Horoscopes, Monday November 2, 2020 for each Sign

Today you will be worried about the development of important plans and commitments for your work. You will keep track of news or comment about current events in the company or institution you are working in. Child expenses will be pre-announced and planned.

However, it is possible to receive money or an important child-related document. Overall, the financial development of the day will be more favorable than the opposite. Young men will have experiences related to old, unrequited and unfulfilled love.

Mercury connects with Jupiter at 8:05 AM, ushering in an optimistic mood and easy communication. The Moon in Virgo connects with Pluto at 11:26 AM and squares off with Mars at 12:29 PM, stirring up passionate emotions—and likely some confrontations.

Luck will be in the air when the Moon connects with Jupiter at 3:40 PM. Make time to sit with your emotions and desires as the Moon opposes Mercury at 4:48 PM and Venus at 6:50 PM.

Moon Alert
Avoid shopping or big decisions after 6:45 PM EST today (3:45 PM PST). The Moon is in Virgo.

To find out more, look for your zodiac sign below to find out what’s in store according to your horoscope for today.


Keep your calm today, even if not everyone will do what will ask them to.

You cannot expect them to follow your orders as toy soldiers, especially if you do not know them well and they have no relationship of any kind with you.

You should show a little more respect for the work of others as they demonstrate so much for yours.

You will have to apologize if you have behaved badly and you should just do it sooner or later.



Do not focus too much on economic issues on this day, you should rather be careful about what your commitment is.

You are living on income, on the esteem accumulated over time, but which you may also lose now.

Keep showing what you can do and get involved in the projects you carry out, even if they are not yours or directly born from your mind.

They still have a good validity.



If you do not want to miss the opportunity to carry on your already started project, you will need more incentives on this day, but you will have to go and find them personally.

You are still in time, but you will not have to lose yourself in the maze of the distractions of your mind.

You allow yourself too much entertainment and leave too much room for others to put your sticks in the wheels, especially when you are right on the finish line.



You can make light-hearted decisions because you have already reflected on these issues, so you should not stress your mind or your heart any further.

Now the cards are on the table.

You will have to wait and let people decide what to do.

Now it’s up to someone else to take the first step, you behaved the best way you could.



If you are not yet clear on how to behave in a professional matter, behave in a serious way because in this way you will never go wrong.

If you take it too lightly, you risk giving a wrong impression.

The dress is not a monk, but the first impression is very important in certain environments and you often forget it.

There is nothing wrong with presenting yourself in a more composed way.


You have definitely chosen the best way to approach a new situation in your life, but on this day you will also have to demonstrate maturity at the sentimental level.

Someone counts a lot on you.

Probably the person in front of you does not know how to behave and expects you to know it instead.

You will, therefore, have to show a lot of pulse and determination, much more than what you usually show.



In order not to feel embarrassed on this day, you will have to be clever to mask certain types of feeling.

Your interlocutors will not be noticed if you are sufficiently skilled.

Sometimes you have to hide your weaknesses so that nobody can exploit them at your expense. Instead, you will have to find the weaknesses of others to use them at your leisure.



Perhaps you did not fully understand what we are looking for the people who work with you or for whom you work.

This will be the right day to restart ideas and find a solution.

You cannot disappoint those who counted on you and invested time and money in your projects.

You are still in time to fix it and to do a good job if you want to, otherwise, you will agree to already apologize.



On this day there should not be a winner or a loser, but you will all have to be victorious.

It will take a lot of teamwork and a lot of patience on your part to be able to integrate into a group.

Both on a personal and professional level, this experience will do you good and will bring you incalculable benefits, which perhaps today will not be clear to you.

The only thing you should understand is that it is essential to be able to cooperate.



If what interests you on this day is to get a result, you will get it.

However, you should well calculate the benefits, advantages, and disadvantages that will come from it.

Perhaps it would be better to wait a little longer to get more.

Being hurried has never helped anyone and certainly hasn’t ever brought the success that was expected.

Remembering your past experiences you should know it well and prevent it from happening again.



Protect the people you have next door because they need a lot of love and affection, even if it were someone who does not belong to your usual circle of friends or does not belong to your family.

Today everyone will deserve to be defended and looked after, so you will have to commit to it.

Your altruism must come out at the right times like this. Do not retreat only because it is not convenient.



You should be kinder to the people who work with you or who you meet on a daily basis.

This could lead you to meet other people and therefore to widen your circles.

Horizons could be much wider than you have imagined, both for your personal life and work.

In particular, you might know a very interesting person who will make you discover a new side of yourself, more reckless and adventurous.


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