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Horoscope 03/2022: What Is March Bringing For Each Zodiac Sign


Great time for the financial resources, likewise for buying or selling property. If you are waiting to get quantities of money, this is the month they could be gathered. You’ll start to have great internal stability, an outcome of the restored optimism towards life. The transit of Venus retrograde in your sign permits you to locate consistency as well as charm within you as well as you will comprehend that, if not resolved before a major internal cleansing task, absolutely nothing can go outside in the right direction.

Understand that stability in the relationship can only be gotten to if you first let them enter of you, bringing into balance the male and female power. Around the eighteenth of the month, the conjunction between Venus and also Mercury in a backward motion assists you to discover the ideal solution to a problem that has long been troubling you.


The consequence of a newfound fantastic power will be good physical and mental toughness. With that said likewise returns the love forever as well as every facet of it is influenced positively. The desire to do, to begin as well as complete those projects produced in previous months.

Finally, life takes a street filled with contentment as well as loaded with outcomes. Especially the professional area will certainly provide you the best satisfaction. You will be able to face all fears, overcome them without resistance. It will give a new value to your whole life.


If you don’t put joy on the thing you do, nothing will go well. This is the teaching that the transits of the month want to give to you. During the month, your emotions will awaken, and so you will be catapulted into new projects and objectives; You’ll see life with new eyes and full of love, thankful for all that you have been able to obtain.

But the biggest thank you will be for the ability to be released free of the storm that Saturn in opposition sparked you in and out.


The first part of the month will be more difficult to deal with because you will be put on trial and this could mean being afraid. However fear not, because since the second part you will be able to detach from all forms of emotional involvement, and what will be important to you, will be doing everything in good conscience without the need for approval from others; just yours.

New collaborations, new people will come into your life and you will feel the need to participate in public and social life through your job, helping yourself to build a better world. Possibility of changes in the work sector.


Emotional stability and strong personal power will be the elements that will allow you to build a new kingdom, where you are the only king or queen. You decide and no one else who will be part of this new kingdom, which rules will be established and, above all what is the main objective to be pursued.

The moment you will realize that you are the commander of your ship, you’ll begin to decide based on what you want and what gives you joy, not what pleases others.


Thanks to the inner work accomplished in the months and years prior, now you will finally have the courage to change course and so you decide to express your requirements. You will start to listen to you, and you follow what the emotions advise you to do.

You will follow the way of the heart, the only way to get where you are destined: to the love harbor. For some of you, it means that during the month love will spark in, so eyes wide open. However, it is you who can decide whether to accept it or not.


The newfound inner stability, the result of so many battles experienced in recent months and weeks, brings you to rejuvenate and be born in a different light, beneath another star: the bright star of Venus, your ruler planet, synonymous with beauty, harmony, and being. Observe it in the sky and you will see it shine as you’ve never had.

For all those who from now on come near you, asking your attention but without owning the values listed above, you will use these for the stamp “rejected.”.


Relationships are put under the magnifying glass to be evaluated better, giving you stability in the relations with others. However, establish a network of boundaries, because not everyone can come into your life, but only those who respect you. For some, it is possible to live a new relationship or to fix their problems in the current relationship.

The question you’ll ask yourselves constantly is: “Do you love him, you love her still?” If the answer is “yes” you will be well determined to go on, but if you a doubt pervades your heart, the issue is already over. It’s thought more of yourselves and less of others. There will be time for that too.


The main news of the month concerns the work and the health sector. In the work there could be a stabilization, an important recognition for what you do, you will find your place in the world, finally, understand what you are passionate about.

As for health, you will have an improvement in psychological and physical conditions. I remember that for two years Saturn is transiting in your sign and I assume it has caused some damages, both physical and psychological.


March will be the month in which you receive the need to take some free time and start to engage in the activities that you like the most. Finally, you will discover the feeling of passion, this energy that will pervade in all its power. Whether it is to a person, or work, or a normal pastime, you will live the situations with greater emotional involvement, with more heart.

For those who also think of a family and have children, March is a fertile month. You’ll finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!


After fixing your inner self and, eventually, your outward appearance, you will face a month in which you will find emotional stability. This will allow you to come back on important decisions already taken or still to be taken, reevaluating them for better or for worse: you can therefore also decide to change your mind.

A clear mind, able to remain detached from the prejudices that normally have. When the mind is calm, the answers come from the sun. Stop, sit and meditate.


The strength is awakening within you. I am referring to the willpower, determination, the ambition to that healthy aggression, and the desire to succeed in life: in short, the realization.

First, you will strengthen the attitude you have towards life in general, through the challenges of daily affairs. You are a romantic and a dreamer sign is true, but it is the practice that allows us to live and fulfill our dreams. You will understand that life can change by small daily gestures.



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