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Mercury Is Turning Retrograde This June: Which 5 Zodiac Signs Will Be The Most Affected?

Brace yourselves, everyone! June seems to be the favorite month for Retrogrades, and Mercury will join the other planets on 18th June.

While this June Mercury Retrograde wonโ€™t be as harsh as the previous ones, it will still be the same old Mercury!

Most of the zodiac signs can wait out this storm safely, but 5 signs will feel the impact. Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer, Virgo, and Aries peeps have to be very careful now. Keep yourself grounded and try to channelize the energies into something positive.


Most Aries have been feeling the Mercury Retrograde vibes already. Last few months had you rather on the edge, but June will allow you to relax and settle down. You will get your much-needed period of calm as the date for the Retrograde approaches.


This Mercury Retrograde is what all Cancerians were waiting for. Taking place in your sign, it will help you become more expressive. Being nervous and edgy comes with the rest of the emotions, but when you can express them freely, you will learn new secrets.


This Retrograde might feel like a burden for you, overwhelming and out of control. It might be time someone you trust starts showing their true colors so be prepared. Donโ€™t hesitate if you have to cut all ties. It will be in your best interest to let go.


You have been going through some negative things lately, and this month you will finally come to terms with them. You have been battling your hardships, but also your emotions. Instead of keeping them bottled inside, let them flow now. It will do you good.


Quite uncharacteristically, Capricorns have recently been putting blinds on their eyes. Just because your reality does not match your expectations does not mean you can wish it away. During this Mercury Retrograde, you will be able to come to terms with your truth and accept life as it is.



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