The New Moon in March 2022 is the ideal time to shake up things and begin innovative projects since the changing winds accompany strong changes in our lives as well.
The New Moon is scheduled for 11th March and will be the finale to the grand stellium of 2022 in Aquarius. Subsequently, 3 zodiac signs will be the most affected due to this New Moon in March 2022.

The lunar span of March happens in the progressive Aquarius which is a static air sign. Aquarius inspires โ€˜out of the box thinkingโ€™.

Therefore things become intense since the moon is being accompanied by Aquarius and 6 additional celestial bodies that amplify the energy of lunation.

Taurus (20th April-20th May)

This lunation is set to bring positivity to your reputation and career, so expect few intense feelings throughout your present career journey. You might be overwhelmed with a strong desire for a break from the daily routine and explore new things.
You might also want a completely different career path. Mars, the goal-oriented sign, will drive you towards bold individuality at work. Grab this opportunity to do different things and pave a unique path.

Leo (23rd July-22nd August)

Leo must be recovering from the intense Full Moon in March 2022 but needs to gear up for another forthcoming lunation. This zodiac house will greatly affect the relationships of Leo with a focus on commitment and romantic life.

Mercury Retrograde is giving mixed signals so you will face trouble communicating in relationships, leading to disagreements. You will also find exciting new partnerships. So keep your heart and mind open for new connections.

Aquarius (20th January-18th February)

This lunation is especially powerful for Aquarius, and you will experience changes in personal life due to the planetary stellium.
The cosmic transformation will give additional authority to Aquarius who is presently finding their foothold and individuality by focusing on self-help. Deep realizations regarding identity are challenging but unconventional perspectives and unique ideas will inspire you on the right path.

March 2022 New Moon is bound to bring powerful shifts in the zodiac cycle. So get ready to face them with inner strength and belief.


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