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How Much Of A F**kboy He Is Based On His Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

This kind of a fuckboy will leave you in tears after every fight, blaming you for the things you didn’t do. He is known for being hot-tempered and he shows that in his outbursts.

He will do things that you can’t even imagine—like dating you just to show off in front of his friends with a hot chick that hooked up on him.


2. Taurus

This man is a seriously dangerous fuckboy. He won’t put a label to your relationship and he will think of different excuses just so he won’t be seen with you in public.

If you date him, be prepared that you will be the one responsible for him being late for work, for not eating and for drinking freaking cold coffee. Goodbye Taurus—we will not miss you!


3. Gemini

This fuckboy is double trouble. At first, it might seem that everything is nice and sweet with him and then all of a sudden, he will kick you out of his life. With him, you will never know what you did wrong.

You can expect him to hit on your enemies and to gossip about you with his army of losers. With him, your happy days are counted!


4. Cancer

This fuckboy doesn’t take care of your needs and emotions because he is obsessed with his sick needs. If he wants to have sex with you, he won’t care that you have your period and he will want you to give him it all right here and now.

That’s how selfish he is, so if you really want to save your common sense, stay far away from him.


5. Leo

He is the master of disaster—a fuckboy who doesn’t feel any remorse once he seduces you, takes you to bed and leaves you broken in tears.

When he gets an opportunity, he will cheat on you and once he has been caught, will say that he is sorry, but he will continue doing the same nasty things again. And no, he will never be hubby material.


6. Virgo

He wants to have you, fuck you and treat you like shit but never commit to you. He is selfish and greedy and he would rather have you broken with him than happy with another man.

He will criticize your appearance, sabotage your self-esteem and make you feel bad. He just wants you to be his personal Barbie but too bad—he won’t get what he wants!


7. Libra

He is the type of fuckboy who will pretend to be charismatic and honest but he will cheat on you as soon as he gets an opportunity. He is like a drama queen and when he decides to leave you, it will be like you are watching Romeo and Juliet.

So, don’t buy his words that he needs to leave you because he doesn’t deserve you. You were probably a side chick the whole time and there is another girl in his life (or two).


8. Scorpio

This fuckboy is constantly in possessive mode. He will try to convince you that he is the only person you need in his life, isolating you from your friends and family. But the bad thing is that he can’t even believe the words that come out of his mouth, so don’t try to fix him.

Your life mission is not to save him from his paranoia, so live your live to the fullest and leave him where he belongs—in the past.


9. Sagittarius

This fuckboy is restless by nature, so you will never know if he loves you or just wants to fuck you and vanish. He will leave you as simply as he is leaving an empty can of beer in the trash.

He doesn’t have a lot of emotions going on in romantic relationships and that’s why he always ends up alone.


10. Capricorn

This fuckboy is a strategy player. He will tell you all that you want to hear just so he can get what he wants. He thinks life and love are just games where you can win or lose and that is his life motto.

So, don’t be surprised to see him today and tomorrow see his photos on Facebook with another girl—on the other side of the world.


11. Aquarius

He is stubborn, selfish and nonconformist. In one word, this man is a real playboy who just wants to satisfy his needs. He will never put a label to your relationship nor will he ever use a condom.

Those things are something he doesn’t believe in, so make sure that you stay away from him if you don’t want to be pregnant and left standing alone in front of the altar.


12. Pisces

This type of fuckboy is very strange because he lives in his own world of dreams and hopes. He will tell you that you are smokin’ hot and that you can count on him if you need sex, but that is pretty much it.

Don’t get attached to him because he is a man who won’t grow up anytime soon.



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