’t agree with someone, this can also lead you to appear quite blunt. It’s these two qualities that can make you phenomenal in the business world – yet not so much in your personal life.

Since you’re so certain what the world is like according to you, when things don’t necessarily go your way you can be left feeling a little envious of others’ successes. Don’t worry though, the second you realize you don’t have to be first all the time, is the second you become a total blast to be around!

Aries Girls: Confrontational, Argumentative, Impatient

Aries, you’re awesome since you’re the definition of an independent woman. You love to blitz through life from task to task, which can actually make you rather impatient. You get so worked up and excited over things, that if they don’t go perfectly planned, the novelty wears off and you flutter away to the next appealing thing.

You’re also known to get confrontational due to your impatience as well. You don’t always think before you speak, and it’s with that confrontation that you can appear really blunt, confusing and hurting people in the process.

It’s with this confrontation that you sometimes find yourself spiraling into an argument. Breathe and take a step back, – you’d be surprised what the other has to say!  

Leo Men: Hot-Tempered, Dominating, Egotistical

Like the proud feline that rules your sign, you love making an impression, Leo. You’re quite charismatic, but the second your ego gets bruised, you’re known to lick your wounds and then proceed to explode. The lion is a feisty, wild animal, and you don’t stand for someone challenging your pride. Realize, however, not to blow up over trivial things, as people aren’t testing you all the time!

Just because the lion is the leader of its pride doesn’t mean you have to dominate every situation that arises. Take a step back out of the limelight, and enjoy being a calm observer every once in a while!

Leo Girls: Vain, Perfectionist, Headstrong

You’re very luxurious, Leo lady. You know you’re regal, but perhaps tone down the opulence – it’s that combined with your headstrong nature that can make you appear to be a bit vain.

You have a desire for the finer things in life and work very hard to earn the best of the best. You may benefit from realizing that things don’t always go as planned, and you should take life’s daily hiccups in your stride. Your opinions and strength can get you far, but in order for others to keep up, realize that you have to make room for flexibility sometimes!  

Sagittarius Men: Careless, Inconsistent, Over-Confident

Notorious for being the life of the party, your carefree nature can come across as over-confident at times. People see you as believing you’re invincible, and this can get you into some trouble. Your energy has you bouncing from task to task in life, so you should learn to slow down and perhaps pay a bit more attention to the details. You’ll find yourself receiving less criticism that way, and in turn delivering more consistent results. You’ll also notice others will take you more seriously as well, and you won’t be seen as the carefree spirit who can’t get anything done!

Sagittarius Girls: Abrupt, Reckless, Competitive

A traveler at heart, you love a sense of adventure that keeps you on your toes. You’re naturally curious and a real explorer! Learn that it’s okay to slow down, since your impulsive nature can make you rather abrupt and reckless, eventually getting you into some trouble.

Being one that’s so restless and loves a challenge, you can come across as too competitive, showing off that carefree spirit. Be careful with this, because it’s with that competitiveness that you’re known to sometimes burn bridges, and that not everyone takes things as light-hearted as you do.  

Virgo Men: Conservative, Harsh, Finicky

You’re a great ally to have, Virgo. Practical, detail-oriented, and reliable, you’re a loyal friend through and through. However, your meticulousness doesn’t leave much room for abstract ideas, and you’re known to be conservative. Perhaps you’re so dependant on your tried-and-true methods of going about doing things, you simply don’t want to try anything else. You’re also known to be too meticulous at times, getting lost in the details and not seeing the bigger picture.

Your practicality is appreciated, but be wary of coming across as too harsh sometimes. Just because something makes perfect sense in your head, doesn’t mean it’s absolutely true to someone else!

Virgo Girls: Fussy, Overcritical, Judgemental

You love being the helpful perfectionist. As efficient as you are at getting the job done, you’re known to sometimes get lost in the details, Virgo girl. Your desire to make sure everything is in order can lose you precious time and lead to bigger problems down the line!

Moreover, you have a habit of vocalizing whatever isn’t absolutely up to your standards. Some can find this a touch irritating, unfortunately! I promise if you realize that not everything has to be perfect all the time, you’ll save yourself much anxiety and stress down the line. Make sure to relax and smell the roses.  

Libra Men: Laid-Back, Detached, Unreliable

Being a light, and airy sign, your head is always in the clouds. Laid-back at heart, you can sometimes come across as lazy, as you hate the stresses of life or handling any emotional issues. Be wary of this, Libra man, as laziness can make you out to seem unreliable.

You’re also known to have the perfect poker face, as you hate rocking the boat or displeasing anyone. Because of this, you take your diplomatic traits too far and come across as detached, pretending things are fine when you’re actually stewing inside. Learn to deal with uncomfortable situations, since you can’t hide all your cards forever.

Libra Girls: Indecisive, Superficial, Self-Indulgent

Ruled by the scale, you find yourself stuck in a constant state of indecisiveness. You’re the quintessential definition of a scale, constantly weighing your options before you come to any conclusions. This can be very irritating to some, as you take your precious time coming to any decisions.

Known to enjoy the finer things in life, you’re known to be self-indulgent, pampering yourself with superficial delights. While this is fine in moderation, you may find yourself spending too much on luxuries that you don’t unnecessarily need! Learn to enjoy what you do have, and save yourself the stress of worrying if you’ve made the wrong decision.  

Taurus Men: Hard-Headed, Superficial, Frugal

Oh, Taurus. For an earth sign, your head really is up in the clouds. You have dreams of the perfect family and a great job, and this is where it gets tricky. You’re a dreamer that’s ruled by the bull, meaning you’ll be stubborn when life doesn’t give you what you’re after. You can also be a bit superficial at times, with your desires being very picturesque!

You hate to admit it, but you’re known to be a bit frugal too. Not out of maliciousness, but because you’re so focused on the future. You’re known for your tremendous work ethic and hate seeing your hard-earned dollars be blown away on short-term benefits. You may benefit from relaxing a little and learning to have some fun!

Taurus Girls: Materialistic, Possessive, Self-Indulgent

Being a Taurus, you’re constantly dreaming of building towards your future. Because of this, you’re sometimes known to be a bit materialistic, equating wealth and luxury to happiness. With that, you love to indulge in the finer things in life, which are a fantastic way to pamper yourself – but perhaps not all the time.

Once you get a hold of what’s yours, be it a sought-after item or a loved one, you have a tendency to be possessive at times. Learn to be more open with sharing your spoils, and you’ll find others will gravitate towards your hard-working, intelligent persona!


Capricorn Men: Isolated, Timid, Brooding

The patient and hard-working goat, you’re known to isolate yourself at times, focusing hard on whatever you have to accomplish. Not one to open up to others easily, you’d rather observe from a distance than get too heavily involved. Though not necessarily shy, you prefer to do things at your own pace, as you see no need to rush into things.

It’s because you’re so in your head that you can at times be found brooding, creating your own problems and then becoming frustrated at your lack of solutions. You’re self-disciplined which is great, but allow yourself the opportunity to have some fun!  

Capricorn Girls: Pessimistic, Self-Centered, Temperamental

Full of wisdom and stability, your friends and loved ones adore coming to you for advice for their problems. You carry the weight of a lot of issues that aren’t even your own and you become so focused on solving them, that you can become rather temperamental. You wish things were easier sometimes, and being bogged down by so many things can leave you pessimistic.

Since you suddenly become hyper-aware of your surroundings and how your decisions can affect others, you tend to get lost in your own head, making yourself appear very self-centered. Look around you and take a moment – you don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Aquarius Men: Unpredictable, Extreme, Detached

A water sign that’s so focused on freedom, people either love being around you or you make them a bit nervous. The life of the party, you’re independent and an escapist. This tendency to spend your life wandering can make you come across as unpredictable and extreme, since other signs simply don’t understand this yearning for the unknown.

You can also be seen as detached, as you’re never around long enough to open your heart to someone without running away again. Understand that it’s okay to relax – you don’t have to spend your life living one constant adventure!  

Aquarius Girls: Aloof, Lazy, Impulsive

You’re a rebel at heart, attracting people with your modern approach to life and your intelligent soul. Your tendency to be impulsive can get you in trouble, however, as others simply don’t understand your need to experience new things and break away from monotony.

You’re also known to be quite aloof, as you don’t see the point in latching on to anyone materialistically or emotionally since you won’t be around for much longer. This aloofness can come across as a lack of direction in life, and don’t be surprised if you get called lazy. Learn to let people in – just because you’re prone to travel doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch with others who you share a common connection with.

Cancer Men: Irrational, Shy, Introverted

Cancer, you’re such an endearing sign. Soft-spoken and calm, you mean well! You’re a bit too calm at times though, appearing shy. With others struggling to get you out of your shell, you sometimes cower even further into it, becoming quite the introvert. Like the crab you are, you can also be moody. Your irrational mood swings can be a bit too much for those around you, so take the time to notice your actions.

You’re sensitive and it’s totally okay – but be aware that your introverted personality can sometimes hurt others, making you appear cold and disinterested. Learn to come out of your shell more often, and people will flock to your appealing personality.  

Cancer Girls: Negative, Clingy, Overemotional

Being such an emotional sign, you have to be careful about being too pessimistic, Cancer girl! It’s your sensitivity that makes you really aware of any setbacks or failures, so be wary of spiraling into a wave of emotions, as I’m sure you know how to do. The world isn’t crumbling all the time, and things always happen for a reason.

Since you are so sensitive, your heart is big and loves what feels warm and familiar. This can lead to a clinginess and a desire to not rock the boat. Learn to accept the unknown – it can be quite fun!

Gemini Men: Restless, Flirtatious, Indecisive

It’s your wit and energy that can get you in trouble, Gemini! Your tendency to bounce around from wall to wall makes you rather restless and a bit erratic – especially to deal with in your professional life. Considering you’re so clever, you sometimes find yourself in sticky situations, being a natural flirt at heart.

Ruled by the twins that are in constant competition with each other, you can find it hard to make decisions. This can lead you to miss out on opportunities! Remember to breathe, and be aware of how your actions can affect others – both professionally and in your personal life.  

Gemini Girls: Moody, Insecure, Anxious

It can be hard being a Gemini sometimes. Ruled by the twins, you’re prone to being moody since they’re pulling you in two different directions half the time! It’s those mood swings that can make you anxious, not knowing how you’ll feel next, or what task to jump to.

You’re a curious creature who loves being in the know about everything. The second you’re in the dark, you become insecure. With those two twins yapping in your ear and making you question your decisions, you’re bound to be on the fence about your actions. Hone everything you do and have some confidence, your clever personality will come out shining!


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