The 2019 Hair Trends He’s Attracted To Most On Women According to your Zodiac Signs

Like us, you’re probably thinking, “How is it already nearly 2019?” But this coming year is all about fresh starts and new beginnings. A bit of pampering is required ahead of time to help you prepare, right? You might be wondering what hairstyles are going to be making waves in 2019, and which ones you should try. Well, we’re here to tell you.

There’s no doubt that 2019 is going to be all about refreshing hair, with a few throwbacks to the past thrown in, but with a totally new spin on things. Like when it comes to bangs and beehives. Yes, beehives! There’s something for everyone, but what are the styles your beau would like best? By taking his astrological sign into account, you can learn more about the hairstyles he loves.

Here are the hairstyles he wants to see you wear in 2019, based on his astrological sign.



24 Aries: Get Ready To Be Groovy, Baby

Fact: 2019 will be all about embracing individuality when it comes to hairstyles. And that will be perfect for the Aries man in your life. He loves anything that’s bold and daring.

We don’t know if you yourself will be a fan of the ’60s hairstyles that are coming back into fashion, but we know that Aries men will be feeling groovy about it.

If you feel like adding some inches to your hair length, opt for the ’60s beehive ‘do. You’ll be sure to capture an Aries man’s attention.

23 Aries: Jawline Bob

Aries men go bonkers for a woman who can show her true colours; and by that we mean a woman who is not afraid to be gutsy with her hair.

The bob has been a continuous trend over the decades, but in the new year, it will get even shorter. This is sure to impress the adventurous Aries in your life.

Choose a jawline bob if you want to appeal to your Aries man, while also choosing a hairstyle that suits your lifestyle. The bob is easy to maintain when you’re chasing him on his adventures!

22 Taurus: Go Bohemian In 2019

Taurus men could easily fall to their knees by gazing at your hair because they are the traditional romantic sign, and hair is hypnotizing. What makes a romantic’s heart pump faster than luxe hair accessories? Nothing.

If you have a Taurus man in your life, we suggest you start gathering all the embellished clips, flowered barrettes, and headbands you can find because this look will rock in 2019.

Since Taurus men have an infinite love for nature entangled with romance, adding some glam to your hair is a must.

21 Taurus: For 2019, Make Sure You Invest In A Fabulous Hairdryer

If your main man is a Taurus, then you must already know that he’s practical; he will always be attracted to hair trends that are fuss-free. Anything that isn’t high-maintenance pleases him, and let’s be honest, it’s great for you on busy mornings, too!

Remember the days when we’d get out of the shower, blow dry our hair and leave it as is? Well, this look is back in fashion for 2019. Whether your hair is wavy, curly or straight after a blow dry, the natural look will always appeal to the Taurus man.

20 Gemini: It’s Time To Be More Playful With Hair Colour

Gemini men appreciate any woman that is like them: able to rock more than two daring things at once.

And, we believe we found our hair trend match for you if you have a Gemini man and are down to experiment.

Forget the balayage, 2019 will be all about luxe multi-coloured tips. these are bold and super-stylish. 

Don’t be scared to let go of your grown-out ombré and turn those brunette locks into blue or pink tips. You’ll stun him with your new and refreshed hair!

19 Gemini: Professional Braids On The Loose

You’ll be quite the lucky birdie if your crush or S.O. is a Gemini because he’ll embrace all the physical and fashionable changes to come in 2019.

It is natural for them to adapt to new trends, and their intellectual side adores whatever is youthful and playful, so if you have long hair, get ready to be inventive.

Geminis will love 2019’s call for serious and refreshing braids. We can already sense their excitement.

18 Cancer: Sleek Perfection

Most Cancer men are old souls, so whatever is easy and laid-back interests them. And guess what Cancer loves the most? The sleek hair trend. Good news: it’s back!

This look is reflective of a woman that is easy-going and classy, which really gets a Cancer man interested.

It is a minimal hairstyle, but with a little shimmer, shine and a neat middle parting, you’ll be ready to strut down his runaway in no time.

Style tip: use some Moroccan Oil to polish the look and rock his world.

17 Cancer: Time For Some Curtain Bangs

Cancer men are compassionate, and although they adore whatever is easy-going, they also want to have a woman in their arms that maintains and keeps her hair femininely neat.

So, for 2019, the perfect haircut we want to tell you about, before everyone else starts rocking it, is the soft curtain bangs.

To keep your hair low-maintenance and neat, a face-framing bang is the perfect way to give extra life to your hair and show you have a zest for sustaining its style. He will appreciate the simple and sophisticated way it looks so trendy.

16 Libra: A Little Teasing Goes A Long Way

You may not be as tempted to rock this runway trend in 2019, but if you are, you’re sure to impress any Libra man who comes your way.

Libra men are charmers, so they tend to appreciate what is old and vintage, particularly when it comes to trends and style. This trend is similar to the beehive, but with a fresh twist. We’re talking about the teased pouf.

If you’re feeling daring, a professionally done and polished front pouf will get a Libra asking for your number in no time.

15 Libra: Balance It Out

Face-framing is important, that is why in 2019 layers are going to stay in fashion. When it comes to Libra men, they strive to maintain balance in their lives, and they expect it to be reflected in all aspects of their lives ― appearances included.

Thankfully, a glamorous and posh look will be the Bardot layers that were a hit in the past but honestly, they never go out of style. The look is effortless, and with gradual, soft layers, the hair will be balanced to a Libra man’s liking.

14 Leo: The Bigger, The Better, Right Leo?

If you’re blessed with big hair, and a Leo man is around, don’t stress about taming it. Volume is back and better than ever in 2019, and it will entice the Leo man who is bold and adventurous.

Show him that you can rock with the king of the jungle by adding more body to your mane. Hair with extra body creates a look that is irresistible, and shows you can embrace your wild side, too. It is much like the tousled wave trend of 2018, but with more volume and density.

13 Leo: Go Lob Or Go Home

Leo men take pride in their appearance, and they want a woman who can rock her hair like it is her pride and joy. Since bobs are going to be HUGE in 2019 (huge may be an understatement), the hairstyle that will show the most lioness courage would be the heavy mid-length lob.

This cut falls somewhere between short and long, with seamless layers that make a woman’s hair look more weighted. This causes your hair to be much more voluminous, without needing lots of products. What bold Leo does not like a voluminous mane full of zest?

12 Virgo: Whip It High

Virgo men pay extreme attention to detail, so you can leave your messy bun at home. One of the best styles to choose is a high ponytail. Keep it sleek like Kim K and he’ll want to follow you around. Of course, you should never choose a hairstyle for your boyfriend, but this one will tick all your boxes, too.

This ’90s trend shows effort, and its comeback will sit well with the specific Virgo who is a perfectionist at heart.

He loves neat and simple hairstyles. Bonus points: it’s such an easy and practical – yet stylish – hairstyle to maintain.

11 Virgo: Super-Long Hair

Ladies, you’re going to have to start growing out those layers. This look is a throwback to the ’70s ―can you say Cher hair? We are talking one-length hair.

We’re giving you the heads up on this one, especially if you have a Virgo man in your life, since they are in love with things that are sleek, neat and gorgeous. One-length hair is going to fire up all over Instagram next summer, as we predict it will be a summer staple. Keep it classy and sassy, and experiment with the hair split ― just make sure it’s tidy.

10 Scorpio: Embrace The Gray

Scorpio men know exactly what appeals to them, so if you’re looking to switch things up for next year, get ready to have all eyes on you. Scorpio men are curious by whatever looks and seems mysterious, so you’ll want to make sure to rely on a hair trend that will cause you to stand out.

The perfect look: the gray hair trend. It has been around for a while, but this charcoal tone is coming back with a boom. Expect to see numerous shades of it all over social media. Get ready to look amazing!

Scorpio: A Scarf Goes A Long Way

If you’re a little afraid to change up your look but want to try something a bit different that will impress a deep Scorpio too, we’ve got the perfect 2019 trend for you.

Next year, retailers will be flooded with hair scarfs. By wearing them, you can look classy, edgy and bold, but still maintain your air of mystery. And, if you pull your hair up and out of your face with the convenient accessory, you’ll receive plenty of compliments because you’ll be drawing attention to your gorgeous features.

Sagittarius: Barbie Hair

If you’re dealing with a Sagittarius man, chances are you’re dealing with a real-life Indiana Jones. Sagittarius men are spontaneous and creative, which makes them want to leave their mark wherever they go.

In hair language, that means they find women with riskier hairstyles very appealing. And what is more carefree and attractive than a pink head of hair?

If you’re planning on trying this colour, we approve, and they will too since it is also very sophisticated when done in candy floss pastel tones.

Sagittarius: Spice Girls Hair

Flashback to ’90s fashion, ya’ll! As one of the most positive astro signs, Sagittarius likes to see fun and optimism reflected in a woman, and the truth is, what reflects our attitude more than our hair choices?

So, a flawless hair trend that will make him interested is a crimped ‘do. We’re obsessed with fun, lightly crimped hair because it’s not too OTT but still stays ahead of the style pack. In fact, it’s enough to draw in the spontaneous Sagittarius because you’ll look unique and interesting.

Capricorn: Blunt Bob

Capricorns are extremely hard-working men, and to go with their practical pace of life, they like a woman with a hairstyle that is simple yet sharp. They don’t want anything too colourful or difficult to style.

For 2019, the blunt bob will be the talk of the town. This bob is going to shift away from its traditional mid-length look with layers, to evolve into a sharper, cleaner cut. In other words, a dream for Capricorn men!

Capricorn: Chanel-Inspired

Capricorn men are classical and practical, so, sticking with the bobs trend, another that will knock him off his feet is the very popular French girl bob or the fringed bob.

The new year is time for fresh and new beginnings, and this bob is going to be all over the ‘gram with its structural refresh. It is a simple hairdo that the ambitions Capricorn men will go gaga for, as it does not involve much work. They will be fond of your on-the-go angular chop and textured hairstyle that gives an unpolished, yet flattering look.

Aquarius: A Special Balayage For Curls

Aquarius men love to stand out by being unique and different, so they’ll be drawn to the Pintura highlights trend.

This is a colouring technique that is used for curly or textured hair. AsRefinery29 points out, this hair-highlighting method gently lightens hair without trying too hard or disturbing the hair’s natural movement. 

This technique accentuates your natural hair, and the Aquarius guy in your life is sure to give you loads of compliments for the unique way that you’re approaching hair colour.

Aquarius: Glam Colour

Are you fun and playful? Are you confident enough to walk the street with striking colours in your hair? Do you have an Aquarius in your life? If so, be ready to dye your hair a bunch of awesome colours next year.

From pops of yellow to hues of peach, you’ll see this vibrant trend everywhere in 2019.

Yes, it’s already been big in 2018, but it’s just going to get bigger. Whether you hop on the train or not will depend on you, but it’ll certainly be Aquarius’ vibes.

Pisces: A Twist On Braids

Braids will be braids. And Pisces men will be Pisces men.

They have quite the imagination, and if you can put them into a dreamy state with your hairstyle, you have them on lockdown.

In 2019, say bye-bye to the typical Kardashian braids, and welcome micro braids. This trend is all about intricately placing braids under the hairline to add volume or across the hairline of your middle part. They are not meant to be ultra feminine, but edgy, and it’s the kind of dreamy look that Pisces men adore.

Pisces: Boho Hair

At the end of the day, some of the hottest trends are the simplest ones. Bringing back the banging ’70s is sure to heighten the imaginative minds of Pisces men. We’re talking boho hair!

Pisces men will no longer have to daydream if you decide to make this luxurious but effortless trend yours because it will instantly win them over. Some of the most appealing boho hairstyles for 2019 include wavy hair, floral accessories and middle-parts with waterfall hair that flows over your shoulders. Beautiful!



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