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If A Woman Is With This Particular Zodiac Sign, She’s Most Likely Settling

When it comes to romance, the top priority of many people is to avoid settling. Since that S word is thrown around so often these days, it’s easy to get confused between settling and settling down in the context of a relationship. Settling refers to accepting less than you deserve, usually because you think you can’t get anything else while settling down is about committing to the one you love and starting a life together. The latter is actually something a lot of people aspire to, while just settling, without the down, is a thought that scares anyone who’s ever dreamed of a fairy-tale ending.

Because certain signs in Astrology are less compatible with each other than others are, when they do get together it often means that at least one of the partners is settling. We all deserve true happiness, but that goal is a lot harder to reach in a relationship when you’re with somebody who doesn’t understand you.

With some sign combos, the chemistry is all off, either because the people are too different or too similar. That said, there are always exceptions to the norm! Read on to find out which Astrological signs might just be settling with each other.

Scorpio And Scorpio Won’t Find True Happiness

Two Scorpios shacking up usually isn’t the ideal relationship situation. While these two will understand the other’s passion for social justice and need to bond deeply, they’re just too similar and can become quite toxic when they’re together.

There would be so much jealousy in this union that there’s a good chance the couple would spend most of their time accusing each other and defending themselves.

There can be good stuff there, but more than likely, they’re settling for more stress than they deserve.

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Gemini And Virgo Would Be Settling, Not Settling Down

Out of all the possible sign combos, we’re sorry to say that Gemini and Virgo are probably one of the worst. If a Gemini commits herself to a Virgo, she has to understand that she’s attaching herself to someone who will want her to set up a routine that will bore her and will critique her to no end. Don’t get us wrong—Virgos can make great partners. They’re just not compatible with Gemini, who needs to be free to live on her own terms.

Sagittarius And Capricorn Don’t Have What It Takes To Make A Relationship Last

There are a few reasons why a Sagittarius gal would probably be settling if she became seriously involved with a Capricorn. Though these two sit next to each other on the calendar, they’re very different. Sagittarius is all about living a carefree life while Capricorn is all work and no play. Sagittarius needs someone who will understand her spirituality while Capricorn can be closed minded. And while Sagittarius is playful, Capricorn is serious. These two might balance each other out, or they might drive each other crazy.

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Aries Won’t Satisfy Cancer, And Vice Versa

In some ways, Aries and Cancer can be good for each other. Aries provides a strong backbone when Cancer feels like falling apart and Cancer can help Aries to get in touch with her softer side. But for the most part, they tend to antagonize each other. Cancer is a sensitive sign and is easily upset when people are blunt, honest, and harsh. And guess who’s blunt, honest and harsh? A bold personality like Aries is usually a lot for Cancer, and Cancer can seriously

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Capricorn And Aquarius Are Too Different To Make It Work

The issues that Capricorn will have with Sagittarius are very similar to those that she’ll have with Aquarius, her neighbor on the other side. Aquarius is something of a free spirit, while Capricorn craves routine and planning. Aquarius prefers to play things by ear, but Capricorn lives to set goals and achieve them.

Before long, Capricorn will probably find Aquarius’s lack of direction infuriating.

But if these two can find a way to make it work, they’ll enjoy the space they both know how to give their partner.

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With Leo, Taurus Would Be Settling

In many ways, Leo and Taurus are total opposites. Leo is all about life in the fast lane, new and exciting experiences, glamor, and standing out. Taurus, on the other hand, prefers a quieter, simpler lifestyle filled with hard work, routine, and low-key social activities that soothe her need for interaction. With Leo, Taurus would feel drained by all the drama that follows the Lion around. She also doesn’t like coming out of her comfort zone, which Leo would push time and time again.

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Libra Won’t Balance Out Capricorn Like She Balances Everyone Else

Libra is the master of balance and is pretty compatible with most signs in Astrology. That’s because she’s easy to get along with, agreeable, and puts lots of effort into making her relationships work.

That said, her relationship with Capricorn could very well be less successful.

Because Libra is all about moderation, she won’t understand Capricorn’s obsession with achieving goals. Plus, Libra enjoys a little PDA, which Capricorn would rather chew off their left arm than engage in.

Gemini And Scorpio Have Too Much In Common

Sometimes couples aren’t compatible because they’re too different to truly understand each other. But the opposite is true in the case of Gemini and Scorpio. These two have a lot in common, which could make the relationship spiral out of control. They’re both witty, ambitious and love to talk, which will help them get along. But at the same time, they can both be ruthless when they’re angry. More than likely, these two will spend all their time competing with each other.

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You’d Think Aquarius And Cancer Would Work, But It Usually Doesn’t

Aquarius and Cancer do have some things in common. They’re both out-of-the-box thinkers and will have a good time connecting on that level. But when push comes to shove, Aquarius usually can’t provide the deep bond that Cancer needs. This air sign can be emotionally distant and is extremely independent but Cancer, on the other hand, is prone to clinginess and dependence in a relationship. Though these two have a lot to talk about, they just don’t get each other.

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Leo And Leo Is Settle City

Leo makes a great match for certain signs, but with another Leo, there is just too much Leo in the relationship. This fire sign is blessed with a lot of strong qualities, which is why she’s best paired with someone who can mellow her out rather than someone who fires her up. Leo is fiercely competitive, will never admit when she’s wrong and is prone to angry outbursts. Though she’s generous and loving, these qualities usually mean serious trouble when they’re coming from both sides.

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Aries And Pisces Can’t Naturally Communicate With Each Other

You’d think the leader in Astrology and the last sign would share some common ground, but in reality, they’re very different people.

There are levels on which Aries and Pisces can get along, but at the end of the day, they don’t know how to get through to each other.

Aries is direct and says exactly what’s on her mind, which can be stressful for a sensitive sign like Pisces, who reads people, empathizes with them, and chooses words carefully.

Aquarius Will Feel Like They’re In A Rut With Taurus

Aquarius and Taurus will like the way the other is not needy or demanding since they both value their personal space in a relationship. But what stops them from being compatible is their different lifestyles. Aquarius can often feel like she’s settling when she gets into a relationship with Taurus because this earth sign is all about routine and consistency, whereas she likes to spice things up. Like a true air sign, Aquarius prefers to be spontaneous and go where the wind blows her.

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Cancer And Gemini Have To Betray Themselves To Be With Each Other

Every now and then Cancer and Gemini will fall into passionate love.

But most of the time, these two have to give up a lot to please the other because their values differ.

Cancer is happiest at home while Gemini is happiest on the road. Cancer likes to stay in and cuddle, and Gemini likes to be out doing things. Relationships do require compromise, but these two might end up having to betray the essence of who they are to be together.

Taurus And Sagittarius Are Better As Friends

Taurus and Sagittarius share a carefree, laid-back personality, which means that they usually get along really well. Both signs don’t like to stress and resent people who bring unnecessary drama into their lives. But as lovers, the chemistry can be a little off. Though they’re both easy-going, Taurus prefers a life lived according to schedule, while Sagittarius likes each day to be different. These two have a great time chatting and hanging out, so they should seek each other out as friends.

Leo And Scorpio Might Work, But It Could Be A Fight For Power

The relationship between Leo and Scorpio will be interesting, to say the least. It’s possible that they’ll work out and be happy together, but it’s also possible that neither will be happy since they both value power.

These are two signs who both like to be the alpha of the couple.

They also happen to be very competitive and jealous, which isn’t a great combination. Though there will probably be a lot of passion in this household, there will also be lots of stressful fights.

Virgo Should Be With Someone Who Complements Her Rather Than Another Virgo

Together, Virgo and Virgo can and do work out. These two strict, ambitious and hardworking people understand each other and hold each other to the same high standards. But Virgo should experience life with someone else who can take her out of her comfort zone and teach her new things. Life with another Virgo will be safe and predictable, so she might consider starting things up with someone who can inject some fun into the picture and who will appreciate and need her qualities.

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Gemini And Capricorn Can Make It Work, Though They’re Not Naturally Compatible

If the stars allow it, Gemini and Capricorn can fall in love.

But at the same time, they’re not really the most compatible of signs.

An air sign, Gemini loves to float around, try new things and live life with no restrictions or limits. Capricorn, who is an earth sign, tends to suffer from tunnel vision and lives a very strict life according to what will bring about the most success. Capricorn is for the future, while Gemini is for the present.

Cancer And Virgo Both Avoid Conflict, But They Lack Chemistry

Cancer and Virgo have a few things in common, including the fact that they both hate conflict. Because they both try to minimize conflict in a relationship, they can be great partners to have. They lack chemistry, however, because they have totally different approaches to life. Virgo is all logic while Cancer is all emotion. With Virgo, Cancer feels like her emotional needs aren’t met and her feelings aren’t validated. She also probably doesn’t have skin thick enough to withstand Virgo’s criticism.

When Aries And Libra Get Together, One Will Have To Settle

Most of the time, the relationship between Aries and Libra will involve settling.

Being with Libra, Aries will have to settle for someone who doesn’t have her back in times of conflict because they prefer to sit on the fence rather than take sides.

She’ll have to settle for someone who takes a long time to make decisions when she wants to get on with life and move on quickly. It’s up to her whether the compromises she makes will be worth it or not.

Capricorn And Cancer Will Have To Work Hard At It

Capricorn and Cancer will have to put a lot of work into getting along because they don’t naturally see eye to eye. That’s not to say that their relationship will automatically fail—just that it can take some time to get to a place where neither one is settling or sacrificing what they want for the other. Capricorn will have to learn how to get in touch with her feelings more and connect with Cancer while Cancer will have to work on being more independent

Virgo And Pisces Will Be Loyal, But It Won’t Be A Love Story

If there’s one thing Virgo and Pisces will share in their relationship, it’s loyalty. Both of these signs are good at keeping their promises to their loved ones since Pisces hates hurting people and Virgo has too many morals to do the wrong thing.

Because of their differences, however, there’s a still chance that this isn’t the ideal union.

Pisces should be with someone who understands her feelings and who won’t pressure her to make decisions and be productive.

Cancer And Pisces Both Suit Other Personalities Better

Being two highly emotional and sensitive water signs, Cancer and Pisces certainly seem like they would totally hit it off. In reality, though, they are both better suited to other signs who are different from them. Although these two understand and accept each other, they’re so similar that sooner or later the relationship will probably become toxic. They both need someone who can think rationally and bring that logical perspective into the picture and ground them when they feel overpowered by emotion.

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Libra Needs A Mental Connection That Sagittarius Can’t Give

Libra and Sagittarius are two of the most agreeable signs and are probably the easiest to get along with.

Though they enjoy each other’s company, Libra can often find herself settling with the fire sign, even though they have a lot in common.

Romance is a big deal for Libra, and she’s not demanding per se, but she does need a strong mental connection with her partner because that’s the kind of thing that drives her. Sagittarius isn’t always ready to provide on that front.

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There Can Be A Little Too Much Stubbornness Between Sagittarius And Scorpio

Some signs are more prone to being hard-headed than others, and that description definitely applies to both Sagittarius and Scorpio. Scorpio can be impossible in an argument because she doesn’t like to admit she’s wrong, so she should be with someone who is a little more agreeable and capable of taking the high road. Sagittarius can take the high road at times but can also be stubborn and aggressive in an argument. This is sure to be a relationship filled with fireworks.

Aries And Scorpio Have To Be Committed To Fighting A Lot

It’s almost a guaranteed fact that in a relationship between Aries and Scorpio, there’s going to be a lot of fighting and arguments.

This is another situation where both signs want to be the boss and wear the pants and both have very strong opinions.

Of course, they are both passionate and loving, so they often understand where the other is coming from. They just have to be okay with frequent battles because neither is great at letting things slide.


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