Ready For The First New Moon Of 2021 Rising In February

Capricorn will be hosting the first New Moon of the year on the night of 12th January. The New Moon will be rising at 23 degrees of Capricorn, and for most of 2020, this was an important degree in our cosmic skies.

So with this Capricorn New Moon, we might look at our 2020 journey. This Moon will stir memories from January 2020 and show us how much we have grown.

2020 was full of rare and potent astrological events, and we are still coping with the changes they brought. While 2021 will be quieter, we already have enough to deal with from last year.

As the Moon activates this sensitive degree once more, it is time to reflect on how far we have come. Think of how you learned to better deal with challenges and how that has helped you mature. Our priorities have changed in the past 12 months too.

New Moons are the beginning of the lunar cycle and hence great for setting new intentions. With better knowledge and a higher perspective, let your intentions come from this place now. Think of ways to move ahead in life as you let go of past habits.

The Capricorn New Moon will have a grounding effect on us, prompting us to reconnect with the Earth and our ancestors. The Moon will be in the midst of volatile energy, and staying grounding is very important now.

Restlessness, shock, and upheavals can be expected this week with opposite forces abundant. The Goddess of Discord and Strife, represented in the dwarf planet Eris will be in a tense square with the Capricorn New Moon.

Black Moon Lilith, Mars, and Uranus too will be active as the Moon rises. Hence look out for shocking news or unexpected change of plans.

Just a couple of days after the Capricorn New Moon, on the 14th, Uranus will turn direct. This will reveal the true nature of something that was disturbing us since August 2020 when it went Retrograde.

But amidst all the changes, remember to be steady like the Capricorn goat. The Seagoat can climb steep mountains and swims to the depths of the ocean. You, too, have the ability to tackle all the challenges coming your way!

The New Moon is ultimately a time of new beginnings. New opportunities might come up, especially if some of your recent plans had taken a nosedive. The Capricorn New Moon will inspire us to take up challenging tasks that have been pending for a while now. With a sudden burst of energy and confidence, all this will seem easy!

Even with all the volatile energy surrounding the Capricorn New Moon, there is enough cosmic support to see us through this luminary.

Even when the sky turns dark, know that the Universe is looking out for you! While you get busy scaling the heights of your mountains or swimming in the depths, remember to pause for a moment and marvel at your journey.

2020 had a lot to teach us, and we have coped with it quite well. We have evolved and grown in unexpected ways and continue to do so. We are constantly on the move, and it is all for the better!

The awakenings that happened in 2020 helped us realign with our values and gain a fresh perspective. Now is the time to utilize all the knowledge and experience to set intentions and see them manifest in reality.


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