Aquarius sun signs are big picture-oriented fighters for human rights. Their ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn.

Uranus is associated with future, innovation, technology and sudden changes. Saturn, on the other hand, is associated with karma, time, punishment, order, old age and system.

Together, they make Aquarius an eccentric revolutionist who brings real change to outdated systems.

They’re often mistaken for water signs because of the ‘aqua’ in their name but they’re air signs with a fixed sign quality and they have very little in common with water signs.

An air sign with a fixed sign quality means they’re determined for the success of their ideas and don’t give up easily. They’re the most practical of dreamers.

To learn more about this fascinating sign, let’s dive deeper into the traits of an Aquarius.

Aquarius personality traits


Aquarians are known for their love of freedom. It’s probably their most favorite word that exists. In order to be free, they must be independent.

Even though they like to have a big circle of friends, they always know they can care for themselves alone.

Similarly, they respect and value their loved ones and family members but choose to live independently as soon as they can and aren’t sentimental about it.

They are primarily motivated by their own unique ideas and that’s what sometimes makes them loners.

However, their natural charisma and determination often make them popular and therefore they easily find like-minded people who are interested in what they have to say.

They want freedom for everyone. Their ideas are always universal and they welcome everyone.

This doesn’t mean they’re exclusively fighters for human rights but depending on the situation and other placement in their chart, they always look to revolutionize something, be it conditions in their workplace or school or joining a protest.


Planet Uranus joined with Saturn makes a unique combination.

There’s not much that connects the two. Uranus is the weirdo of the planets and Saturn is the serious one. The former looks into the future, the latter can’t forget the past.

Uranus is the bringer of new ideas and Saturn is the one who changes the system once it no longer serves.

That’s why this combination is so unique.

Personality-wise, Uranus always makes people stand out in some way. Whether it’s their different belief system, hair color or the way they dress, there’s always that little something that tells them apart from the group.

The best thing about it is that Aquarius has no problem with being the different one. They have no problem accepting the fact that some people may dislike them; in fact, they’re sometimes motivated by it.

They like to provoke others, usually not in a malicious way but in a way to tickle their long-held beliefs. In other words, they’re the walking-talking call for change and reconsideration of old ways.

At the core, they are the sign that truly embodies the idea of staying ‘true to oneself’. They’re uncompromising when it comes to their needs and wants and they follow their path without questioning themselves.

That’s because they honestly believe in their purpose in this life and what’s more important, they believe that they can reach that purpose by being themselves.

This is why there are so many accomplished people with this sign and why sometimes they’re seen as ruthless.


The sign of Aquarius has a deep-rooted need for justice (coming from their Saturn rulership) and a strong sense of unity for all people.

As the eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is the sign where all people accept unity and then in Pisces, they merge into one consciousness.

Humanitarianism is the result of the need for justice and idealism; even though Aquarians have the most balanced relationship between their rational and idealistic parts, this is the same reason why they actually make real-life transformations.

They’re often the one who is the voice of the underdogs and people who are either lost or never had a voice in society. They’re also interested in environmental and animal protection-related causes.


Unpredictability comes from their ruler, a king of sudden changes. Aquarians are mostly content and not easily triggered, which makes them a good representative of whatever cause they choose to fight for.

However, they’re known to make unpredictable moves in every area of their life. Sometimes that’s good but sometimes it makes it hard to follow or relate to them.

It’s especially hard when it comes to close relationships and their sudden changes of course.

However open they are in their views, there’s still a little bit of mystery in them and that’s why you never get to know them fully.

You just can’t make a one hundred percent sure assumption on what they’re going to do next even if it seems obvious. They’re unpredictable and they secretly enjoy it.


This trait is one of those that goes in and out of fashion depending on how saturated popular culture gets with quirkiness.

Nevertheless, this star sign paved the way for the quirky protagonist in recent times and made the weird kids look cool. They made nerds and geeks cool and we’re thankful for that.

That’s just one of their subtle revolutions. In a very Aquarian way, they made something unpopular become universal and liked by many.

Sci-fi, technology, modern art and everything else that wasn’t as wildly popular as it is now, it’s all thanks to Aquarians and the Age of Aquarius.

There’s a quote by T.F. Hodge that depicts the difference between the Age of Aquarius and the Age of Pisces that ended before it: “The piscean age was and is about believing. The Aquarian age is about knowing.”


As we already mentioned, Aquarians are very progressive people; they make their ideas real and don’t wait for others to do it.

They’re exceptional thinkers with original thoughts and their style is rather analytical and assertive but efficient.

Even though they follow great ideas, they are very rational in the way they come to realize it. That means they utilize everything that’s in their power and make progress one by one.

They’re not too shy to stand up for themselves and ask for what they deserve; in fact they are happy to do so. All in all, they’re very proud people.


Aquarians often appear cold and sometimes they are cold, at least to most people. However fiery they are about their ideas, that doesn’t always translate into their relationships with people.

There’s something detached about the way they perceive people, at least individually.

They’re more comfortable with grasping the idea of people and humanity and their needs rather than actually providing that for one specific person.

This shouldn’t be judged because it’s just the way their mind works. It doesn’t mean they don’t care, they just don’t feel as comfortable sharing or showing their feelings as most people do.

If you want to know if Aquarius likes you, be aware of how they talk to you.

As a matter of fact, if they don’t like you, they probably won’t talk to you at all. If they like you, however, they will want to know more about you, especially where you stand ideologically.

This ‘coldness’ often makes them appear rigid because they have no filter and they don’t understand emotions as other people do.

This trait is also an issue when they get to the point when they realize that some of their ideas are not sustainable, possible or right.

It’s extremely hard for them to change their ideas once they have given their all to make them a reality.


Aquarius loves reviewing outdated rules and shocking others with their new and sometimes provocative approaches to life. This can be seen in people with Aquarius moon signs or rising signs as well.

Almost every astrologer mentions Aquarian eccentricity but rarely do they mention how that eccentricity is needed to normalize new things that will benefit people in the long run, even if they don’t understand them yet.

Aquarius sees further into the future than most people and they are not afraid to take steps that other people don’t understand or are afraid to take.

That’s why sometimes they’re seen as freaks or weirdos but that doesn’t bother them as they know they’re always two steps ahead of time.

A love of freedom

No other sign loves freedom as much as Aquarians do. That’s their main life objective: to experience true freedom and to give it to others.

They are not dramatic or clingy types, they just love quality time and unusual people, places and ideas.

They search for freedom in every aspect of life, be it romance, career or family. They love and value authenticity, which in their eyes is just another reflection on personal freedom within people.

Because of their love of freedom, they’re ready to push the boundaries, both personal and societal.

This trait combined with their work ethics and energetic approach to problem-solving makes them a great contributor in any environment they end up in.

Male Aquarius traits

“Falling in love with an Aquarius is like taking a vacation away from dramatic love affairs.” Anonymous
The traits of an Aquarius man include excellent communication, a sharp intellect and natural charisma.

They’re often very or at least a little bit nerdy but in most cases, you can’t tell right away.

Nevertheless, they’re not shy and they’re very self-expressive and opinionated, though that doesn’t mean they’re easily triggered. If there’s one sign that is truly open-minded and tolerant, that’s Aquarius.

That’s why they make good friends and that’s how a relationship with Aquarius feels; like an honest, good and deep friendship. Together, you’ll have a lot of fun and you’ll learn a lot of things.

They don’t like playing games or any kind of dishonesty. The more you act like yourself, the more they like you.

When it comes to love and intimacy, Aquarians are known to be unafraid to experiment and, well, be unique in that matter too.

If you like experimenting and trying new things in the bedroom, then you’ll have a good time with an Aquarius man.

Female Aquarius traits

“The good news is that she is one of the nicest people in the universe. The bad news is, that’s because she always does exactly what she pleases. An Aquarius female is rebellious, headstrong, and contrary. She can be selfishly independent and exasperating, especially when she is running through the house screaming, ‘freedom!’” Hazel Dixon-Cooper

An Aquarius woman is a mystery to many. She can appear cold but there’s an obvious passionate side to her and that’s very appealing about her.

She’s independent, eccentric and always looking to the future. She’s definitely not a damsel in distress.

At first, you won’t be sure whether she likes you or not but if you notice she laughs at your jokes, be sure that she likes you. Aquarian women have a distinct sense of humor and they appreciate the same in other people.

If you want to seduce her, don’t be demanding and don’t be manipulative in any way because she’ll see right through you. Instead, be yourself and introduce her to new ideas.

There’s nothing more exciting for Aquarius than new ideas and people who are on their wavelength.

Women of this zodiac sign are unpredictable and exciting and it takes very long to earn their trust. Once you earn their trust, they’re very loyal.

It’s almost like they become one of their ideals they defend so fiercely and that’s a wonderful feeling.

Aquarius’ compatibility with other signs of the zodiac


The greatest compatibility between these two is their passion for change and action. They are both idealists who can intellectually stimulate each other and they’re both independent.

However, a possible downside to this match is the fact that Aquarius is often detached and Aries needs passion and communication through feelings.

Aquarius is more of an analytical type, which can be frustrating for Aries.

Overall compatibility: Medium to High


Taurus is a horoscope sign ruled by Venus, while the Aquarius horoscope sign is ruled by Saturn and Uranus.

It’s safe to say that these two don’t have much in common. Unlike Taurus, Aquarius isn’t interested in material goods and luxury. As a matter of fact, they’re often against it.

Since there are no things that bind these two together, their compatibility score is quite low.

Overall compatibility: Low


Two air signs are generally a good idea. Their communication will be flawless and they won’t be bored. The only problem with this pairing is that they might struggle with passion since they both need fire to ignite it.

That’s why sometimes they remain close friends but not necessarily lovers.

However, their ideas and mutual understanding can bind them beyond short-term passion.

Overall compatibility: High


The astrological sign of Cancer and Aquarius have little in common since Cancer is known for their sensibility and emotions while Aquarius often appears cold and prefers being rational over emotional.

They don’t share a love for stimulating intellectual conversations and don’t have similar life goals.

Overall compatibility: Low


Leo and Aquarius can work as friends and as a couple but not without some effort. They’re both generous and sociable but Leo is far showier and sometimes needy, which doesn’t sit well with Aquarius.

A healthy Leo attitude, however, can change things.

Overall compatibility: Medium


The main similarity between these two signs is their analytical approach and ability to grasp ideas that are practical and beneficial for many. Problems may occur because of the stubbornness and defense of their ideas.

Other than that, Aquarius’ eccentric personality can be a bit too much for a simple Virgo.

Overall compatibility: Medium


Two air signs make a good couple. Libra is capable of understanding Aquarius very well and knows how to represent their ideas to sound more acceptable to the general public.

Nevertheless, sometimes they long for a more normal and traditional life than what Aquarius can offer them.
Overall compatibility: High


Scorpio and Aquarius are an interesting couple. Their conversations are probably very interesting and there’s a certain spark but Scorpio will probably get irritated with Aquarius’ behavior soon.

Aquarians don’t understand Scorpios’ need for privacy and alone time, which is crucial for them.

Overall compatibility: Medium


Aquarius and Sagittarius make a great couple. The fire sign Sagittarius isn’t needy for emotions but just enjoys life as it happens.

Both of them are great optimists and idealists who look to the future rather than dwelling in the past.

There are enough similarities to bond them and there are no emotional hang-ups to ruin their relationship. They both love adventures and complete each other very well.

Overall compatibility: High


Capricorn and Aquarius are both too detached to have a deep connection. They understand each other’s language (because of Saturn rulership) but don’t necessarily agree with each other’s ideas.

Capricorn likes the tradition and safe path while Aquarius longs for a new world.

Overall compatibility: Low


This combination is favorable because there’s a high percentage of understanding and similar life outlooks.

Two Aquarians are a probably good match as lovers too, since they both love experimenting and things that are often considered taboo.

Overall compatibility: High


The compatibility between these two signs is pretty low. The reason for this is their different natures and the Piscean tendency for escapism. While water bearers are an idealistic sign, they are very well rooted in reality.

Overall, this is not a great match.

Overall compatibility: Low

The 11th house of the zodiac

This is the house of Aquarius and its planets and it represents many things related to the sign and its rulers. For example, it’s called a house of friendship but a better way to describe it would be the house of the collective.

This is the place in the chart where the people you hang around with can be seen. It’s also the place where we learn how to communicate our inner self with others and the outer world.

Other than that, it’s where the things we work hard for finally flourish. When a lucky planet passes through the 11th house, that’s when our wishes are granted, especially ones that relate to our career.

Famous People born under the Aquarius zodiac sign

There are many famous people born under Aquarius and many among them are revolutionary in their own way. Some of them are: