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Men Don’t Understand How Much These 40 Little Things Mean To Women

1. She wants you to notice she had her hair done. She assumes you will never compliment her on her hair, but you surprise her and do it.

2. She wants you to see she has bought some new clothes and compliment her.

3. It would mean the world to her if you text her in the morning just to say, ‘I love you’.

4. She wants you to put an effort in getting close to her friends and family.

5. She wants you to take her hand and kiss her in public. She wants you to show the world how much she means to you.

6. She needs you to let her breathe in the relationship. Give her some space.

7. She needs you to make her feel appreciated. It wouldn’t kill you to say, ‘thank you’ every once in awhile.

8. She wants you to surprise her with a getaway weekend or a romantic dinner. No matter how long the two of you are together, romance is always necessary to show her that you love her. Sometimes words are not enough.

9. She needs you to keep your promises. She doesn’t need empty words.


10. She wants you to help around the house more. She is not your maid and she doesn’t have to clean up after you. The two of you need to share the chores you have around the house.

11. You have to take her places where she wants to go although you don’t feel like it. This way you will make her happy.

12. She needs you to be proud of her. Brag about her accomplishments as if they were yours.

13. She needs you to defend her. This way you are making her feel safe.

14. She wants you to leave her little notes. These are the things she will keep as memories of your time together.

15. It would be nice if you remember her mom’s birthday.

16. She wants you to compliment her on her new nail polish.

17. She wants you to offer to help her although she doesn’t need it, and she won’t accept it.

18. She wants you to ask her about her day when she comes home from work.

19. She needs you to show interest in her life.

20. She wants you to invite her to dinner with your friends because she wants to feel like one of the guys.

21. It would mean the world to her if you clear out one drawer for her stuff when she comes over.

22. She wants you to tell her for no particular reason that she has beautiful eyes.


23. She wants you to tell her she has a smile that makes you want to smile.

24. She wants you to hang out with her friends.

25. She wants you to bring her breakfast in bed in a romantic style—just because you love her.

26. She wants you to give her your jacket when she’s cold.

27. She wants you to walk on the sidewalk closer to the cars so she doesn’t get hit by one.

28. She wants you to tell her every morning that you are so lucky to have her.

29. She wants to hear all about her day.

30. She wants you to stroke her hair.

31. She wants you to tackle her down and tickle her until she cries.

32. She needs you to see when she’s feeling down and tell her that everything will be okay.

33. She wants to wear your oversized t-shirts because she likes the way you smell.

34. She wants you to put her to bed and stroke her hair while she’s falling asleep.

35. She wants you to post pictures of the two of you.

36. She needs you to call her all of a sudden just because you heard or saw something that reminded you of her.

37. She wants you to notice when she does something differently than usual.

38. She wants you to turn on her favorite song just to make her happy.

39. She wants you to stay up late and text her.

40. She wants you to pull her closer to you during the night.



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