The end of 2020 is near, for we are already in September. But, we need to start focusing on 2020, for the energies wouldn’t be easy to face.

The beginning of the year would see Uranus turning direct on the 10th, and Saturn will be in conjunction with Pluto on the 12th.

Now, while these two events might seem like something extraordinarily big would be passing over us, it would catapult us into a state of activity. And that would last for the entire year.

Here are the astrological events for the first 6 months:

1. Jupiter will sextile Neptune on 20th February. This will be a time when you would be able to share your hopes and dreams with the whole wide world or just a bunch of close friends- your call.

What makes it easier is that you would be able to share it with people who have already experienced it first hand. And, this would be bi-directional- ideas will flow from both ends.

2. Saturn will be in conjunction with Aquarius on 21st March. This will be problematic for people who are simply going with the flow, for the entire bureaucratic institution would see an upheaval. But, if you own your business, you will be in the clear.

3. Jupiter will conjunct Pluto on 4th April. This will herald a storm of ideas in your path. Now, you need to realize that you must move in a certain direction- either accept the idea and work on it or simply get away from the juggernaut.

On a more personal level, you need to keep yourself from shoving ideas down someone’s throat, when they obviously don’t like it.


4. This entire event would be repeated on 30th June.

After that, things would calm down a lot, although our own energies would come under the radar for quite some time. So, keep yourself rooted and work on bettering yourselves. Soon you would see yourself capable of things you previously were unaware of.

What you could do in this period is simply create, inspire, and innovate anything that comes in your way. If you can make the next year your own, you would be the one finding all the right directions in your path.

At the end of the day, maybe the next year would definitely have some complex energies on your road, but they will always be a hundred percent positive.



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