Horoscopes, Tuesday. December 15, 2020 for each Sign


You will be a little annoyed by the behavior of a person, especially from your family.

In any case, instead of criticizing them, you should first try to understand why they acted in a certain way, risking to disappoint you.

This is a crucial point of your relationship, which you will absolutely have to overcome if you want to pick up where you left off.

Otherwise, you already know, and you have accepted, that this relationship will have a negative epilogue.



Someone has been confronting you, in a positive or negative way, but now what matters most is not so much the evolution of this situation but the motives behind it, why they behaved and continue to behave in this way with you.

You will want to find out in order to make your position clear, understand what you have to do, and figure out the intentions of those in front of you.

You never know what you might discover and what up until now you might have misunderstood.

Put your soul in peace, if you do not appreciate the certain attention, you will have to let them down.



Perhaps you expect more from today, but it will not be the right one to make proposals to a person who is not yet in a position to accept them.

You know it, so you should not commit this gross mistake of choosing the wrong timing.

Try again later, maybe in a couple of days, having been the first to worry about probing the ground and of adequately preparing your interlocutor.

In this way, you can hardly miss the target and you will get just what you want.



If you want to be more involved in the material issues that affect your family and therefore also financial and bureaucratic ones, then obviously you have to make yourself available.

You cannot just claim to take without giving anything back.

As someone said, it is necessary to know where the certain money come from, where they go and whom they are destined for.

In short, you will have to take some burden and some duty to get fully into the core of the system to understand how the carousel works!



If you find yourself not knowing what is the right thing to do with a person who is close to you, then in this day try to take moments to reflect for yourself.

Listening to too many discordant voices and interested in the question will only confuse you.

Take a breath of fresh air or try to go where it is possible to compare with people who are esteemed but unrelated to the issue.

Everything else will slip on you because now you are very focused and also worried about what is happening and could happen.


You are developing good characteristics that may be useful for your next trips or for your next adventures, but you will have to look carefully at the unfounded fears that often take over you.

Try to distract yourself with people and leave as little as possible that your desire for solitude takes possession of you.

Despite everything, in fact, you are always people able to be very sociable and with a good sense of humor!



You have no reason to be pessimistic, at least for the moment, so if you are worried about a situation that may occur in the future but you do not know if it will occur or not, you will have to do everything to distract yourself and think about something much more exciting.

You have a thousand of ideas, just develop one and you will find so much satisfaction that you will not have the slightest need to return to certain harmful thoughts, you will not have the time because you will dedicate body and soul to your dreams!



If you have to thank someone, try to do it asap, without second thoughts, otherwise, you will spend a lot of time and give rise to doubts and resentments towards you.

Better to appear hasty than to get ahead of you.

Having resolved this social matter, you can go on with other programs, which you will have to ascertain if they are actually valid and worthy of your attention.

They will have to give you not only material results but also “emotional” ones.



Do not be mortified if you will not be able to convince a person of your goodwill or your good intentions.

It cannot always be your fault, sometimes it could also be them that do not show a minimum of elasticity.

At this point, you will be able to change your goals directly, try not to give too much importance to what others would like but concentrate mainly on what you want and that will surely be better for everyone.

They will understand it, even if not immediately.



If you want to finish a deal quickly it will be understandable, but not everyone could keep up and maybe they will not even want to speed up certain situations.

At this point, you will have to make choices of convenience and evaluate what may actually be fairer in general.

If you need tangible results it is obvious that you will have to put all your needs in front of you, but if you can also wait for your colleagues to make up their minds, then it is likely that you can finally establish sincere friendships and a stronger and more lucrative cooperation.



If today you do not have much desire to get to work you will still have to by force.

Making an effort is one of your tasks, so you are not asking for anything extraordinary, nothing that cannot actually be done according to the best rationality.

You must leave less important issues, for the evening or for the lunch break, for all the other hours you will have to try to do your best because you are in a crucial position.

It is true that you are not very satisfied, but you could be even less so in the future.



For this day you can also leave everything as it is and solve only urgent matters, perhaps those that concern the slow bureaucracy or always confusing colleagues.

This way you can take some time before making a choice.

If you have clear ideas, in fact, your decision still depends on other factors or people who work with you, so first, you have to make sure that everything goes according to expectations.

You will have to make some investigation.


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