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Just Because Your Love Is Messy Doesn’t Mean It Is Not Just Perfect For You

If you are in a messy relationship, then you fully understand the term ‘opposites attract’.

You and your partner couldn’t be more different, but you care for each other deeply, and you function perfectly.

Be careful not to confuse things. There is a thin line between messy and toxic love, and you should be careful not to cross it.

That’s why it’s important to define what messy love really stands for.


Messy love refers to a relationship filled with drama and conflict, but it never crosses to disrespect or belittling.  

So basically it’s a normal relationship but filled with drama. And that’s OK. Let’s face it—we are not all the same.

While some couples love a well-balanced life and harmony, others are bored when things are flowing peacefully.

You see we all have our own view of what perfect is.

Some argue that perfection doesn’t exist. Maybe they are right to a point, but two different people fitting into each other’s lives and loving each other, fighting and making up is what makes the imperfection perfect.

So what if not everything in a relationship is done by the book or by some preconceived rules that everything should be sunshine and rainbows all the time?

It doesn’t make the love two people share any smaller. If anything, it makes it more real and passionate.

The mess you and your partner find yourselves in every now and again only intensifies your relationship in a number of ways. That’s why…


1. Your imperfections tie you closer together

You always argue about the little things and solve the big ones.

Little things bug you, intrigue you and make you want to convince your partner that his beliefs are unreasonable while he is trying to do the same with you.

The paradox is that you don’t really want to change your partner or him you. You’ve fully accepted each other.

You just debate, argue and bicker for the sake of subconscious amusement.

You would feel bored if everything was standing still for the better part of the time.

In a way, things that bug you about your partner and things that bug him about you is your strongest connection.


2. Your love stays strong even after the honeymoon phase

You don’t look at each other with rose-colored glasses.

You look at each other and see the reality—the good, the bad and the ugly—and you still love each other to bits.

Big and small arguments are part of every relationship. Those who say they have none are probably lying or in denial.

Of course, you argue with your partner about the stupid things like leaving his dirty socks on the floor and about some major ones, but you always solve it.

You have great communication skills, and you don’t allow things to get bottled up inside.

A few bumps down the road can’t do anything to your relationship because you are used to rocky roads, and you prefer them. It makes love feel more real to you.


3.  Your s*x life is on fire

The best thing about fighting is making up or to be more precise make-up sex. It’s intense, passionate. It’s showing your love through kisses and touches.

Make-up sex doesn’t solve your problem, still, it’s important because it reminds both of you that winning the fight isn’t the most important thing.

It’s more important to stay, love and solve before even thinking about giving up on each other



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