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Hidden Reasons Here’s Why Each Zodiac sign Love Life Is Falling Apart

It seems like absolutely everyone is blaming the universe for their issues rather than taking on some of the blame themselves. While we might want to blame mercury retrograde or a shift in the astrological seasons as to why our relationships are falling apart, that’s totally not the case.

If we keep on pretending that the only thing that controls our love lives is the universe, we’re sure to never regain control.

Things are only going to keep on getting worse if we keep pretending that these issues are out of our control. The most liberating thing that we can do is acknowledge that everything is actually our fault. When we realize that the only person who has the power to influence our lives is ourselves, we’ll finally be able to make some serious changes!

It’s time for us to stop blaming the universe, and start figuring out ways to rebuild our love lives. We here at thethoughtcatalogs have located the key issue that each astro sign is facing when it comes to love and what we can do to change things around. We’re so over stressing about our past and present relationships and are more than ready to make some serious life changes.

Once we take control of our love lives, everything will finally begin to fall into order!


24 Aries: We’re Living In Fear

The biggest issue that an Aries must face is the fact that they’re constantly living in fear. You’re too scared to make any major life changes out of fear of the unknown. You’re letting yourself be stuck in a bad situation that just isn’t worth it.

We completely understand that it’s sometimes easier to stay with what you know rather than jump into the unknown. We don’t know if the grass is actually greener on the other side, so why risk the change? However, if you’re forcing yourself to stay in relationships out of fear, you’ll never actually experience true love—because this isn’t it.

23 How To Fix It: Time To Face Our Fears

It’s time to analyze any relationships that you found yourself in out of fear. Whether it was a fear of being alone, or not being loved, it was totally the wrong move. You can’t keep living your life in fear just because you’re not ready to take the next step.

Rather, you should only be with someone if you genuinely love them and are happy. If fear is the main thing pushing you into relationships or keeping you in one, it’s time to make some changes. Get ready to face any fears you have when it comes to love. You won’t be able to find your ideal lover if you’re stuck with someone you aren’t completely obsessed with.

22 Leo: We’re Not Putting In The Effort

You can’t complain that your love life is falling apart when you’re not willing to put in the effort with a special someone to make things work. Whether this is someone from the past, present, or future, you seriously have to consider putting some extra effort into the relationship.

If your boo is giving you their all while you’re only offering 50% effort, things are sure to fall apart. A relationship can only work if both people are willing to do whatever it takes for love to prosper. If you’re simply not that into it, it’s time to take a look at why that might be.

21 How To Fix It: Question If It’s Worth It

Often times, the reason why we’re not willing to give our relationship a little bit more effort is because we don’t even care. You might not be the issue, but rather the person you’re dating. There is no way that your relationship will take off if you’re simply dating the wrong person for you.

That’s why it’s only right to take a moment and figure out if making things work with that someone is even worth it. You can’t force yourself to make things work when your heart just isn’t in it. Instead, it might be time to do your own thing. This might be the exact sign that you were looking for to switch things up in your love life.

20 Sagittarius: Its Time To Work On Ourselves First

There is absolutely no way that you will find yourself in a relationship that makes you happy if you’re not willing to work on yourself. Don’t waste your time trying to fall in love with someone new until you fall in love with yourself. The only person that you should be focusing on is you.

As a Sagittarius, you have recently been through it all and are so over love. Don’t force yourself into yet another relationship when you simply aren’t ready. There are some major unanswered questions that you have to figure out before you jump into yet another relationship.

19 How To Fix It: Focus On Ourselves

Take some time for yourself and figure out your desires. The sooner you get your goals and values in check, the sooner you will be able to reach happiness. There is absolutely no way that you’ll find yourself in a happy relationship until you truly get to know yourself.

If you feel like you’ve lost who you truly are in recent relationships, now is truly the best time to make some changes. Stop pretending that everything is going fine when it actually isn’t. Instead, focus on yourself and figuring out who you really are. Once you fall for that amazing girl, endless guys will as well!

18 Capricorn: We’re Holding Onto Unrealistic Expectations

Capricorns are known to be huge dreamers. You’re constantly striving for the best and trying to figure out a way to have your life imitate a movie. That’s why when it comes to love, you’re constantly desiring a relationship that could rival a romance flick.

While we absolutely love your endless dreams and high goals, it might be time for you to figure out if your expectations are realistic. The truth is that your relationship just isn’t going to be perfect. Instead of ending things simply because they don’t live up to your expectations, it might be time to adjust your perspective on love.

17 How To Fix It: Figure Out Reality

While we don’t want you to give up on love, we do want you to be a little more realistic. This means coming to terms with how things truly are, rather than sticking to the story you keep telling yourself in your head. It’s time to forget about all of the unimportant things that you have built up in your head and focus on what truly matters.

If you’re head over heels for someone, it’s fine that your relationship might not be everything that you’ve desired. Your love life doesn’t have to be like a movie for it to be worth it. Once you truly fall for someone, all of these little things will become unimportant.

16 Taurus: We Keep Hiding The Truth

As a Taurus, you’re known for always trying to find a way around things. Sometimes it’s simply way too hard to fess up to what’s really going on, and it’s much easier to ignore the issue. However, if you think that you can keep the truth from your partner forever, think again.

Your relationships are guaranteed to fall apart if you keep on trying to hide the truth from your lover. Instead, we recommend that you come clean with what’s actually going on. There is no point in trying to hide things from your lover when it’s only going to cause bigger issues in the long run.

15 How To Fix It: Don’t Keep Things Hidden

If you currently find yourself in a relationship and have some things hidden, it’s best to simply come clean about them. The truth will eventually always come out and cause an even greater problem. Plus, your lover will be less willing to forgive you the more time has passed.

If you’re single and have your eye on someone new, we recommend not keeping things hidden. While you might think you’re slick enough to bend the truth in a way that favours you, that probably won’t work. You’ll be a million times more embarrassed when the truth finally uncovers itself.

14 Virgo: We’ve Basically Lost Hope

You’ve absolutely been through everything and are so over things. The last thing on your mind is figuring out how to make relationships work. Instead, you couldn’t care less about your love life since you’re almost positive things will break apart yet again.

If you currently find yourself in love, you’ve completely lost hope. All of the issues have pushed you to a negative mental state. You’re not even willing to work on things since it seems like there is no way to move past these major issues. The only way things will begin to brighten up is if you promise yourself you’ll take on a new perspective.

13 How To Fix It: Find Some Passion

It might be time for you to find some passion in your love life. If you’re currently dating someone, this might mean looking at your relationship in a new light. There is no point in continuing to be sad with how things are. Instead, start figuring out ways to make your relationship work.

If you’re constantly consumed by negative thoughts, you won’t be able to see the answer to your problems. The best thing that you can do is figure out a way to start to have a little hope. We promise that if you put in the work, all of your issues will slowly begin to solve themselves!

12 Libra: Way Too Many External Influences

While you might be constantly blaming yourself for any relationship issues, it’s not exactly your fault. Instead, the main issue that you have to deal with is all of the external influences that are beginning to enter your relationships. The last thing that you should be doing is letting other people get involved in your love life.

The only person that you should be discussing any issues with is your lover. However, it seems like people both on your end and his end are trying to get involved. It might be time for you to tell these people to mind their own business, rather than giving them any say.

11 How To Fix It: Focus Only On Love

If you often find yourself letting other people get involved in your relationship, it’s time to put a stop to that. While you might be looking to get a second opinion from your friends about your relationship, it might not be the best move.

Instead, we recommend that you take some time and figure things out on your own. The first person that you should be talking to about your relationship is your partner. If you’re not able to figure things out and need a second opinion, then it might be okay to ask your friends for advice. But don’t feel pressured to listen to anyone other than your heart.

10 Aquarius: The Past Is Still Haunting Us

There is no way you’re going to be able to find yourself in a happy relationship when the past is still pushing you back. You’ll find yourself trying to make things work when there is absolutely no way that they can since you aren’t able to let go of the past.

Your love life has been falling into pieces since you have a million unresolved issues. If you just think that you can ignore these things, you’re totally off. Your past is only pulling you into endless conflict. This will only continue until you finally take the lead in your love life.

How To Fix It: Tie Up Loose Ends

Before jumping into a new relationship, make sure you’re absolutely okay with everything going on. The last thing you want is to pretend that your love life is flourishing when it’s actually falling apart.

Take the time to actually tie up any loose ends before jumping into yet another relationship. If you have an unfinished past, it will on continue haunting you. It might be best to be single for a little bit while you finally get everything in check. Once you’re free of anything holding you back, you’ll finally be able to find yourself in your ideal relationship.

Gemini: Fear Of Showing Emotion

As a Gemini, you’re used to playing whatever role you need to get your way. Rather than actually showing your emotions, you’re willing to fake how you feel just for things to work out. While this method may help you in other areas of your life, it’s the last thing that you should be doing when it comes to love.

Don’t be scared to show your lover who your truly are. You shouldn’t be wearing a mask to have your lover fall for you. You’ll eventually have to express how you truly feel and you don’t want him to run the other way. Instead, be up front with your boo in the first place in order for your relationship to actually flourish.

How To Fix It: Express The Truth

It’s time that you let go of your fear of expressing emotions and finally show your partner who you truly are. While there is a chance that he might not respond the way you hope, it’s still a necessary step in your relationship.

Everything is guaranteed to fall apart if you keep on pretending that everything is okay. While you might want for things to keep going the way they are, you have to be willing to express your emotions. If telling the truth is only lasting issue between your and your lover, then you simply have some unfinished business to resolve to fix things.

Cancer: Becoming Pessimistic

There is no way that you’re going to be able to rebuild your love life if you keep up this pessimistic attitude. While we totally understand that relationships are harder than basically anything, it doesn’t mean that you should be giving up on them.

Instead, you’re going to have to work at them and hope that things begin to change. The truth is that hope is a million times more stronger than fear. Your relationship is basically guaranteed to fall apart if all you focus on are all of the negative aspects. Whatever is in your head will reflect into the real world.

How To Fix It: Time For An Attitude Change

The secret to getting things to work out is through a change in your attitude. If you keep on stressing over all of the things that are wrong, you will only find more issues to dwell on. However, if you actually try to see all of the awesome aspects of your love life, you will find an endless list of things to be grateful about.

Remember that the future of any relationship that you find yourself in fully depends on your attitude. Your mind has the power to shift your relationship in any direction. This is because your words and actions are fully dependent on your thoughts. Whatever is in your head will be in the rest of your life. Think positive!

Scorpio: Simply Not In The Cards Right Now

There is no way to fix your love life when it just can’t be fixed. However, don’t freak out! This doesn’t mean that your relationship has to be a complete mess forever. This is only for a short period of time until the universe changes course for you.

A relationship just isn’t in the cards for you right now, and you should actually be grateful. This gives you some extra time to focus on what truly makes you happy. You don’t have to be stressing over someone when it’s not necessary. Instead, get ready to truly spend time with yourself and what you desire.

How To Fix It: Give It Time

You can’t force a relationship when it truly just isn’t meant to be. While you might be craving someone new, it just isn’t your time. Instead, we recommend that you take some time for yourself and learn to love yourself even more.

Take this chunk of time to peruse any goals you might have. The truth is that when you find yourself in a relationship, you are constantly busy. That’s why it’s only right for you to focus on what truly makes you happy and where you want your life to go. Your lover will eventually enter the picture. However, if you keep stressing about finding love, you’ll never be able to actually do so.

Pisces: It’s Not The Right Person

The reason why your love life might be falling apart is because you’re obsessing over the wrong person. While you might think this special someone is a perfect match, there is a huge chance that they actually aren’t. Instead, you’re trying to fall for someone who just isn’t meant for you.

If all of these issues keep arising with this person, they might actually be the problem. There is no point in staying with someone who endlessly attracts a million problems. You will only be constantly stressed out as your try to figure out how to make your relationship work.

How To Fix It: Ditch Your Lover

We totally understand that this might be the last thing you want to do. However, if deep down in your heart you know that you’re dating the wrong person, it might be best to simply let them go. Stop dating someone who just doesn’t make you happy.

Instead, it’s time to truly fall for someone who makes your heart flutter. Only then will you truly find yourself in your ideal relationship. If all of these issues keep arising in your love life, you might not be the issue. Rather, the wrong partner is only pulling you down. Figure out if this person truly makes you happy, and if they don’t, ditch them ASAP!




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