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Real Men Would Rather Fall In Love Than Just Fall In Bed With You

The easiest thing a man can do is fall in bed with you and then pretend that it meant nothing to him but it takes a real man to fall in love and stick to his decision. Men will fight for you so that they can take you for granted but real men will never stop fighting for you even once they have you.

Real men will do anything to win your heart instead of your body because they understand the importance of real values. They would always put the beauty of your heart over everything else because to them, this is the only thing worth fighting for.

To them, your body is a sanctuary where you keep your most valuable thing in possession—your heart. And real men could never make love to you for their own selfish purposes. They want to make love to you so that they can be closer to your mind.


Real men would rather fall for your mind than just your body.

They appreciate your looks but they appreciate what you have to say to them even more. They’re interested in the way your mind functions and they want to know all of your hidden passions and desires and not just so they can appease you.

No. Real men don’t want to make love to you so that they can feel better about themselves. They want to make love to you so that they can show you how much they appreciate your existence. They’re in love with both your mind and body and they will make an effort to prove it to you.


Real men will always find a way to show you that they care.

Men will play mind games because they don’t know how to express themselves. But real men will know what they want and how they want it. If they like you, they will not wait a second longer to tell you.

Waiting is not their thing. They respect your time and if they like you, they will fight till they prove it to you. Real men will not just use words; they will prove their affection with their actions because they are not afraid to fight for what they want. They are not afraid of appearing less masculine if they tell you how much they miss you.

Real men are not afraid of their emotions because they WANT you to know how crazy they are about you.


Real men will not fall back after tripping over one small obstacle.

Real men see obstacles as opportunities to improve themselves. They will never let you go just because your relationship is temporarily in a rut or because of something else that can be fixed.

Real men will always try hard to find solutions to particular problems. They are not cowards. They will go out of their way if needed, only to make things work again because they care.

One small obstacle is nothing to a real man because his love for you is a billion times stronger than that. Real men will hold you in their arms while fighting for your love because they will do anything to keep you.


Real men admit their mistakes and apologize.

Real men know that they are not perfect. They are aware of their own insecurities and flaws and they are not afraid to admit and apologize for their mistakes.

Real men are secure about who they are. They know how much they care about you and will never let you second-guess their affection toward you.

They would never make a victim of themselves in order to validate their actions. Real men admit when they are not right and they apologize because they don’t want to poison your love with their lies and selfishness.


Real men are not afraid to love with their whole heart.

Real men are not afraid of love. They are afraid of losing you.

They know the only way to keep you is if they love you with their whole heart. Real men would rather fall in love with the real you than try to change you.

Real men stay faithful because they don’t have time to look for other women because they’re too busy looking for new ways to love their own. – Unknown



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