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Mars Transit Pisces: Amazing Shift That Has A Lot In Store For Each Zodiac Sign

The planet Mars progressed into the sign of Pisces and is going to continue traveling in it until the 31st of December when it will enter in the sign of Aries. As Pisces is a sign of imagination and creativity, this will be an exciting time for every one of us.

Mars, being in the sign of Pisces, is going to bring a kind nature and soft temperament which we all needed. Each of the signs in the Zodiac will express themselves better and differently.

What should each sign prepare for during this energetic time?


At this time, people in this sign will feel the wish to change themselves. They will like to free themselves from situations which are now holding them back. They always have the will to push all the limitations, but they have never done them in such a way. Although it will not be that problematic change, sure, it is a thing which they have to keep in their mind.


At this period, people in Taurus will feel exceptionally emotional. They should remember that they should step back, as well as deal with their life while it is coming on their way. Also, it will not be a time for diving into something big. These people should let their past where it should be, and move ahead to a better future.


The people in this sign may feel prepared to put themselves out once again. Success is prepared to find them too, so they should not hide from it. So, they should hold the chance and benefit from all that is given in front of them.


They are satisfied, but they are not happy like they have to be. People having the Cancer sign should quit settling in their lives or relationships. They will have to discover something in which they will really believe, and something which will truly spark the fire in their soul. Their finances are stable, so they are not supposed to stop.


During this period, they should take care of those that they love the most. They will be made to nurture instead of guiding, and although they are not used to that, they are going to excel whether they are ready for the change in front of them. They should also not ignore all the energies which are soon going to surge in their relationships.


They will feel a huge change in their way, and all the things will feel out of the whack. These people should remember that they do not have to be so judgmental during that whack. All they have to do is let these powers bring them to a person they have to be close to. Some people can introduce themselves in different ways, which may not be true to the real person they are.


People in Libra will have to discover how they can let some things go and start understanding themselves. Luck is on their way during this period, so they should take it. They should permit some things to occur, as our Universe wants them to be that way. When Mars will completely move into the sign of Pisces, they will feel an entirely distinct perspective of life.


Because they are people, who are stressed most of the time without even showing that, their guard can finally come down. They will not have that ability to hide the real colors, and they will be made to reveal their deepest hidden secrets to the one closest to them. They should stop closing themselves and permit their walls to disappear finally.


At this time, people in this sign will be quite busy. They will take charge and finish everything which they started. For certain reason, they are often irresponsible, but that is going to present them with the chance to start a new page.



Some things are different from how they look to be. Although people in Capricorn are going to feel great, the problems within them will grow. They will have to make some plans for removing the things that bother them from their chest, or they will explode otherwise. Also, they should remember that this period is not a positive one for all of us.


These people are not going to be their usual self during this period. They are going to do some things which they usually don’t do. However, to stop and take a break is nothing bad and wrong at all. They should give themselves an instance of relaxation, as they deserve it.


Because the shift is progressing, people in the sign of Pisces will finally see the things in some greater light. For the past several months, they were confused a lot, but everything has an end, and this will end too. For this period, the things are finally going to come back to the normal.



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