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Here’s What Makes People Most Attracted To Us, Based On Astrology

The laws of attraction often dictate who enters and leaves our lives. Each of us possess an undeniable pull and it’s fascinating to ponder what exactly determines this attraction in some people, while not in others. More and more people look to the stars to discover their natural talents and personality traits.

What makes you tick? We’re all individuals but there is just something supernatural about when we connect with people on a deeper level. Astrology can give you deep insights into what others find interesting about you. Perhaps you’re a good listener or maybe you have a great sense of humor and are the life of the party.

If you’re curious to know what, exactly, makes people want to be around you then you’re going to want to read this list! Here’s what attracts people to you based on astrology.


24Aries Woman: People Are Lured By Her Confidence

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The Aries woman oozes confidence and that attracts most people to you. You’re flirtatious and coy, so it doesn’t take much for people to take notice. When it comes to both love and friendship, you don’t hold back at all. Why should you hide your fabulous self?

You’re independent but also like being tended to so it takes just the right person to strike the right balance. The people that you cherish the most don’t seem to mind the extra work it takes to keep up with you. Your high self-esteem serves you well and you have no problem in the romance department.

23Aries Man: He’s The Center Of Attention
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There are few men more self-assured than the Aries man. Let’s face it, you love being the center of attention and most people can’t resist your charms. With such an extreme personality, it takes a confident person to contend with you. You like a challenge so not just anyone will do when it comes to romance.

As far as friendship is concerned, you tend to hang out with guys that let you run the show. You don’t need a wingman but certainly don’t need some dude showing you up, either. It’s always a good time when you’re around, as long as everyone lets you shine.


22Taurus Woman: Everyone Loves Her Big Heart

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The Taurus woman is ruled by Venus, who just so happens to be the empress of love. This means that you have a big heart that makes everyone you encounter feel special.

Your friendships tend to run deep and you are beyond loyal. You are dedicated to the people who are most important to you. Yet, you like to move through life at quick pace, so they better be prepared to sync their calendars with yours.

21Taurus Man: People Like How Thoughtful He Is

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Since as a Taurus man you’re also ruled by Venus, you lure people in with your thoughtfulness. From a kind gesture for a friend to a romantic gift for a lover, a lot of thought goes into everything you do. You’re a considerate partner who always makes sure the person you’re with feels adored.

You’re one of the most supportive astrological signs, always loyal and having everyone’s back. It’s no wonder everyone loves you.


20Gemini Woman: No One Can Resist Her Spark

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The Gemini woman is playful and loves to have fun. There is a silly side to you that makes everyone want to be around you. A person like you is the total package because you have the brains to match your wit. You love to engage in light intellectual sparring so you tend to attract intelligent people.

There is an innocence about you that can totally coax out a person’s inner child. You handle friendships and romance with the same gusto and it isn’t hard for you to find someone to spend time with. No one would ever accuse you of being boring.

19Gemini Man: He’s So Charming
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You’re totally social so you’re often surrounded by people. The Gemini man is charming and likes to have a good time. You have a competitive streak so you prefer to be around others who challenge you. You’re super-smart so it takes a special person to beat you at just about any game.

Yet, there is a sensitive side to you. Once you’ve met someone who is engaging, you let that charm show and become utterly irresistible. No one can resist your fun side and people want to be around you all the time. 


18Cancer Woman: She Nurtures Others
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The Cancer woman has an emotional depth that attracts most people to her. It’s nearly impossible for you to have a casual relationship so your friendships and relationships run deep. Your kind spirit means that you look out for others. Everyone knows that they can count on you.

Once you’re in a romantic partnership, you crave a true connection and fall in love easily. Sometimes you give more than you get from a partner so you have to be reminded to take care of yourself.

17Cancer Man: Everyone Craves His Affection

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The Cancer man is all about affection. You love nothing more than to cuddle with your partner and prefer a quiet night in.

A guy like you is a creature of habit and likes to settle into a routine once you’re in a relationship. You can get insecure but that’s actually part of your charm. Humility looks really good on you as long you as you’re with someone who is willing to give you reassurance.


16Leo Woman: People Love Her Sense Of Humour

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The Leo woman dazzles just about everyone she meets with her hilarious sense of humour. If you’re born under this sign, your outgoing personality makes you very popular. It doesn’t take much for you to command all the attention in the room.

You have an ease about you that makes people feel totally comfortable in your presence. But you do come with a bite. If a guy can make you laugh then you’re willing to go on a date with him, but he’d better be warned that you like to tell people exactly what you think. It’s refreshing, though.

15Leo Man: People Are Drawn To His Vibrant Personality

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Everybody loves you, Leo. What’s not to love? You command attention and manage to do it with very little effort. You’re a natural leader and it draws people to you. When it comes to relationships, you have to be the one in charge and most people don’t mind letting you take the lead.

Your vibrant personality serves you well when it comes to friendship, too. It’s easy for you to find a crew of guys to chill with, so long as they don’t mind sitting in the backseat. You sit in the driver’s seat of life and everybody knows it.


14Virgo Woman: She’s So Demure

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The Virgo woman tends to be a bit shy but that demure attitude makes you intriguing. Although, you’re not really looking to impress anybody. You prefer to be selective in who you let in so it takes some work to get you to open up.

Yes, you’re mysterious, and that coy smile of yours might be subtle but you know how to get the attention of the right people.

13Virgo Man: He Dazzles People With His Intellect

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As a Virgo man, you might be reserved but you’re so smart that it totally makes up for your shyness. If a person can work their way into your cautious heart, then they’ll stick around for your strong intellect. You enjoy clever banter and never turn down a battle of wits.

You surround yourself with people who can match your intelligence. Emotions are hard for you to express so anyone close to you has to be willing to coax your feelings out of you. This can make you come across as cold but you’re very warm once you’re with the right person.


12Libra Woman: Her Playful Nature Is Infectious

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You like to have a good time and your childlike outlook on life makes people love you. The Libra woman has a big personality and isn’t afraid to put it on full display. You’re social and totally the life of the party. There is nothing that you like more than standing out in a crowd.

Optimistic people tend to flock to you and that’s just the way you like it. Few things turn you off more than a pessimistic person.

11Libra Man: There Is No One Sweeter Than Him
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The Libra man is very romantic and gallant. You are free with your affection and are known for giving thoughtful gifts. Your kind nature is pretty irresistible so you’re rarely alone, which is good because you dislike feeling lonely.

Friendships tend to go deep but you prefer to take things a bit slower in the romance department. You keep your fears hidden well so it might take some persuading to get you to truly open up to a potential partner. Most people are willing to stick it out for you, though. Once you let someone in wholeheartedly, there is no one sweeter.


10Scorpio Woman: No One Can Resist Her Magical Ways

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There is just something magical about being a Scorpio woman that makes you totally alluring. It’s all about emotion and connection with you, so relationships can get real pretty quickly. Direct and focused, you go all in if you have your sights set on someone and they better love your intensity.

Your devotion can be a bit much for some, but they won’t be able to stop thinking about you.

9Scorpio Man: His Intensity Is Magnetic

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The Scorpio man loves passionately but likes to play it cool. People are drawn to you like a magnet. Maybe it’s because you’re so dark and mysterious. Even though you come across as totally confident, you actually feel very deeply and have an endearing vulnerability about you.

Once you’re in a relationship and are totally smitten, you are beyond dedicated to your partner. You put the same dedication into friendships. Being close to you is very rewarding but people are made aware pretty quickly that you can get jealous at times. Your intensity levels can be high but the right person isn’t threatened by them.


8Sagittarius Woman: Everyone Is Attracted To Her Free Spirit


The Sagittarius woman has a carefree nature that most people can’t resist. Everybody just seems to flock your way. You’re never one to turn down a good time and are always invited to the party.

Adventures call and you’re just the person to answer them. 

You inspire people to let loose and have fun. It seems like making friends comes naturally to you and there’s no shortage of options in the romance department, either.

7Sagittarius Man: His Adventurous Side Appeals To People

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You love to travel and have a wanderlust that is thrilling to other people. Your friends and family can hardly keep up and you like it that way. Romantic relationships come with very little effort on your part. You attract independent people because you actually demand a lot of freedom yourself.

Spontaneity is one of your strongest traits since you love to live in the moment. You don’t stay in one place for too long, which means that you encounter all sorts of adventures. The world is your playground and you probably already have your bags packed for the next one.


6Capricorn Woman: People Can Count On Her

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There is no one more dependable than the Capricorn woman. You’re compassionate and genuinely care about other people. This makes you an amazing best friend to have. You often put the needs of others before yours.

When it comes to romance, you can be guarded but once you allow yourself to appear vulnerable, the relationships can go really deep. Your serious nature makes you an intense lover but you have a wild and crazy side that’s just waiting to be unleashed. All it takes is the right person to coax the fun out of you.

5Capricorn Man: His Work Ethic Is Admirable

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The Capricorn man is smart and goal-oriented. You have a strong work ethic that is totally inspiring for the people in your life. It’s all about your career and putting your best self out there. Friendship is simple when you put the same focus on your buddies as you do your job. Most of your friends are probably from work since that’s where you spend most of your time.

Relationships are equally important to you. Since you can be a bit too carefree at times, you attract easy-going people who can balance out your moods and keep things light. Once you feel comfortable with someone, you’re willing to get serious – and that’s when your romantic side shines.


4Aquarius Woman: She’s One Of A Kind

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As an Aquarius woman, you’re so unique that it draws people to you like a moth to a flame. Your bright and warm personality touches everyone you meet. That quirky sense of humour you have keeps everyone laughing and you love being the center of attention.

Love comes your way naturally, in both romance and friendship. Although, you’re not above playing a little bit hard to get. Despite the fact that you’re so outgoing, you can be selective about who you let in.

It takes an original thinker who can handle your abstract ways of thinking to really impress you. 

3Aquarius Man: Everyone Loves How Original He Is

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You’re so creative and zany that everybody adores you. It helps that you have such an outgoing personality. There are few people as original as you and people are attracted to how you dare to be different.

You look at life through an unconventional lens and tend to have friends that like to think outside the box. There is a depth to you that no everyone gets to see, though. You have several layers that need peeling. Yet, when you meet someone as wacky as you, it’s an instant connection and you’re willing to open up.


2Pisces Woman: Her Love Knows No Bounds

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The Pisces woman is so sweet and thoughtful. Everyone knows that if you love them, they’re in good hands. You tend to daydream so people are attracted to your imagination. You really don’t put up boundaries when it comes to relationships and it’s easy to get close to you. This puts most people at ease.

You love romance and are so dedicated when you find the right person who is deserving of your affections. You put the happiness of others first and people totally appreciate that about you.

1Pisces Man: He’s So Devoted

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The Pisces man gives his time and attention freely to people that he thinks are important. This means that relationships are intense and you tend to shower affection to the object of your affection.

A guy like you is a hopeless romantic so you make quite an amazing boyfriend. You can be a bit emotional but that’s just part of your charm.





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