If You’re Single, This Is How Your Love Life Will Be Affected For October 2020


Stifled emotions threaten to bubble up, dear Aries, or those carefully chosen words bubble to your lips in the hope they’ll be kissed.

To you, taking the sensual approach is another way of saying apply the brakes, which you hate doing, but you might have no option now that Jupiter’s moving to a deep down and sticky place in your horoscope for a lengthy stay.

Strong feelings can stir despite not having known the person very long, and not the syrupy variety btw, because we’re talking scarily strong here.



Always the bridesmaid, dear Taurus?

Lucky Jupiter’s triumphant move into your opposite sign might thrust you right out front if you do find yourself walking down an aisle in the next 12 months.

This planet doesn’t let the grass grow!


Being single can be tough, but you’re patient enough to wait for the real deal, and there are brownie points available for not trying to convince yourself that every single flirtation or dalliance must necessarily stamp ‘permanent’ or ‘The One’ on your heart.



Looking up from your feet, a magazine, or your phone at the doctor’s office, you might meet the gaze of someone who takes your mind off your ailments.

The moral of the story being you need to pay attention to what’s going on all around you, dear Gemini. Attention from a work colleague, however, either gives you butterflies or a queasy feeling.

In other news, finding yourself suddenly attracted to someone you’ve known for ages is like waking up from a long sleep.



For you, lucky Jupiter’s move into Scorpio is like walking into the breathtaking Sagrada Famila in Barcelona for the first very first time.

For those in the dark, it’s the cathedral that’s forever under construction, and you appreciate the beauty on the inside despite scaffolding and junk on the outside in a person too,

someone worth getting to know someone who doesn’t appear flash or bothered about the world’s approval rating of them.

Too cheesy? Sorry, but there you have it. The absolute best way to meet someone new, btw, is by mingling in creative circles.



Jupiter moves into a part of your horoscope that means you could be slurping on punch with someone you can confidently call your own by Christmas, if you play your cards away from your chest, dear Leo.

The part of the chart from where Jupiter calls also urges you to look back into your past for lessons from big dating disasters that you may have tried to blank out.

It’s important that mom approves, or would’ve approved, of your choice of mate. You could meet someone interested in starting a family.



A quick-off-the-draw person reflects your own mercurial qualities right back at you and might or may not be your idea of heaven, depending on whether you can’t get a word in edgeways, or by using a greasy shoehorn.

What’s on the grapevine appears to make those grapes even juicier, dear Virgo, but it doesn’t take long for it to sour once you do your own research.

Those with quirky personalities are a great deal hotter to you than good looks alone.




Confidence, we’re told, is the single biggest most attractive characteristic and it might be that someone’s on a mission to prove this to you this month if you’ve been a doubting Thomas on this one, dear Libra.

A person’s material assets might swing it over their other assets, or lack of, or someone who doesn’t have two cents to rub together.


Jupiter’s one final hurrah before it leaves your sign helps you muster confidence just when you thought it was about to desert you.


Jupiter slinking into your sign makes you want to slip into something more comfortable one minute, whetting your appetite for a challenge the next.

Perching out the way and waiting love to come to you yields little by way of results because you need to make your own luck even with Jupiter’s backing, dear Scorpio.

Now’s the time to drag and drop an on-off lover who’s been dining out on your insecurities, or you, to the trash!



Yeah, yeah, sure, sure is what you might think if we say that that the move of your ruler Jupiter is gonna mean that for you in the next 12 months love’s gonna move in mysterious ways.

Sounds like we’re fobbing you off or dressing up the fact that nothing of any interest is gonna happen. That’s because it also make you slightly cynical.

The sky might also make you a bit solitary, and loud mouths and loud clothes are a turn off.

This is also a time when you might investigate spiritual matters.



You and a puddle of goo have less in common because you’re no sucker for a gorgeous face and won’t melt around the kind of charm that could cheer up a slipped disc. Jupiter in Scorpio casts you as the formidable one, the contrary one.

There’s no better motivation, therefore, than being told that someone’s out of your league, dear Capricorn.

You know you’ve got it, so use it or lose it. You’re not normally big on shock value but all those who doubted you are in for a hell of one if the mood takes you.


Jupiter carries with it a few reminders of what you don’t want, i.e. a controlling, career or status-obsessed person, but, and as baffling as this is, this might be what you attract into your topsy-turvy little world, dear Aquarius.


Unbuttoned ‘ah, to hell with it’ types get on your nerves in the time it takes to boil an egg. Power struggles can be sexy, likewise someone you take an instant dislike to but can’t stop thinking about.



Will it be a case of the right place at the wrong time or the wrong place at the right time? You enjoy handing yourself over to fate, dear Pisces, but Jupiter’s move into your sister sign, Scorpio, makes you more philosophical.

It also helps you filter out those that fail to engage your brain on at least some level even if they have a tiny hold on your heart.

Your open mindedness may even surprise you and you might be prepared to travel further for that old devil called love.

You know you shouldn’t get carried away, but you can’t reason with feelings anymore than you can an avalanche.


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