You act entirely unbothered in front of others– however you replay the moment again and again secretive, as well as despise on your own for it.

You are definitely horrified of being seen as unpleasant. It’s why you prevent numerous social scenarios and also maintain your distance from crowds.

You’re not great at reviewing areas. Typically, you don’t pick up awkwardness considering that you’re so tranquil as well as laidback. You think everything is fine and also everyone is having fun unless they appear and say they’re unpleasant.

You obtain beetroot red as well as unsteady whenever you’re self-conscious. You have trouble hiding just how unpleasant you feel, which ends up making you feel even worse.

You whip out your phone as well as act to message whenever you feel the least little bit awkward.

You joke around regarding any kind of awkward moments you experience. You’re able to laugh at on your own.

You’re great at getting over uncomfortable moments. You’re a social butterfly, so you have the ability to recuperate rapidly and bond with whoever is around.

You obtain quiet throughout uncomfortable moments. Yet you have a blast telling the tale to your close friends later. You can laugh about it once it mores than.

You call out awkward moments when they happen– as well as wind up making the circumstance really feel a lot more uncomfortable.

You never in fact really feel uncomfortable. You fit with silences. And you don’t sweat it when you misspeak or stumble over your very own two feet.

You get dreadful pre-owned humiliation. Sometimes you have to shut off TELEVISION shows due to the fact that you can not stand just how unpleasant discussions are in between 2 personalities.

You extol your awkwardness. You consider it an enjoyable, unusual personality type of your own.


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