Spend The End Of 2020 (Based On Your Zodiac Sign)


You are a fighter. You don’t leave things to chance. That feisty spirit you keep inside is what gets you going. Your stubbornness makes you achieve things you’ve had in mind.

You’ve had so many new opportunities in 2020. You’ve made successful business deals. You’ve met a lot of great new people. Basically, you’ve shined in all spheres. But that took up a lot of your energy.

Since 2021 will be pretty much the same and you’re still going to aspire to greater things and do everything to make them come true, take the end of the year and recharge yourself.

Take a few days off, and do absolutely nothing. You’re going to need your energy for the new challenges that 2021 has in store for you.


This year has been a great one for you. But due to some events which you couldn’t have anticipated, you’ve been more publicly displayed than you were used to.

That doesn’t give you a sense of control, and control is something you just have to have.

This year there were some changes in your love plan, and pretty much all things were very easy for you. You were creative in your job and your everyday life. All in all, it was a pretty good year.

But you’ve made a decision that the next year, you’ll definitely have some more control over your life than you had this year. But to be able to do that, you just have to take a deep breath, and allow yourself to take a break.

The new year isn’t going to go anywhere without you. Relax.



This year was a year of enlightenment for you. You’ve looked deep inside yourself, and you’ve realized what kind of a person you want to be.

You’ve emotionally grown and opened up to people around you. Your selfish days are over for you. You’ve opened the door to a whole new different world of selfless love.

You became more outgoing and social. Truth to be told you’ve always had the potential to be that kind of a person, but your other side, the darker side prevailed until now.

Take this time until the new year comes to allow yourself to get to know the new and improved you. You’re going to like what has been hiding inside of you for such a long time.


This year you’ve become more self-aware. You’ve realized how worthy you are. You’ve learned to appreciate yourself and people around you. You’ve learned to appreciate life itself.

Spend these last days of 2020 giving your selfless love to all the people around you. Spread love just like you did this year. Love and never regret loving. You’ll be rewarded.



You’ve been working nonstop this whole year. But you’ve been a constant winner, also. You were a leader and a successful one. Every project you started ended up in a triumph.

This made you a better person as well. You’ve grown emotionally and socially. It seems like you did a lot this year, so the best thing for you to do the last few days of 2020 is literally nothing.

Discard all the projects you have in mind. Do yourself a favor, and take it easy because you need some rest. Otherwise, you’ll crack. There will be plenty of time in 2021 to embark on new projects and journeys.


This year was all about letting go of the bad stuff from your life. You’ve gotten rid of bad people in your life, you’ve cleaned your home of unnecessary stuff. It was all about new beginnings.

You had a lot to do, and this year was very turbulent for you. If you want to make a clean start into 2020 and continue the track you’re going, you need to sit down and think hard about your life and what you want to do with it.

At the end of 2020, think about why you’ve let go of so much, why you’ve got rid of things that bother you. What happened in your life that made you decide to take a new turn.



You were scared this year, Libra. You were challenged, and you questioned your talent and self-expression. You just had to overcome those fears if you wanted to make it.

You needed to show your soft side because the harsh exterior was not working for you. You failed in everything. It was traumatizing for you to open up and be true to your emotions.

Because of that, spend the last few days of 2020 pampering yourself. Be kind to yourself; do only things you want to do. Throw yourself a bath. Take yourself out on a dinner. Go shopping. Do anything that relaxes you and makes you happy.


2020 was your year. You’re almost sorry that it’s coming to an end. So many great things have happened to you, and you don’t want them to go away.

But you don’t have to worry because you’re on a lucky streak. 2021 is going to be as good as this year, if not even better. Don’t regret things that are coming to an end, but be happy for the things to come.

Spend the last few days of 2020 by writing down all the beautiful things that happened to you. That way, you’ll never forget them. That way you can go back to that beautiful time of your life every time you read what you wrote.


This year was a happy one for you. Your business was growing and/or your personal life was starting to change for the better. Anyway, it was a happy and satisfying year.

You’ve been so excited about your new happy life that you’ve overworked yourself. Stop for a while and take a break. Don’t think about the new things to come because they will come anyway.

You don’t have the power to make that happen sooner. So relax for a while, and let that happy life come to you.


You felt power this year. You were excellent in your job, and your private life wasn’t that bad either. The power you had and the control over your life made you happy.

But with power comes stress, so use these few remaining days of the year to find a way to calm yourself down and deal with the responsibility you have.

Make a plan of activities and prepare yourself physically and emotionally for the upcoming year.



This year you’ve stepped into things that are unknown to you. That is a huge step for you. You are usually scared of things you don’t know, and you like to play it safe.

But this year, you took a step forward and challenged yourself by doing something you normally wouldn’t.

During these last few days of 2020, try to look at all the things you’ve done, all the things that scared you and realize how far you’ve come.

Write those things down to have a reminder of what you are capable of doing when you set your mind to it.


This year you stepped out from your dreamy land for a while. You got your confidence, and you lived in a real world doing real stuff.

You believed in your goals because you spent less time dreaming about them and more time actually doing something about them.

By the end of the year, make a list of goals and believe in yourself because you have what it takes to make them come true. You just have to believe in yourself and never stop trying.


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