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Saturn Is In Retrograde And This Is What The Zodiac Signs Have To Pay Attention To

The retrograde of the planet Saturn is here, and it will last for some time. As things keep moving towards, numerous energies become quite strewed. 

For those of us that feel out of place, we have to dive more profoundly, in order to understand everything better.

The planet Saturn will not go direct until the 18th of September, meaning that the energies that we already face will not be over soon.

The retrograde in the sign of Capricorn will work wonders for a few more months. The planet Saturn is actually the ruler of karma, which means that everything we thought we knew is going to be thrown out of whack.

While we might work towards being quite more responsible and active, getting everything done will not be as easy as we think right now. Rather than feeling disappointed, we have to learn how we can move forward without even overwhelming our spiritual bodies and energetic minds.


These are the six things which each and every sign of the Zodiac has to remember during the retrograde of the planet Saturn:

If we want to understand ourselves better, we have to find ourselves.

While the retrograde of the planet Saturn will not be intense like some other retrogrades we have faced until now in 2019, we still have to work on understanding ourselves. Every time when a retrograde arrives, it actually gives us the opportunities to grow and become a much better person than we are. However, it depends on us if we are going to take the chance. We can’t find what we aren’t looking for.

Nothing in our lives will last forever.

The energies that we feel right now won’t be here all the time, which means that using them right when they are in front of us will be really important. In fact, there isn’t a reason for letting them rush past us without even accepting them. Progress will not happen without us; we are a vital part of everything.

Putting our best step forward will also be important.

Although getting our mind in some order might be difficult during the retrograde, if we try harder, it is going to make a huge difference. We can’t sit there and simply wait for something to occur for us. We need to be sure that we are actually putting in some work.

There will be nothing wrong if we make ourselves clear.

During the retrograde, people might tend to misunderstand us, so we have to make sure that the ones we are speaking to get the right message. Going back in order to verify things will not be anything bad or wrong before we keep moving forward. We should check, and after that recheck if we feel that it is needed.


If we don’t make efforts, we are going to be stuck in the end.

When we make an effort in order to do everything we want or to work towards becoming the person, we have to become is also important. When we are simply standing by, we are becoming more stuck. The retrograde could be our chance to simply get out of the rut we were wasting our time in.

We need to learn every lesson of our past in order to find our future.

While the retrograde will push us to dive deep into our past, we might not accept that. It won’t be easy to overcome the things that we have to do in our past, but doing that is crucial. Of course, we will need some time to do that, but we should remember that putting our past off will not have any positive benefits for us at all. 



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