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Love Starts Within You

Being in a relationship doesn’t complete you. It compliments your life. It makes it brighter. It gives color to it. It gives you a beautiful reminder that you are loved. But it doesn’t complete you.

You should stop waiting for someone to give you love. Because love starts within you. At the end of the day, when everyone leaves, you only have yourself. And you deserve love. Not from anybody else, but from YOU.

Because you can’t expect someone to love you if you don’t know how to love yourself.

Love starts flowing when you decide to stand up and look after your own being instead of expecting someone to take care of you.

Love starts happening when you pursue your dreams instead of secretly dreaming about someone to build an empire for you.

It starts happening when you pick yourself up together and start listening to the voice inside you that says “GO FOR IT.”


Go for what you want.

Go change careers.

Go build that business.

Go book that ticket.

Love starts going your way when you’re too focused doing your own things instead of obsessing over why you have to do everything alone.

It comes to you when you are too motivated working on your goals. When you are too busy building a better future for yourself because you deserve a good life.


Love happens when you become your own person.

It starts pouring when you stop looking for it.

It finds you when you’ve finally learned how to wait on God to give you His best.

When you have finally surrendered everything to Him. When you have given up, but you still hold on to the hope He gives you, because your faith goes a long way.

Love comes to you when you least expect it. It comes naturally. It comes easy and effortlessly. You will know when it’s already there, because it gives you a feeling of being home.

But until then, love yourself and continue working to become your own best friend.

Be your own soulmate. Your own person.



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