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If You’re Not Crazy About Her, Then Just Leave Her Alone

  1. Yes, she loves you. She loves you like no one will ever love you, but she will never beg you.

She will never beg for your attention, nice words, and gestures because if they are not coming from the depths of your heart, she doesn’t even want them or need them.


She will never beg for love. So, if you’re not crazy about her the same way she’s crazy about you, do her a favor, and just leave her alone!

She is tired of all those mediocre loves and selfish words.

She is tired of waiting. She is tired of manipulation. So, if your intentions are not pure, don’t even bother approaching her!

Don’t even bother selling her your poisonous kind of love because if you do, she will know it.

There’s one thing you need to understand about her. When she loves, she loves unconditionally.

She gives all of herself to make her loved one feel special, and that is why she doesn’t believe in excuses.

And if you’re not ready to make an effort to win her, please then just leave her alone.

She is tired of fake words and sweet nothings. If you’re really into her, roll up your sleeves and prove it to her!

Don’t expect her to fall head over heels on your one word because she won’t.

Be a man, and win her like real men do!

Win her like you really mean it. Make her feel special by sticking to your decisions, by caring about her, and being crazy about her.

And if you’re not ready to do any of it, do not bother chasing her!

If you’re not ready to love her the way she loves you, then just leave her alone.


Don’t let her wait just because you know she will.

Don’t treat her like your option when you know that to her, you’ll be a priority.

If you’re not ready to move your ass and be a man of your word, then just leave her alone, and do not waste her time any longer!

If you’re not ready for a commitment, don’t torture her.

If you’re not ready to fulfill your promises, don’t bother making them.

If you’re not ready to be there when she needs you, don’t bother staying at all.

She is not the same girl she used to be before.

She got tired of almost loves and almost lovers, so if you’re not ready to reciprocate, just leave.

Know that she is not the same girl who used to sit next to her phone and wait the whole day for them to call her.

She is not the same girl who used to believe everything they said to her.

She has promised to herself that she will never again go out of her way to fight for the wrong man.

She will never give her heart to someone who is not ready to receive it.

And if you’re not ready to accept it, just leave her alone!


If you really like her, show her with your actions!

If you really care about her, don’t make her wait!

If you really want to be with her, don’t make her question her decisions!

And if you don’t, do not bother doing anything at all!

Don’t think that she’s the same naive girl who is going to believe everything you give her. She’s not.

She knows very well what she wants, and she knows very well what she gives.

The only difference is that this time, she will not sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of others.

She will no longer feed anyone with her pure love and in return, receive the toxic one.

She will no longer be blindly and crazily in love with someone who’s not ready for it.

She will no longer give her heart on a plate and watch it being devoured by greed.

And if you’re right for her, you will understand it.

If you’re really ready to love her the way she deserves, you will act like it.

But, if you’re not – do her a favor and stay away from her!



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