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I Don’t Need Expensive Gifts, Spoil Me With Loyalty

Spoil me with your attention. Stop in the middle of the street and hug me so hard that my bones feel like they are about to break. Kiss my cheek whenever I do something that in your eyes makes me cute.

Kiss me goodnight or text me if you are not by my side, tell me how your day went. Listen. Pe present. Be there. One of the greatest gifts you can give me is your time.

Be my rock. Be my person. A safe haven I go to whenever I had a bad day.

Be the one who wipes away my tears. Be the one who never makes me cry.

Be the one who shares my laughter. Be the one who makes me smile. Someone who enjoys my good days as much as I do. Someone who celebrates my happiness as I do his.


Grant me your forgiveness like I will grant you mine.

We can’t always see eye to eye, whenever we get into an argument over something petty or something big.

Remember that anger is only temporary and we have so much more that bonds us together. Remember that we can grow from every bump in the road.

Spoil me with little big things.

Take me on an adventure to a nearby park. We’ll make a picnic and breathe in some fresh air while you tell me about all your favorite outdoor activities as a kid.

Tell me when you had the most fun. Tell me what made you sad. Tell me what you wanted to be when you grew up. Tell me why you changed your mind. Tell me everything.

Make me tea when I am coming down with a cold. Tuck me in before you go to sleep. Kiss me goodnight.


Spoil me with loyalty. Show me that you are only mine.

Show me that there is no one more beautiful or more important in this world but me. Show me that you have eyes only for me.

Respect me like I respect you. Don’t lie and don’t cheat, I’ve had enough of that for one lifetime. Be a man of your word.

Be someone I can trust. Someone who will hold my heart and never drop it.

You see, all I want has nothing to do with expensive gifts. It has nothing to do with material things, they are fleeting. They are temporary. They don’t hold true value.

I want something more permanent, something that could last a lifetime, something I will safeguard as my greatest treasure. I want your love, I want your heart, I want your loyalty. I want to know you are only mine.



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