In general, Jupiter is expanding the values of the sign it is travelling in for about 12 months. In Libra, Jupiter is bringing on surface all our issues regarding relationships,  feelings and emotions. The attention is drawn towards the importance of finding a balance between male and female inside.

Since the beginning of 2020 , planetary transits are building up a path for each of us where we can explore how true our feelings towards our partner are. We are trying to find a balance between the masculine and the feminine within us, which is reflected into the role we let the partner play in our life.

What will happen next?


In these last two weeks of October and the first two of November, the Giant planet of our system will give birth to a powerful healing aspect together with the Lunar South Node in Pisces.

This Node represents the starting point of the evolutionary path of mankind in this moment in time. In general it can be considered as a Cup containing Water charged with karmic memories, which each of us is moving away from to learn something new. Pisces, from this point of view, symbolize a sense of inadequacy and self-sacrifice, self-denial, abandon, refusal, emotional suffering.
Now Jupiter and the South Node are creating an aspect of 150 °, known as Quincunx, representing the chance to heal a vital issue after many lives spent trying in vain. This aspect can clean up our relationships from any sense of sacrifice caused by a lack of self-worth in being loved. Every time we denied ourselves in order to being loved. Every time we attracted people who did not respect us because we felt less than zero. Whenever we have been betrayed because we were betraying ourselves. Every time we said yes to fill a void even if we wanted to run away. Whenever we have been forced to lower our head as a sign of subjection towards someone manipulating us. All these wounds created a lump of heavy negative emotions. Whether these memories belong to this life, whether they are part of our individual events or flowing through our veins from our ancestors, or they stem from past lives, they still left a trace in us, influencing the way we have experienced relationships so far.

Now it is time to heal, as changing consciousness to integrate a new frequency of light requires to be free from past burdens, especially regarding relationships, the most sensitive area every human is risking to stumble upon. This is a great opportunity to realize that we have changed, we are changing and that now it is possible to laugh and get lighthearted in front of what was hurting before.

Quincunx will be exact between 22 and 25 October (09°). Healing can obviously relate to other aspects of our life, depending on where Libra and Pisces are positioned in our Birth Star Map.

In any case, we can let go of suffering, a chance the path of the Lunar Nodes between October 2015 and May 2017 is preparing for us. Collectively, mankind is going through this, i.d. consciously let go of pain, leaving our complaining self behind, as time is no more for us to look at that direction. Another voice is awakening within. It is talking about our inner treasures and resources, personal skills and abundance. It is talking about choice – choosing to say yes to Life and Love, watching them coming towards us.



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