Your July Horoscope 2020 is here! July 2020 is going to be an astrological period characterized by Saturn’s retrograde entry into Capricorn, the lunar eclipse in the sign of the goat, and the start of Chiron’s apparent retreat into Aries.

In this period of the year, the second New Moon in Cancer, the entry of the Sun in Leo, and the end of the retrogradation of Mercury in the sign of Cancer will also occur. Do you want to know more?


  • Horóscopo Diciembre 2018 para Aries


    The retrogradation of Chiron in Aries, on 07/11, presents an opportunity to reflect on the importance you attach to external evaluation, and the insecurities you are trying to hide.

    It also raises a window for personal work, related to being honest with yourself, thinking before acting, and practicing self-understanding and forgiveness.


  • Horóscopo Diciembre 2018 para Tauro


    On 07/01, Saturn retrograde will move to House IX of Taurus, where Jupiter and Pluto are also in apparent retrogradation. This alignment involves reviewing the expansion plans, and assuming your own responsibility for their achievement (and success).


  • Horóscopo Diciembre 2018 para Géminis


    Eros, asteroid of lust, will enter the sign of the twins, on 07/06. This astrological position encourages flirting and sensual games, which provide a certain intellectual challenge to the native. Erotic messages, spicy jokes and creative sex will be part of the daily life of the sons and daughters of Gemini, during this time of year.


  • Horóscopo Diciembre 2018 para Cáncer


    On July 12, Mercury will begin its direct trajectory in the sign of Cancer, which is why we speak of emotional intelligence; sensitivity; and strip the lessons of the past of negative sentimental charges.

    On the other hand, the Double New Moon in Cancer on 07/20, points to the practice of self-knowledge as a basis, to channel inspiration into new projects and ventures.


  • Horóscopo Diciembre 2018 para Leo


    The Sun, Leo’s ruling luminary, will arrive at the sign of Leo, on July 22. Being at home, the star king will enhance the charm of the natives of the sign, as well as physical strength, and the need to express their talents, participating in different initiatives.


  • Horóscopo Diciembre 2018 para Virgo


    The third square between Venus in House X of Virgo and Neptune in the House VII of the sign will occur on 07/27, as part of the apparent setback of Neptune.

    This configuration indicates that it is necessary to know the point of view of your partner, before advancing after a new professional goal. Assumptions will only lead to conflict.


  • Horóscopo Diciembre 2018 para Libra


    The beginning of the retrogradation of Chiron in the VII House of Libra (11/07) can be channeled in a therapeutic way, working with professional psychological support, in overcoming childhood trauma that affects the subject’s interaction with themselves (personal confidence), and with third parties.


  • Horóscopo Diciembre 2018 para Escorpión


    With the dwarf planet Ceres fulfilling its apparent setback phase in House V of Scorpio, starting on 07/06, it is worth asking yourself if you invest your talent in projects that will bring you closer to your goals.


  • Horóscopo Diciembre 2018 para Sagitario


    On 07/12, Mercury starts a direct career in the VIII House of Sagittarius, indicating an understanding with your family or partner, about the payment of pending commitments, which affect the shared heritage.


  • Horóscopo Diciembre 2018 para Capricornio


    The penumbral eclipse of the Full Moon in Capricorn (07/05) alludes to the revision of old achievements, as a basis for projecting towards new goals. Don’t dismiss the lessons learned.

    In the same way, the opposition between the Sun in Cancer and Jupiter retrograde in the sign of the goat (07/14), refers to the (self-imposed) limitations that keep you anchored to the comfort zone.


  • Horóscopo Diciembre 2018 para Acuario


    The Double New Moon in Cancer on 07/20 will be on the 6th House of Aquarius, inviting to avoid exacerbated self-criticism, towards what happened in the past. The lunar event also favors deep domestic cleaning, and reconsideration of old job offers.

  • Horóscopo Diciembre 2018 para Piscis


    The dwarf planet Ceres will begin to retrograde in the sign of Pisces, on 07/06, resulting in a tendency to deal with the problems of others, to evade the personal situation.

    Retrograde Ceres in Pisces can be an interesting ally, if you wonder about the activities that allow you to vibrate higher, and how to attend to the soul’s desires.



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