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How To Not Get Attached In An NSA Relationship

A relationship in which there are ‘no strings attached’ can be a real pain for some people, because at first it seems to be all fun and games but at the end of the day you know that you will get emotionally attached.

You are getting attention from someone very attractive and you are being very physically intimate with them and there is no easy way to not get your emotions involved.

The problem here is if only one person starts having romantic feelings for their partner while the other one is still in it just for the sex.

Of course, it’s a no-brainer that if you two really do start having feelings for one another and if you really think that a romantic relationship could work out for the two of you, then go for it!

But that isn’t really the intention of an NSA relationship, is it?

So in order for you to learn how to keep an emotional distance from your NSA partner, I will give you a few rules on how to not get attached in an NSA relationship.


1. Date!

Just a great way to not develop feelings for someone is to continue dating while you’re in an NSA relationship.

No one is limiting you to that one particular person and just because you two are having sex, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop seeing other people.

Go out on dates and have meaningful conversations with potential partners who are not only interested in having sex with you!

2. Don’t talk about personal things

Communication really is the root of all meaningful relationships, that’s why you shouldn’t be talking about meaningful things with your NSA partner.

If you want to tell someone about your troubles, call a friend, your sibling, parent, anyone but him.

Adding meaningful conversations to this relationship is like a bomb of emotions waiting to explode. You will think that he is the one who understands you and is always there for you.

When in reality, he is not.

3. Be selfish

An NSA relationship is the type of relationship where you can be selfish AF and still not feel bad about it.

You don’t have to make him feel better and you don’t have to listen to his problems. You don’t even have to please him.

Of course, you have to establish some rules where no one will get left out but put your own needs first.

When you don’t pay much attention or have too much empathy toward him, your heart will stay further away from him.

4. Nothing but s*x

If you go out with him on real dates, to dinner, if you decide to go out with him on walks and so on, you will end up developing feelings for him.

You will be in a situation where you will fall in love because of the way he treats you, where people will see you holding hands together.

That’s why you shouldn’t let the relationship get personal. Only answer messages that don’t include your personal life and do not ask questions like “How are you?” but rather something that indicates that you just want to spend the night with him.


5. Take breaks

S*x really is a good way to bond with someone, that’s why it’s very important to know when to step aside.

The moment you start feeling something deeper than just sexual attraction, take a break from your NSA relationship.

You don’t have to stick around constantly because it is not a committed relationship. You can walk away whenever you want.

So if you start feeling a little bit confused about your relationship, like it might be more than just sex, just tell your NSA partner that you have to take a break.

After that, if you feel like it, you can go back, and if not… it’s all up to you!

6. Don’t meet his family and friends

If you really want to stay away from him emotionally, do not get to meet his family and friends.

Also, don’t take him to meet your loved ones.

Meeting the important people in his life automatically makes you important too and in an NSA relationship, there shouldn’t be this level of trust and affection.

Going this deep into his personal life doesn’t bring anything good, it only brings disaster. Especially, if there’s only one of you who has feelings for the other.



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