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If I Were Your Man I Would Treat You Better


If I were your man, I would never make you regret saying, ‘Yes’ to me. You would never ask yourself if you are worthy or enough for me because I would show that to you every day.

I would protect you and make you feel safe and that would be my mission for the rest of my life.

If I were your man, I would never let something bad happen to you. I would be there for better or worse because I promised that to you in front of God and other people and I would never regret doing that.

I would be blessed to have you in my life. I would cherish every moment with you like it was the last one. For you, I would really make an effort.

If I were your man, I would listen to you. I wouldn’t do that only when you got angry and when you told me that we needed to talk.

Baby, I would listen to you every single day, even if you think that I don’t do that. I would listen to you while you were making a morning coffee and reminding me of the things we need to do that day.

I would listen to you and your voice would always be like the most beautiful love song to me.

If I were your man, I would respect you. I would never disappoint you by hitting on other women as you would be the one and only in my life. I would never make you cry because I would never forgive myself for hurting the one who loves me the most.

Just like you take care of me, I would do the same for you. And trust me, I would cherish every moment spent with you.

If I were your man, I wouldn’t believe that a woman like you chose to love me, an average guy with so many cons. I would be happy like a small child that you saw something that others couldn’t see in me.

And I would shout from the rooftops that I have found the woman of my life and that she is my one and only.

If I were your man, I would never let go of your hand. I would always make sure that I was close to you, like your shadow, making sure that everything was okay.

I would keep you like a grain of sand in my hand, not too loose because you would slip away but also not so tight because others would want to take you away from me. I would find the right balance so you would always stay with me and that you would never want to let me go.

If I were your man, I would never try to change you. I would do my best to keep that girl in you who I fell in love with. I would accept a change only if you would like it. I would let you decide about everything regarding your life because it is your life and not mine.

If I were your man, I would let the real you show me the world. I would let you be stubborn, playful, angry, loving and passionate. I would never try to mold you into something that I liked but I would let you be the real you. Because I fell in love with a woman like that, with all your pros and cons.

I would fall in love with all your imperfections because they make you so perfect.


If I were your man, I would make you laugh all the time. I would never do anything to take that smile off your face because it suits you perfectly well. And if something would happen and you would forget to smile, I would be there to teach you how to laugh again.

If I were your man, I would act like wings on your shoulders. I would be there to help you fly or to just hug yourself with them if you didn’t feel protected enough. I would never tell you what to do or how to behave.

I would let you do whatever you wanted because I want to be your partner who supports you and not a control freak who will control every move you make.

If I were your man, everybody would know because it would be impossible to hide something like that. They would be able to see it in my words, my feelings and my actions. And I would tell everyone that you are my one and only and that I am a hell of a lucky guy to have you.

If I were your man, I would kiss your eyes every morning before you opened them. I would know how you felt from only one look at them. And if I would see that you were not happy with me and that you were suffering, I wouldn’t keep you next to me.

Instead, I would let you go, to be happier with someone else. Someone who can give you all that I wasn’t capable of.

If I were your man, I would let you help me become a better man because I am not enough as I am right now. With you, I would learn what real love is and I would cherish what we have.

And I wouldn’t do that just to make you feel satisfied but because I would really want it.
If I were your man, I would make you the happiest woman because I would give all of myself to you and I would never regret doing that.



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