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After all of this time, this girl finally walked away from you, never to return. I bet you were convinced she’d never do it, right? That you assumed that she would stay by your side for as long as you wanted her to and that she would spend the rest of her life next to someone who couldn’t make up his mind about her.

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Nevertheless, here you aredumped and alone. After so much time waiting for you to make a choice and reach a decision, she took her life into her own hands and decided for the both of you. After wasting years of her life on this unrequited love, she finally left you in the past.

Or maybe you did love her all along? Well, the truth is that she couldn’t and didn’t want to wait any longer to find that out.

She left because she grew tired of patiently waiting for you to start calling her your girlfriend, for you to put an end to this charade and for you to make this labelless relationship official. For you to choose her over all those other girls, to give her the place in your life she deserved and for her to be sure about your feelings.

She walked away because this almost relationship drained her. It exhausted all of her emotional and mental strength and it turned her into a woman she’d never been before.

This girl left you because she finally realized that she deserved more than being your almost girlfriend. That she deserved a title that she was obviously never going to get.

She left you because all of her hopes that things would be different in the future died out. Because she stopped making excuses for your shitty behavior, because she stopped lying to herself that change was right around the corner and because she finally got the courage to look the harsh and painful truth directly in the eye. She left you because she finally saw that this almost relationship you got her stuck in would never become a real one, despite all of the love she’d been giving you and despite all of her efforts.

I won’t lie to you—this wasn’t an easy realization for her. For ages, she kept expecting for something to happen—she kept expecting you to see how much harm you were doing to her, for you to get your shit together, for you to become clear about your feelings and for you to choose her for real.

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For years, she was putting her life on hold, waiting for something that never came. Waiting for your immature ass to grow up, for you to stop sending her mixed signals, for you to stop playing your sick mind games and for you to become consistent.
However, one morning, she woke up and just like that, she saw the reality. She saw that you were only with her because she was convenient and that you were just this immature, little boy who never knew what he wanted.

Most importantly, she saw that you were just leading her on and treating her like your backup plan and safety net. One morning, this girl woke up and finally saw the truth: that she needed and wanted more than your half-assed love.

Obviously, this almost was enough for you and why wouldn’t it be? You had someone who loved you at your worst and someone who you thought would never abandon you, no matter what you did.

This girl was your booty call, your shoulder to cry on, your best friend and your biggest fan. And the best part was that you never had to give her anything in return.

You didn’t have to send her good morning and goodnight texts, you didn’t have to take her out on dates, you didn’t have to remember your anniversary date and you didn’t have to give up other girls to be with her. Calling her in the middle of the night, drunk, giving her false promises and crashing at her place was obviously enough for you.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t enough for her and she finally got the strength to admit this to herself. She wanted more and she was entitled to more.

This girl never asked for much—she just wanted someone to be her plus-one, someone she could hold hands with in public and someone she could introduce to her family and friends. She wanted someone she could make future plans with and someone she could refer to as her boyfriend.

She wanted a real man she could always count on, a man who wouldn’t just be around when he felt like it. A man who would commit to her and a man who would be loyal and faithful.

A man who tried around her and who put the effort into their relationship. A man who cared for her and who loved her wholeheartedly.

However, that is something you could never give her. And finally, she stopped hoping that eventually you would.

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