Here’s Your Guide To Surviving Eclipse Season Based On Your Zodiac Sign in May 2020

Eclipse Season is amongst us and here is how we feel empowered. The eclipse season taps into your shadow side. It is also the time to change and for reflection because we are getting a step closer to becoming a fiercer and better version of our true selves.


Harnessing your inner soldier to achieve and accomplish pending or new goals. Occasionally, Aries can fall into a state of insecurity, but this is usually temporary. With the power of the eclipse, you will be able to radiate and feel revitalized enough to tackle your problems head on. After all, this falls in your Fifth House of fun and creativity. It’s the recharging of the batteries for you, which can do you a lot of good.


Pampering yourself after a draining year would help you bounce back into your normal self. You might even be experiencing a bit of self-doubt, but do not fret. Mars and Mercury could be driving you up the wall, making you second guess your talents, but you are strong and capable of handling this. With the Eclipse shining light on your Fourth House, you might feel there is some unpredictability with the things that make you feel at home. Remember to trust your instincts and stay strong.



Setting new intentions and having a positive outlook would help you move forward. The eclipse is the perfect opportunity for you to shine through in whatever you set your mind to. The Eclipse is in your Third House of communications, comfortably shining some insights. Mercury is in Retrograde, but that doesn’t stop the Mercury ruled Gemini. Make sure to connect with others and maintain your social butterfly status. Breaking routines for a silly eclipse won’t do much.


After a tough birthday Season, you might feel more empowered to take on new challenges and set new goals. Being a sign that is conjunct to Leo, it is easy for you to feel the magnetic energy of this time of year. Trust your instincts and continue to obtain those gifts and accolades from last month. You are still shining brightly this time of year. More income and resources are possible, since the Eclipse is shining a strong light into your Second House.


This year the light of the eclipse is in the sign of Leo. Because it is in your first, you might feel awakened. This is your time to shine and you feel like you are on the spotlight in this great event. People might seek your loving light more, as you prepare to transform. The eclipses are going to impact you the most because this will literally be like shedding a part of your skin to allow in the new transformation. A star will be reborn.


You might feel a bit of an emotional transformation on the horizon. With the Eclipse shining light on the elusive 12th House, you might feel emotionally drained but will get clarity on issues that may have haunted you in the past. This is the time to break free from whatever is dragging you down. Your new self will emerge, stronger than before and ready to fight.


You might want to be paired up more or you might be contemplating getting into any forms of new relationships. This is your time to have some fun since the eclipse lights up your eleventh house of fun and excitement. Very much like the Aries, you will be meeting new people and having fun social engagements. Open your heart and mind to this fantastic time of rejuvenation.


As we gear up for Virgo season, we are reminded that hard work is necessary in order to achieve our goals. Leo is restfully in your Tenth House of career so, Scorpios get ready to work hard for what you want (not that you’re a slacker). The eclipse will make you feel exhausted since you are one step closer to that victory dance. After all, the climb to the summit is the hardest when we are very close. Eclipse season will serve you as a time to focus and plan for what’s to come.


An Eclipse shining in the sign of Sagittarius opens the native up to new experiences; either physically or figuratively. A desire to seek new methods of learning or to meet new people. This will be a good time to put any plans into action because you will easily. With the Eclipse in your 9th, you might get the urge to travel and meet new people.



Capricorn always shines brightly in the course of the year. This is your moment to recharge while Mars is going retrograde. Here we find that many Capricorns can be in introspective states or in “fixer” mode. All of your pending problems are getting resolved and you are ready to take on new challenges. Just make sure to cool off and take a break here and there. The sea goat deserves some self-care.


The perfect time for Aquarius to literally shine in the spotlight because this is their sister sign’s moment and they too can feel the power of the Solar Eclipse. Your sense of power and your ambitions become important to you. Helping others can also be at the top of your list. There is a sense of duty to use this energy to make others feel good. Your humanitarian side shines through this eclipse season and with the light of the Eclipse on your descendant, it’s a good time to find love.



When the light of the Sun or the Moon touches the House where Pisces is in, there can be a new sense of clarity found there. New ways of thinking are activated. The native, if they have Sun in Pisces will feel a burst of confidence coming from within. Spiritual enlightenments are also possible. This is a great time to feel connected to the universe.


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