Horoscopes, Wednesday November 4, 2020 for each Sign

A highly imaginative mood is in the air today, but don’t expect to get much done—the Sun will meet with dreamy Neptune at 8:55 AM. Conversations about what we value will arrive when Mercury meets Venus at 1:06 PM. Intense emotions will arise at 3:35 PM, when the Moon squares off with Pluto, but a productive atmosphere will take over when the Moon connects with Mars at 7:00 PM.

All Times EST.



Perhaps there will be new possibilities for you that will develop from a particular situation. You will have to be quick and know how to seize all information on the fly. It will not be a problem for you, but if you are distracted by other personal issues, you may not notice anything.

As usual, your instinct could be an obstacle, losing something that is of great importance at this time of your life. You will have to postpone a project again.



In this day and you will be dealing with very surly people, so you cannot get everything you had in mind. You will have to measure yourself with different difficulties and obstacles, but in the end, you will be able to find a solution, a suitable compromise.

Sometimes it is enough to apply a little more to people to make sure that they understand and adapt to certain situations, which are important for you and for them. It takes patience and a lot of determination.



You have perhaps demanded too much from yourself and you have made too much effort in the last days. Both mentally and physically you feel a little worn-out and lacking in energy.

Try to relax today, whatever you need to do. In fact, even if you always keep the same pace, you can at least have a little relaxation to not be in a precarious condition tomorrow.



Try to get as many deals as possible on this day, because it will be one of the few to be lucky. In this period, in fact, there may be facing several obstacles but at least today you can indulge and be sure to achieve success.

Even in the sentimental field you can show off your best smile and look for the right approach to that person you consider unattainable. Today it will be much more within your reach.



If you believe you have not made any mistakes, the day will certainly start in the best way. But if you have this terrible doubt, you will not take it away until you review everything you did yesterday, to try and understand where the hitch is.

Maybe there will be no hitch, but it is right that you analyze all your previous activities. Then you can start much quieter with your usual activity and you will be able to keep the mind free from bad thoughts all day.



Put aside all your pride on this day, because you could talk about money, remuneration, and income. In the face of money, unfortunately, you too must bow your head and seek an agreement, even if not fully satisfactory.

In this period you cannot just kick your hand because they would not listen to you, they could not listen to you and they will not want to listen to you. Needless to fight for something you can’t get. Think rather about the future and new projects.


If you do not want to jeopardize the relationship on this day, you will want to try to explain yourself better so as not to generate doubts in the minds of others. Surely the people around you will not ask you more than they should.

Usually, everyone wants to know only things that are well-defined, without getting too terse around the subject, as a symptom of uncertainty or lack of honesty. You are usually very honest and you will have to continue to be so.



You can be relatively calm on this day, trying not to overdo it too much from a business point of view, because it could be detrimental to affect too much on some aspects.

Rather, you should put aside some qualms, trying to anticipate those who would like to create difficulties, solving your dilemmas. At this point, you would not have anything to worry about.



You can be relatively calm on this day, trying not to overdo it too much from a business point of view, because it could be detrimental to affect too much on some aspects.

Better to enjoy the serenity and calm that at this specific moment would be the best thing for your emotional state. So do not take too much to heart certain aspects of life that may well be postponed.



Many professional issues today could be set aside to make room for a new project that there would be no guarantees that it’s what you are looking for but that could surely improve your working situation.

From many points of view, you have lowered yourself to do something that you did not like or that was not your responsibility. Now you should stop, to try to recover the original enthusiasm towards work or what you have chosen to do!



Maybe you can still put some dots on the i with some of the people that are bothering you and that you thought you could not even challenge. Fear always makes bad jokes and could lead you to make more mistakes.

In any case, it is better not to add gas to the fire, but rather put your serenity and sanity first, because they are much more important than the rest.



If you want to start your day well, you should call a person very dear to you, or meet them to show them all your affection. If you have a relative, a friend, a close but not too dear person, you can reach them for a hug.

Sometimes there is no need for a specific reason to make spontaneous acts of love. It will do well to your heart and to them, but above all it will do well to your relationship that will strengthen.


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