Horoscopes, Tuesday November 17, 2020 for each Sign

This is the second day this week with the high energy of a 22 and 4. We are managers. We may not have been with this life path, but we can learn lessons from the energy it brings.

Today, we are all intuitive beings filled with the understanding that we need about what we are, our potential, and the gifting that come with life’s experiences.

Of course, when any great warrior is about to do something grand, there’s a tiny voice of reason that says it’s not too late to turn back.

For you, that can be the thought to pull the blankets over your shoulders and close your eyes for five more minutes when it’s time to head into work or the gym.

Even in those tiny moments that seem inconsequential, you are proving your strength and power of determination.

Some people choose to be late to an event. It’s a choice to put something else of value above the other that causes lack of timeliness. It’s an act of authority when a person chooses one path over another.

Authority is best used and owned by people who have manager mindsets with insight. Ever worked for someone who was a wonderful manager?



If you need something today, don’t rely too much on other people’s shoulders. You have to solve your problems yourself, trying to learn from your mistakes.

It will not cost you more than what you have accustomed to already since you have been lazy for a while and have abandoned everything that was extremely important until today. Find a way out.



Try not to look too crappy today, because things could turn against you. Very often you do not want to give up and this is not a symptom of maturity.

Better give up some small victory instead of losing the whole battle, because whoever wants anything tightens. You’ve already pulled the rope too far from you.



Instead of giving warnings to others, you will have to give them to yourself today. Your path is clumsy and full of holes, so sooner or later you risk falling in.

Criticism should be a tool to help someone improve themselves and not be used as a defense weapon against their own mediocrity. If you do not want to do things, free the way for others to do them.



You have a good chance of succeeding in your intentions this day, but you will have to work hard and try to follow every request made from outside, especially those people who know you more than you do.

If someone tries to address you to a road rather than another, try to consider these aids seriously, because they might be crucial. Do not argue why you cannot afford it.



Your dreams may spring off on this day due to the will of someone close to you, who will take great care of your happiness and therefore your projects, even the most complicated ones.

If there is availability on both sides, nothing will be impossible, given that union is a force, yours will prove to be really powerful. Everything that comes next will only be positive.


You are very much geared towards a choice that will definitely be unpopular with someone, but that may prove to be the right one for you. You will have the courage to go against the will of those who love you.

Surely you will have initial clashes, but in the end, you will understand that you are right and that you have done everything in your power to take the right course, although it may be more complicated.



You are pretty sure that you have launched the right designs for your future, although today you will feel a bit sad, perhaps because not everyone around you is doing the same.

Probably those around you need more time to get used to some ideas and at a certain pace, but you can rest assured that they will succeed in the business and will give you great satisfaction.



You have many things in mind for this day, but you will not be able to get them all. You do not have sufficient support, nor are you willing to look for it. You can still postpone some issues, but do not take it too easy.

In any case, you will succeed, as you have deserved much esteem and affection by almost all the people you have met lately and who have been fascinating by your courage.



If you are not convinced of the current bend that your now almost completed project has taken, today you will be able to expose your doubts to people who can help you, or even remedy yourself.

Of course, you will have to double your effort to get the same result you wanted at the beginning, but it will be worth it because you know that your dream is very ambitious. If you succeed on this, you can rest for a while.



You should not leave your professional issues aside, because suddenly you might be faced with some urgency you will be unable to handle, at least if you do not start to commit yourself steadily.

Someone had already asked for your business but did not focus on the goal. It may take a very long time before they make the same question again and want more answers.



You should not leave your professional issues aside because suddenly you might be faced with the urgency you are unable to handle, at least if you do not begin to commit yourself steadily.

Someone had already asked for your business but did not focus on the goal. It may take a very long time before they make the same question again and want more answers.



If you have a problem today, you must find a person who can help you, as it can provide you with the necessary support both material and spiritual. You cannot handle everything yourself.

You should rather admit to having difficulties, and not be too presumptuous to feel that you have more capacity than others and therefore can solve everything even without them because that is not the case.


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