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Learn How To Put Yourself First


It’s easy to put yourself first. And it only takes a moment.

Are you always taking care of everyone else—from your kids to your boss—and never really taking time just for yourself? You daydream about coming home, taking a warm bath, putting a towel around you, and drinking wine while watching your favorite TV Show. But it stays just a daydream…always.

Many people will tell you that putting yourself first is selfish and will make you feel guilty just by thinking about nice things you could do for yourself.

As a woman, you find it really difficult to remember your own happiness in addition to everyone else’s. Frankly, you’re terrible at putting yourself first. You give, give, give to others but forget to give to yourself.

Because of this, you need to, first of all, start loving yourself, and then start putting yourself first. It may sound selfish, but the truth is that it’s the only way to find true happiness. Besides, if you’re not making yourself happy, you can’t expect the people around you to be happy.

It is OK to schedule the babysitter to come over for a few hours a week, so you can go to the gym or have a date night. It is OK to eat healthy and not whatever is leftover after your partner or the kids have had their meals, or something quick from the fast-food shop while hurrying to job. You have to remember that it’s OK to take some time out for yourself. Because:

You have a choice.

You have your goals, hopes, and aspirations. Why put them off to the side until everyone else is taken care of? Will you hunt those goals down and regain your happiness? The choice is yours.

It can wait.

Whatever it is, job, friends or family, it can wait. You are a much better worker, a more efficient and a faster executor when you take care of yourself. You’re a better friend when you love yourself, so you can influence everyone by your positive attitude and happiness.

Your family knows you best and loves you most—they would much rather have you happy, healthy, and clear headed. Even in your love life—by taking the necessary time for yourself, you give your partner the freedom to take that time for himself, too. Everybody wins, everybody is happy, and most importantly—You are happy!

You deserve it.

You have done so much for others, never expecting anything in return—giving all your time, energy, and even your health. Loving yourself, caring for yourself deeply, making your sleep, nutrition and well-being a priority, making your gym time nonnegotiable or canceling late night plans so you can get enough sleep, or just shutting the computer off and not checking your cellphone after a certain hour—you deserve to have all of these things to the fullest extent of your heart.

You have to.

You are an actual being that needs to be loved with great care, just like everyone else. Stop taking things away from you. Stop living for other things and other people. Live for You.



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