October 2020 And Your Love Connections Will Get More Serious

Hence, when these two sides meet, we will end up with a loving relationship which has a lot of practicality injected in it. Finally, we might be able to get down to the basics and find out what might be working in a relationship and what is not working in it.

But you won’t get too much time for it – the alignment will start from 23st September and stay only till 14th October.

With the push of practical Virgo, start looking at every finer detail of your relationship. Virgo likes to keep things straight – you can imagine Virgo as a librarian who keeps everything in order and wishes to perfect the craft they are in.

Of course, love can make you go a little bit crazy and out of focus – that’s where the power of Virgo comes in.

When Venus enters Virgo

When the love planet enters Virgo, it wants us to be more reserved. You might start to feel that since you are not in a perfect relationship, you are not in love at all.

That’s why during this alignment, you have to step back and examine the relationship better. If you have not found any partner, you might be realizing the red flags that were present in your previous relationships.

The problem with this period is over-nit-picking. Too much of criticism might turn the relationships sour, so keep it under control and try to engage in constructive criticism and proper dialogue. It’s time to adjust to grow in our relationships.

Analyzing relationships is not something that many people do when they enter into it. They don’t feel like it is something they require – it loses out on passion. But when it’s Venus in Virgo, you don’t lose out on passion even though you are engaged in boring analyses.

The Earth sign Virgo appreciates what is good and if you find something great about your partner, you can enjoy it, even by going between the sheets. But Virgo is a bit on the conservative end though.

Someone born when Venus is in Virgo

If you are someone who has their Venus present in the sign Virgo in their birth charts, then you might be a bit shy. You will be overcautious with whom you let into your heart.

You don’t go for grand public displays of affection but perform little things like doing the grocery or massaging your partner to show love. You also get independent, since you would rather be alone than match up with someone who you know will not be good for you.

If you fall in love, you will end up trying to correct certain traits of your partner. But no, you are not changing them – you are just trying to improve them for the betterment of your relationship. Your analytical side will tend to find flaws in people very easily. But on the plus side, you recognize your flaws too and try to work on it.

That’s why to keep a proper image, you engage in self-grooming and better personal hygiene. Others may find you a bit compulsive but then, you are just someone looking to get the best life has to offer. There’s no shame in that.


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