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I Know Falling In Love Is Scary But The Right Guy Will Make It Worth It


You’ve never been a coward. On the contrary, you’ve always walked through life fiercely and fearlessly. You’ve always been brave and strong.

Except for one thing.

With time, you’ve become terrified of love and anything that has to do with it. Even the thought of falling in love has become scary to you.

You justify yourself by saying that you can’t force yourself to have faith in love when you’ve been betrayed and hurt so many times because of it. You can’t believe that love can be pure and that it can have a positive outcome on you.

You’ve even become sarcastic and pessimistic when love is in question. But if you are honest toward yourself, you’ll see that you are only trying to mask your fear with this sarcasm and irony.

But the way you see love is nothing unnatural, taking into consideration everything you’ve been through in the past.


When you look at your dating life and love history from this point of view, you see nothing positive. Yes, of course you have some loving memories but the ugly ones prevail.

Sadly, the pain and the sadness prevail in the rare moments of happiness you’ve experienced.

It was like every man who came into your life had a hidden agenda. It was like all of them just wanted to use you, to hurt you and to leave you to fight on your own, while they continued their lives.

The truth is that you’ve had different types of men in your life but somehow they all turned out to be wrong for you. Somehow, they’ve all managed to hurt you in different ways.

And of course, all that has happened left consequences on your personality. It changed your views on life and love and it changed you as a person.

All of these men didn’t just hurt you—they’ve made you believe that every person in this world will treat you the same. They’ve made you think that you are obviously not worthy of someone loving you the right way and they’ve convinced you that you shouldn’t trust anyone.

So naturally, you’ve become scared and you’ve promised yourself not to love again. You’ve become afraid of letting anyone in your life, of giving yourself to someone new and of giving men a chance.

You’ve become petrified of trusting people and most of all, you’ve become scared of falling in love, thinking it would only bring you suffering.

I know you are scared and there is nothing wrong with that. I know you’ve lost all faith in ever finding the man who would tear down your walls because you think he would destroy you. I know you’ve lost all faith in ever loving someone and of ever being loved.


But what you don’t know is that the right guy will make all of these fears go away, as if they never existed.

He will give you all of his love and support and he will make you understand you can always count on him, no matter what. He will make it his duty to convince you that he is someone you can rely on.

He will do his best to show you that he will never leave your side and that he will stay with you through thick and thin.

This guy will never make you doubt his loyalty or the love he feels for you. He will never make you question your worth and he will never make you beg for his love and attention.

And most importantly—he will always fulfill his promises. He will never back out on you nor will he leave you hanging.

Instead, he will always stand behind his words, showing you that you can trust him.

He will never do anything to deliberately hurt you, because he will always take your emotions into consideration.

And finally, this man will never abandon you and he will try hard to prove to you that he is different from everyone else.

I know you think a guy like this doesn’t exist. And even if he does, that he won’t happen to you.

But trust me—all of this is just in your head. Because this guy will come along when you least expect it.


When he comes, he’ll show you why it never worked out with all of these men from your past. And he’ll make you understand that everything you went through was worth it.

Because every little thing in your life, every wrong guy and every wrong move you took, brought you to him.



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