Monthly Horoscope & Overview Of The August/ September Period 2020

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August Overview

It is going to be an eventful summer this year. Up till August 28, Mars retrograde is going to dominate. Beginning from July 26th up to August 19th, a Mercury Retrograde took place from 11º to 23º Leo. This one moved between Ursa major to Ursa minor, i.e. the two bears, mother and baby bear, respectively.

At this time the energy was uncensored and instinctive. As consequence issues related to maternal and forthcoming generations gained precedence. At this time the tension caused due to an earlier the eclipse was eased.

September Overview

The characteristic feature of this month is Tele-Microscope. According to the position at which it is placed, it will be considered as the telescope that looks ahead into space or the one that looks into details. In case this feature is evident in a person’s natal chart then the person concerned is not cautious but is someone who desires to know about things.

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The person wants to use the green (features) though it leads to an increased glass effect and situations going beyond proportion. To achieve the best results precise observation is required.

With the use of semi-sextile accurate differentiation can be achieved and with quincunx one can see the broader context. With the help of smaller details then one can get a complete picture.

This is the ideal month for us to draw a balance between the nitty-gritties around us and the larger details. The planets at this time are going to be placed well such that there are no personal retrogrades.

On 6th of this month, Saturn will be direct and Capricorn and Aquarius dominating charts may move ahead to build the foundation without the fear of “karmic” obstacles coming in between.

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The monthly horoscope of September 2018: Characteristics, Entrances & Moons

September 2 Final Quarter Moon in 10º, Sun will be in the Virgo Decan 2.

September 3 There will be Mercury sextile with Venus and Mars trine with Ceres.

September 6The Saturn will be direct.

September 5 On this day, Venus will trine with Lilith.

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September 7 There will exist 3 influences: a. Mercury trine with Uranus, b. Mercury trine with Saturn, and c. Sun opposite to Neptune.

September 8The Venus will square with Mars.

September 9 You will observe the New Moon with 17º Virgo.

September 11 There is going to be Sun and sextile Jupiter along with Sun in trine with Pluto.

September 12 On this day, a. Jupiter and sextile Pluto, b. Venus will be placed opposite Uranus, and c.Venus and sextile Saturn will take place.

September 13 There will be Mercury in opposite direction to Neptune

September 14 It’ll be observed that South Node is uniting with Black Lunar Lilith

September 15 One will see that Mercury and trine Pluto will exist on this day.

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September 16 This day is reserved for Mercury with sextile Jupiter and the Initial Quarter Moon with 24º Sagittarius.

September 18 On this day Mars will exist with square Uranus.

September 20 Mercury will stand in conjunction with the Sun, and Sun will also be in Virgo Decan 3

September 22 On this day Sun and trine Lilith will exist.

September 23 There will be Sun in the Libra Decan 1, Mercury with trine Mars, Tele-Microscope design, and Mercury with square Saturn.

September 24 This will be the day for the full moon of 1ºAries.

September 25 On this day will be observed Sun with square Saturn.

September 27 It will be observed that Mercury is inconjunct with Ceres and Sun and Mars trine.

September 30 On this day Pluto will be direct.

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