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Mercury Retrograde November/December 2022: A Chance To Explore Great Possibilities

Retrograde in Mercury means a time for notorious happenings in our lives. It’s that time of the year when everything from miscommunications to missed connections happen.

It also spreads itself to accidents related to malfunctioning electronics, mishaps during travel and all kinds of glitches that you can think of.  But then, each time there’s a hiccup in the normal course of life, you know it’s time to pause and reflect.

It’s true! This time can be best employed for uncovering the mysterious side of events and spending time with yourself to gain mindfulness. Perhaps, call it the Divine intervention to make you slow down a bit and generate within you a sense of awareness and reflection. This is indeed the best time to sit back and indulge in meditation.

Let’s break the word Re-trograde for you. The prefix re- is actually an indication for you to re-do certain things, for instance, re-communicate, relax, reflect, re-wind, etc.

Hence even though this may seem to be a period when things aren’t going your way, you can see this as a place where you’ve been put in to review things in a different light.

The pause works as an essential time in your life where you may be able to rekindle your potential even as you observe the evolution that’s happening around you.

But as you observe and reflect, you must not jump into new projects. Do not sign new bonds or impulsively invest your money anywhere. It is usually believed that when Mercury moves in its usual direction, things alter dramatically.

But then this can take longer and will happen only once its shadow has been escaped. On 6th of December the change will start to take place and will finally escape the shadow, as Christmas will arrive.

Mercury’s retrograde starts from 16th of November 2019 and will be at 13º Sagittarius. The truth is that Mercury does not seem to be best associated with Sagittarius as a zodiacal sign or environment.

It may therefore appear that thoughts are getting out of control, that is, there are overestimating ideas/tasks that are impossible to achieve, or even words uttered that should have normally been thought over twice.

But then Mercury in retrograde along with Sagittarius could also be favourable in the sense that we can explore how we perceive our beliefs and opinions while at the same time tell ourselves that it’s important to take ourselves with a sense of humour and lightness. For the rest of 2019, you may want to try new things, explore possibilities and enjoy a bit.

Another thing that needs to be taken into account is the position of Mercury in retrograde at 13º will form a perfect square with 13º Neptune, which is in the Pisces sign. Naturally, the influence of this sign will lead towards spirituality though it may be slightly difficult for the physical aspect of life.

We’ll find ourselves absorbed in thoughts of love and compassion but at the same time, Neptune’s influence on us may develop a sense of fogginess and illusion. There may be doubts about whether we can rely on our thoughts solely. And without our bodily sensations and a compassionate soul, our mind can be filled with tricky feelings.

This is indeed a good time for reflecting into who we are and ware the mental constructs that we live by. During this period of retrograde reviewing our loving, gentle nature is as important as looking at our beliefs. And yet, trusting the insight will keep us going forward, as we look back at our actions and introspect ourselves.

We must be equally discerning of our kindness, thoughts, and mentality in the truest sense. And through this reflection we must allow our soul and our mind to let the Divine wisdom reach us and guide us to a better tomorrow.



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