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If You’re Feeling Romantic This Week, It’s Probably Because Of The Stars

Get ready because we are approaching a time which will make our romantic desires come true. Oh yes, this might seem over-the-top. But the universe is going to be blessing us with a lot of good energy.

Your life is going to be a party with unicorns, fairies, wizards, and so much more. This is just the truth of the matter; the universe is bringing you a ton of positive energy this week.

The zodiacs which will have the biggest share of this energy are Capricorn, Gemini, and Taurus. This week is going to be the very best week for you three! If you’re another zodiac though, do not fret. Every zodiac is going to be able to experience the joy this week has in store.

All of this talk is bound to seem like it is some strange magic now. But truth be told, it is! On May 30th the Planet of Beauty and Love – Venus is going to form a sextile with the Planet of Visions, Compassion, and Dreams – Neptune. This alliance will sprinkle all your connections with swathes of excitement and empathy.

Brace yourself for the romance that is about to take hold of your universe. Your creative side will also experience an awakening. This period is going to enable you to see everything through a fresh perspective.

This is also an excellent opportunity to build that stone house to truly secure your future. The Planet of Loyalty, Hard Work and Commitment – Saturn and Venus will come together to form a trine. This, in turn, would serve as a rock solid base for your relationships to last through any approaching storms.


Taurus: You Are Loved And It Shows

You are now the center of attention everywhere you go. The Venus-Saturn sextile is going to make you attract people around you.

Leadership should only come as a pleasant surprise to you and many will extend their friendship to you. This is the time that your view of the world is truly expanding. You are also being armed with the tools and mental acumen that you need for the long run.

Money and luxury are being showered on you by the Sun. So do not forget to treat yourself and make good use of it all.

Gemini: ‘Tis Your Season And You Know It

You are the queen of everything this season. Your confidence and your self-awareness about your strengths are at its peak. Heck yeah! This is Gemini season and you are the boss!

The Saturn-Venus trine will gift you an immense dose of understanding, oneness, and empathy. Just brace yourself for some deep personal growth and internal stability. Your public-self is also going to shine now, so be careful and use it intelligently.


Capricorn: Your World Is Flooded With Fun And Creativity

Creativity, romance, and an overall sense of well-being have taken hold of your world. This is enticing you to rediscover yourself with a change of mind towards the concept of creative fun.

Your persona is being infused with poetry, music, and color – just let it do its job. Communicating your thoughts and ideas is easier and so is having fun!

You will be helped by the Universe in your self-improvement goals, so just be you and try to be a better version of yourself.



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