June 2019 Will Be The Best For These Zodiac Signs & You’re So Excited For The Future

There are so many glorious things happening in astrology the week of June 3, and no one is going to appreciate it more than air signs. We’re jumping things right off with a stimulating and energizing new moon in Gemini that will have your brain buzzing with ideas and pushing you to new heights. Spend this time learning about a new subject, writing down your thoughts, and exchanging perspectives with other intellectuals, because we’re all geniuses this week. However, June 3, 2019 will be the best week for these zodiac signs, and since you’re so smart, I bet you already know who they are. Get ready, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, because if you’ve got any of these zodiac signs for your sun or rising, you’re in for a treat.


Are you enjoying Gemini season? Don’t believe the slander that everyone spreads about the dual-sided, intelligent, and socially magical mutable air sign. It’s thanks to Gemini that we can communicate freely, bravely, and without apology. This is the season of saying exactly what you mean, breaking away from unhealthy attachments, and laughing at life because Gemini believes you shouldn’t take things so seriously. When Venus — planet of love and beauty — enters Gemini just as the week is coming to a close, you’ll feel all wrapped up in community harmony and hungry for knowledge. There’s nothing sexier than clever conversations and biting wit when Venus is in Gemini.


Who are you? Who do you want to become? Here’s your chance to transform your identity and sense of self because the new moon in Gemini has arrived. Time to roll out the red carpet and revel in all your glory because this new moon takes place in your first house of the self. This is a beautiful opportunity for you to dive deep into self-love and build your confidence to new heights. It doesn’t matter how the world sees you. It matters how you see you.

By the end of the week, you’ll officially be in the midst of your Venus return, which makes you the hottest zodiac sign of all. Don’t be surprised if everyone is fawning over you like a bunch of obsessed fans. Gemini Man Flirts. But NOT if You Know The Secrets of HIM


You’re feeling enthusiastic about your journey and ready to absorb experiences wherever you go. It’s time to plant the seeds for another adventure because the new moon sparkles in your ninth house of spontaneous excursions and philosophy. This is a gorgeous chance to set an intention to have more faith, inhabit a more positive perspective of life, and immerse yourself in more culturally enriching activities.

Your career is receiving a boost this week too, when Mercury enters your 10th house of social status and goals. You’re thinking about making some major moves, and when Mercury forms a sextile with Uranus on June 7, anything could happen. How to get a Libra Man fall for you


You know that novel you’ve been dreaming about writing? That painting you’ve been seeing in your head? That song that keeps brushing up against your mind? When the new moon lights up your fifth house of creativity and self-expression, there’s no better time to finally get started on it. The cosmos will help you every step of the way and your only job is to stay committed and enjoy the ride.

The fact that Mercury is sliding into your sixth house of work and daily routine is only amping up your ability to get stuff done. Prepare to feel energized and productive, especially when Mercury meets with dramatic and unpredictable Uranus. How to get a Aquarius Man fall for you


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