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Real Men Don’t Look For Other Women They’re Too Busy Loving Their Own

Real men… I’ve spent lots of time thinking about those unicorn ‘real men’ who apparently still exist somewhere but it’s somehow really hard to find them.

I suppose it’s hard to find them because the world is polluted with all those narcissists, cheaters and manipulators.

Now, what is the difference between them?

What is the difference between a guy (read: boy) who is an immature asshole and one who is a real man?

After a few heartbreaks, the ultimate disappointments in love and men (and one too many coffees), I’ve come to the definition of a real man.

The urge to share this definition is really strong within me, so I had to put it in my title as well.

Yes! The biggest difference between all those immature boys and real men is the fact that REAL MEN DON’T HAVE TIME TO LOOK FOR OTHER WOMEN BECAUSE THEY’RE TOO BUSY LOVING THEIR OWN.

The beauty of these words is really impressive and, if you ask me, this should be written in every corner of the world. It is the ultimate, irrefutable truth!


A real man doesn’t have time to take you for granted because he’s too busy finding new ways to make you feel special!

For a real man, taking someone for granted is a waste of time.

They believe in reciprocity, appreciation and taking care of their loved one.

They don’t have time to play those immature games because they are busy finding new ways to make their loved one feel special.

Real men bring you flowers instead of making lame excuses like: “You know I’m not the romantic type,” or, “You know I’m forgetful.”

In a real man’s dictionary, there is no such word.

If they don’t know how to do something, they make sure to learn it. If they forget something once, they make sure to remember it the next time.


Real men don’t have time to play games.

They appreciate their time and they are careful about how they spend it.

They don’t want to spend their time on some immature games because they are too busy spending their time finding new ways to show their love and affection.

Real men don’t have time to sell you lies because they are too busy believing in the truth.

They don’t let you wait on them and they don’t make you feel less important.

They always make sure to be honest with you and tell you their true intentions and plans.


Real men don’t have time to chase other women because they’re too busy chasing their own.

A real man doesn’t stop chasing his woman once he has her.

For him, love is not a game of playing hard to get and love is not a game of chasing someone just to show them that you can.

A real man doesn’t really have time to chase other women because he is solely focused on what he has in front of him—you.

Real men make an effort to keep you.

They don’t play silly games because they know that love is not something they should be playing with.

They take love and commitment seriously because a real man is not afraid to love one woman.

Real men don’t have time to live in an illusion because they’re too busy living in reality.

Real men always accept responsibility for their words or actions.

They live in reality. They don’t lead double lives and they don’t believe in one-night stands because they don’t need an illusion to make them feel alive.

They feel alive when they hug you and take care of you.

They feel alive when they praise your beauty and make love to you. They feel alive being in reality with you.

They don’t need to be in a world of cheating and manipulation to be happy because they know it’s fake and empty.

A real man doesn’t have time to make you cry because he’s too busy making you smile!

A real man doesn’t really have time to ever make you cry because he is too busy finding new ways to make you smile.

A real man shares his pain and happiness with you because he knows that this is the essence of maintaining a connection with one another.

And if someone makes you feel bad or makes you cry, they put everything aside until they succeed in making you smile.

Real men don’t just say that it will pass. They hug you tightly and keep you in their arms until you start feeling better.

They don’t just run away when things get rough.

Real men stay with you no matter what and they love you with all their heart.



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