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Mercury Retrograde & Numerology: Are You On The Right Track

Mercury is named after the speedy messenger god Mercury from the myths of Rome. It is named for good reason to as it completes a single revolution around the sun in just 88 days. This is about 3-4 times the time the Earth takes to do the same.

As a result, during certain phases, Mercury appears to be moving in the opposite direction. This movement, apparent and relative, is called retrograde.

Astrologically these three or four periods throughout the year are of particular significance. They have been associated with miscommunication and misunderstanding.

The symbolism does make sense, given the fact that the speedy messenger of heavens is moving — at least, with respect to the Earth — in the opposite direction.

Mercury always does move fast, which causes us to feel out of breath; because we lose ourselves running a race which none of us is sure about. A retrograde helps that in particular. When we move in such high speeds, we tend to lost focus and sight of who we are people, and then find ourselves being utterly discontented with whatever we are doing with our lives. A retrograde helps us find ourselves, as we are footing back, because it slows you down.

To be very honest, a retrograde does more than that. It helps you find yourself again: it is a lot like tech-help. You have to shut yourself down and switch on again to work properly and deal with the stress that has been piling upon you for a while. That breather is essential and Mercury retrograde gives you that. It is a time for introspection, when you can look back and ponder on everything that you have done in a while- if it was the right thing to do or not and so on. It is essentially the much coveted ‘me-time’ that we all need, as human beings.

It does not end there, Mercury retrograde also works based on your Life Path Number, which is unique. That means that everyone has a different Life Path Number. It decides the kind of effect it has on your life.

This number is like a celestially decided fingerprint. The effects of retrograde Mercury can be very easily gauged and classified according to your life path number. In many ways than one, a life path number is like a zodiac sign too, one of the many ways in which one can classify human beings, with respect to the stars.

The life path of a person is calculated in the following manner; you just need your birth date.

For example: You were born on the 1st of August, 1988. First of all, happy birthday. Secondly, this is how you do it:

1st August, 1988: 01.08.1988

01+08+1988= 9+1988 = 1997

1+9+9+7= 26

2+6 = 8.

So your life path number would be 8.

Here, we have tried to discuss some of the possible life path numbers and how the mercury retrograde would affect them.


Life Path 1

If you find out you belong to life path number 1, we have some really good news for you. Life path 1 normally means that you are one of those creative, artistic misfits who uses his/her time to unravel the ways of colours, contours or simply maybe, words. Mercury retrograde can be both crippling and enchanting for you. Crippling, because you might just face your career’s worst writer’s/painter’s block. Ideas will be of short supply as Mercury cuts your supply of internal inspiration off. However, it can be enchanting too, because older ideas will come back. You might just find something worth churning out from the gems you dismissed too quickly.

Life Path 2

You are the empath, the one that feels pain more dearly than any other around you. As a result, you have always had a healing tendency. And you are so soft inside that you simply cannot withstand anyone being in pain and suffering.  This retrograde phase might not be the best of times for you. People will misunderstand your intentions, best as they are, and might brand you as clingy and “too much”. The best thing is to fight your urges to help others, at least for the time being.

Life Path 3

You have the tendency of bottling feelings up. This has already caused you a lot of trauma. You need to understand that it is a vicious cycle, of trauma, bottling and trauma festering which in turn makes you bottle up a little tighter. The key, in normal life and in retrogrades, is to try your level best. This is the time of reverse motion. You never know what might work out for you. You might end up communicating way better than ever, which might bring you out of your shell for good.

Life Path 4

Four is one of the most level-headed and grounded numbers of all. It stands for the four Vedas, the sum of all knowledge. The thing with you is, you like things your own way, which is normally the best way. It is efficient and works out very well, normally. But when it comes to retrogrades, you need a little more. As a matter of fact, this topsy-turvy state of affairs might just turn out a little better than usual if you try out something new and fresh.

Life Path 5

You are fickle, if I must be blunt and honest. It’s much like a Gemini. You will have a particularly hard time this time; there is no sugar-coating it. Life’s choices will be more difficult to make than usual. You will fumble and you might fall. But, remember, “Fall down seven times, stand up eight”.

Life Path 6

The more responsibilities you take; the worst it will mess up for you. Cut your cloth according to your pocket. Make sure to not overburden yourself and do not let failures and setbacks let you down.


Life Path 7

Seven is the number of magic. You have always had it in you, the ability to perceive things too deep for the people around you. You have always been one step ahead of all your opponents and rivals, as a result. This retrograde phase might slow things down a little bit for you. But be not proud friend. Learn to stay grounded and always on the alert for things to observe and learn. You must not lose the path you are on; this is because it is right and it will pay off.

Life Path 8

You are someone who gets carried away, worrying about the big picture. Make sure, during this retrograde season, you are at the best of senses. Do not carried away, because if you do, things might just backfire.

Life Path 9

Your intentions will backfire and you will find yourself feeling offended by things that usually do not offend you at all. So, the tip of the month is, let the feeling sink in and try not to react. It is the phase. The fault does not lie with you, nor the ones you think offended you.


Life Path 11

You are a Master number anyway. No one can stop you. But, only and only if you do not lose your temper this month. It will be tough, because your ideas, as inspired as they are, might get miscommunicated and misinterpreted, leading to a lot of frustration on your front.

Life Path 22

You too are a Master number. The tip for you however, is, communicate as much as you can. You need to stop keeping it in, even when the situation demands that you speak up, for the betterment of you and the ones around you.

Life Path 33

Just keep calm and lay back. Kick back and relax. Stop overstressing yourself over things that do not require your help and attention.



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