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Money is a very important factor while considering the future with your significant other. If you both have the same money mentality, then you’re safe, but what if one is stingy and the other a spendthrift?

Of course, that will lead to fights and possibly even a breakup. To avoid that, the fights have to be focused on solving the issue instead of blaming and offending each other.

Here are some tips that will definitely help you avoid those fights.

1. Separate Bank Accounts

It doesn’t matter if you’re a married couple or you just started your relationship—bank accounts should be separated. Depending on your earnings and expenses, both should give their contribution to the “joint fund”, and the rest is left just for your needs and your wishes.

For example, you both have a job with a decent salary, and you’re both giving a part of your salary for shared expenses (rent, food, etc.). The rest should stay in your separate bank accounts and spent according to your individual wishes.

2. Secret Income

Saying that your salary is your own thing and that it should stay a secret to your partner is just an excuse for your feeling of insecurity and shows that you don’t trust your partner enough. Both sides should have an insight into their partner’s spending and income.


This may seem like controlling someone, but it actually contributes to the trust in the relationship and will have many long-term benefits.

3. Who Picks Up The Check?

This has been a topic of discussion for ages back, causing conflicts based on different people’s natures and their backgrounds. Some are raised in the traditional manner and believe that the man should be the one paying for the dinner or drink, while others don’t agree and claim that it’s putting too much weight and pressure on men.

Researchers think that the responsibility should rotate each time, but a big factor which should be taken into consideration is monthly income.

If one partner has a full-time job, and the other is currently unemployed or “between jobs”, then the one with the regular income should be paying for the date.

While doing this, you can encounter problems like the feeling that you can’t ask your partner to take you somewhere and pay if you’re never paying and whether it’s too big of an expense for the other.

Because of this, honesty and communication are of crucial importance. Talk about the issue and try to make a compromise. Talk about money, about who wants what, and who can afford what.

Don’t ever let money destroy your love and your relationship! You’ll always be able to make a compromise in which everyone can be happy, just remember—communication is key!


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