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How To Tell If He’s Trustworthy, based On Astrology Sign

Can you trust him? The answer to that question will be essential for the relationship to last. Astrology can help you discover if he is indeed trustworthy.


An Aries is a very honest person—maybe even a little bit too much. He will tell you how things are straight to your face, even if it’s going to hurt you. Honesty is a good thing, and you will always have a realistic view in the relationship. You will always be sure that when he says he is going to do something, you can be sure that he is going to do it. So yes, you can trust an Aries.




A Taurus is a very cautious person and will look at every situation from a few angles first. If he decides to do something, he will first undertake deep research and lower the risks to the minimum. He’s solid, determined, and persistent, and he won’t engage in something without thinking deeply about it first. Because of that, a Taurus is a very trustworthy person.



You can trust a Gemini because he is observant and will always be on the lookout for possible things he could fall victim to. Being exceptionally smart, he will never let that happen. Nothing can get past him, and he knows the value of having someone trustworthy. Besides, everyone wanted to have sharp people in their group project as kids, right?



Leos are loyal, kind, and helpful. Leos will never present themselves in fake ways and will never hide who they really are. Take it or leave it, but you will always be sure to trust him, because he is straightforward with his thoughts and conversations and will never betray the trust you put in him.


A Virgo will always be there when you need him. It is in his nature to help everyone, especially the people he cares about. Virgos often know what is best for you, and will help you fix anything that is broken in your life. Besides being kind, helpful and reliable, a Virgo is as trustworthy as it can get.



Libras are very diplomatic and trustworthy people. A Libra will first listen to both stories before giving his judgment. He will never have the intention to hurt others or use their secrets against them. He hates when his trust is betrayed, thus he knows the value of trusting others.



A Scorpio is very passionate and relies a lot on trust. If you break his trust, he can be a very nasty person. His strength and belief in himself will make you feel safe and that you can truly trust him.



Sagittarians have a hard time with commitment, and ‘love ties-free’ relationships. But this doesn’t mean they are not trustworthy. Even though they probably will never put you in first place or will want to settle down someday, you can still trust them and be sure they will never betray you.



If you’ve ever met a Capricorn in your life, you can agree that those people are very hardworking and honest. They work well under pressure and don’t need to throw someone under the bus to make themselves appear better. A Capricorn is wise and patient, exactly what you need from a trustworthy person.



An Aquarius is a very reliable person. He won’t lose his head when it comes to emotions. He is very aware when someone is depending on him or trusting him and will for sure never betray that trust. Being supportive and always willing to help are some of his most obvious characteristics.



Pieces are very compassionate and intuitive. They sometimes will know what you need before even you know it. Pisces are extremely loyal and would move heaven and earth to help out a friend. They are forgiving, and will help you forgive even yourself when you’ve done something you’re not proud of. You can trust Pieces because they will always be there when you need them.



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