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Native American Zodiac And Its True Meaning About Your Personality

Unlike today’s culture and society, Native Americans put an enormous amount of thought into naming their children.

These names root in forces of nature, religion, and desired personality characteristics; they translate into poetic epithets. Native Americans had a sort of wisdom and connection to nature that has been somewhat lost with time and industrial expansion.

The meanings still exist today, however, and there are some really cool ways to explore this culture’s ancient roots. If you’re into astrology or horoscopes, chances are, you’ll find this very interesting: Native Americans have their own zodiac sign meanings, represented by a variety of animals. Your date of birth determines which animal represents you. Check it out!

Otter: Jan 20 – Feb 18

The Otter is often quirky and unpredictable. Otter’s have their own way of getting things done, and this nontraditional approach often puts others off. However, this is a big mistake on the part of others — the Otter’s methods are usually quite effective. The Otter has a unique and creative way of looking at things, and is equipped with a brilliant imagination and intelligence. Otter’s are often very intuitive and perceptive, enabling them to easily make friends. The Otter is also sympathetic, emotional, brave, honest, however sometimes they can become rebellious or isolated.

Wolf: Feb 19 – Mar 20

Sensitive, emotional, and compassionate, the Wolf is the true lover of the zodiac in all senses. The Wolf fully believes that all we need is love, and thrives on providing it. However, this Native American symbol can seem a little contradictory because the Wolf also stands for fierce independence, ergo our image of the “lone wolf”. The Wolf would make a great romantic partner, because they provide the gentle care you need but also maintain an aspect of independence in their personality. The Wolf is intensely passionate, generous, gentle, and affectionate, but can sometimes be impractical or obsessive.

Falcon: Mar 21 – Apr 19

The Falcon is a natural born leader and can always be looked to for fair judgement and a clear mind. The Falcon also never wastes time; they take action when needed and are a doer in every way possible. They are persistent and ambitious, always taking the initiative. Falcons have the perfect personality for team sports or projects, seeing as they work extremely well with others. One downside is that the Falcon can sometimes become a bit arrogant, since he/she is usually right in his/her opinions. The Falcon literally “soars” in its ability to maintain fiery passion in romantic relationships, but can sometimes be rude, vain, intolerant, or impatient.

Beaver: Apr 20 – May 20

Beavers place a high emphasis on being able to overcome or adapt to hard situations. Highly efficient, punctual, and strategic, Beaver’s are often business minded. Their cunning makes them a force to be reckoned with in combat; their mental ability is razor sharp. However, this provides for tendencies toward “my way or the highway” that can get them into trouble. This Native American animal symbol is brilliant and usually right, but they need to somewhat work on tact. The Beaver can be caring, helpful, and loyal, but also anxious, cowardly, or possessive.


Deer: May 21 – Jun 20

Lively and quick-witted, the Deer is truly the muse of the zodiac. With their inspiration and humor, they can easily attract attention and become the center of the room; others are captivated by a Deer personality. The Deer is naturally an excellent conversationalist, and is always aware of its surroundings. This sign sometimes uses this to its advantage and can become deeply obsessed with personal image. Although the Deer can sometimes become a little self-involved, it doesn’t completely ruin the magic their naturally attractive, bubbly personality. The Deer practically radiates good energy, however, sometimes it can be moody, lazy, or two-faced.

Woodpecker: Jun 21 – Jul 21

The Woodpecker is by far the most nurturing sign of the Native American zodiac. They are the best listeners and are also empathetic and understanding, making them very easy to talk to. The Woodpecker makes a great partner, as they have unfaltering loyalty and are always at your side for support (not to mention they’re very romantic!). They make great friends too, as they’re naturally caring. Other good qualities of the Woodpecker include its natural ability to be frugal, resourceful, and organized. However, they can sometimes be angry, jealous, or spiteful.

Salmon: Jul 22 – Aug 21

This sign radiates an energy that everyone wants a piece of — they’re focused, creative, and a natural motivator. The Salmon’s confidence is unreal and their enthusiasm is infectious. People hang on the Salmon’s every word, as they have a natural ability to attract admirers and loyal followers. The Salmon is generous and intelligent, no wonder they instantly make friends wherever they go. This Native American symbol expresses a need for ambition, goals, and purpose. The Salmon is naturally calm, stable, and giving, but can sometimes be egotistical or intolerant.

Bear: Aug 22 – Sept 21

Steady, pragmatic, and methodical, the Bear is great to have around. Their level-headedness makes them excellent in financial matters as well a great business partner. The Bear truly embodies the voice of reason. They’re also gifted with generosity and an enormous heart, making them very family-oriented. The Bear has secret tendencies to be shy and modest, but furthermore, they have a massive capacity for patience and tolerance which makes them excellent teachers, coaches, and mentors. Sometimes the Bear can be skeptical, small-minded, or reclusive, but their overall personality is good-hearted.

Raven: Sept 22 – Oct 22

The Raven is enthusiastic and a natural entrepreneur, and can be quite the charmer. Friends come easily for the Raven, as everyone is able to recognize their dynamic energy and charm. For this reason, people seek out the Raven’s opinions and ideas constantly. The Raven is both easygoing and diplomatic, as well as romantic and sometimes even soft-spoken. Raven’s can be quite patient and intuitive, making them great in any relationship. However, the Raven can sometimes be inconsistent, demanding, or abrasive.

Snake: Oct 23 – Nov 22

A highly spiritual Native American animal symbol, Snakes are very in tune with matters of the heart and inner enlightenment, making them natural spiritual leaders. Snakes are also known for their amazing healing capacities, enabling them to excel at any medical profession. The philosophical insight of the Snake can be somewhat intimidating to others, and this sign is sometimes viewed as mysterious or even frightening. Don’t let this put you down, however, as the Snakes fifth sense makes them quite unique, insightful, and deep. Although the Snake can be secretive and a bit dark, he/she is also sensitive and compassionate. The Snake can be cool, inspiring, and helpful, but also sometimes violent and prone to abnormal mood swings.


Owl: Nov 23 – Dec 21

The Owl flies to great heights, making it a difficult sign to pin down; he/she is as changeable and flexible as the wind. With their natural warmth and easygoing nature, the Owl quickly becomes a friend to all.  Owls love “living life in the fast lane”, so to speak, and they wholeheartedly love adventure. This can sometimes lead to recklessness and carelessness, however, there isn’t a more fun-loving and carefree sign in the zodiac. Owls definitely make life interesting! They make great artists, teachers, and conversationalists, although their versatility enables them to excel in, quite frankly, any occupation. Owls are sensitive, energetic, and attentive, but can also be excessive or overindulgent.

Goose: Dec 22 – Jan 19

Completely ambitious and driven, the Goose pursues any task put in front of them with incredible tenacity. This sign sets high standards and goals for itself, but never fails to accomplish them; they are determined to succeed at all cost. Their biggest competitors are not others, but rather, the Goose competes with its own internal foe. Its dominating personality makes the Goose perfect for business and competitive sports. The Goose can be very passionate, social, and humorous, but if not careful, can also fall into obsessive or addictive behavior.

I am the Goose and my boyfriend is the Snake, although in my opinion he sounds more like the Raven. What is your Native American animal symbol? Does it seem to fit you? Let us know in the comments!



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