It’s been 9 months into 2020 , and we have gone through 7 planets in retrograde and 3 eclipses. This has made us go through a roller coaster of emotions, feelings and energies, as we have struggled to handle ourselves in these tumultuous times. 

But, the month of September would bring in several new shifts, again, that would put our lives in haywire, although this time, we would be ready for it. As it stands, any new season brings with it several new energies, that are perpetually different from what we have gone through. Also, considering we are in the 6th zodiac right now, and 6 more to go, this is the point, where the wheels shift, and we have to make full use of the vast opportunities that would be present before us.

In midst of this astrological jargon, what is left behind is numerology, or the study of numbers. Often people do not realize that their life is also governed by numbers, that affect the dates, the years, the time, and the month they are born in. These information can often be used to make a perfectly estimable prediction of one’s life.

But, here we would be focussing on just the concept of ‘Personal Year Number’. This is a major trope in numerology, for numbers can shift based on the temporal shift, but one’s personal year number would never shift, for one’s birth is constant. Simply put, a PYN is a construction of your self, as the higher powers see it.

Calculating one’s PYN is very simple. All you need to do is convert the month into its numerical value. For example, if your birthdate is September 24, all you have to do is add the numerical value of September, which is 9, with 24. So,

24+9= 33; 3+3= 6

Your personal year number is 6.

Where Does September Come Into Play

September has a huge role to play in PYNs. It is because, the numerical value of September is 9, and adding 9 to any number, gives us the number itself.

For eg, 6+9= 15; 1+5= 6.

This symbolizes the focal point where the energy would be manifold and hit with a greater intensity, for which September is an ideal month. The powers would be heavily intensified, and that would lead to a huge change in our life, that we could never fathom.

What Do The PNYs Signify

Number 1

The number 1 is all about fresh starts and innovations, but don’t think that it would be free. You have to pay the price for ingenuity, because this is the time when you let go of everything that hurt you in the past, and make a run for the present, while committing to it fully.

Number 2

You must be thinking that life has chosen you to be its scapegoat, but this month would be immensely beneficial for you. This is the time for fresh starts, and a new perspective which would allow you to go deep in your pursuits to success. Your previous indecision or hesitation about everything would evaporate, letting you find your niche.

Number 3

You have always been the shy, introvert person whom every one stomps over. Well, not anymore. This month will help you find your voice, and people will actually stop and listen to what you have to say. This will enable you to make connections.

Number 4

Look inwards. Look towards your family, and try to maintain, and better the relationship between them. You have spent too much time focussing on what was outside, but now, you have to look inside and establish relationships with people who have always been there.

Number 5

Try to be a rebel. You have followed the rules for too long now, which have somewhat lost your identity, and individualism. Try not to succumb to this, and go beyond the rules. These would help you.


Number 6

Take a step back. See the bigger picture. Don’t always have a one track mind, which might make you successful, but ultimately, it would strain you to a point where you would break. Try to understand what life would be without all this pressure, and try to incorporate that in your life. For, wealth will come, and wealth would go, but life would always be yours.

Number 7

Try to maintain a balance between your personal and professional binary, for giving one more priority over the other would always end up in you being the loser. You need to focus equally, and that would take you to greater heights, that you could never fathom in your life.


Number 8

Modesty is acceptable upto a specific limit, after which it becomes self-deprecating. Realise your true potential, and never try to hide it, for people don’t care much about people who down play their own achievements. Live upto it, for they are yours.

Number 9

You must have a roller coaster ride all along, well September is going to take it to a whole new level. You have to meet your fears, and what better way than facing them head on, where they can’t hide from you, and you can bash them with a club like Negan? Let go of the toxicity, for that would be killing you. This toxicity would be hard to get rid of, but for your own sake, you need to do it. Face your fears, for “cowards die hundred times before their death” (Shakespeare).



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