You won’t find one person on this planet who is perfectly easy to love. Every single person has flaws, quirks and other traits that make being in a relationship with them hard work sometimes. This counts just as much for millionaires and celebrities and academics as it does for regular folk in general. That’s just humanity for you!

The good thing about love is that, at first, it’s blind to those flaws and complex qualities that make relationships so difficult sometimes. And once that honeymoon phase is over and you can see your partner for what they really are, if the love persists, you’ll be okay with the qualities that make them unique, even if they’re tricky to accept.

The particular traits you have that lie in the essence of who you are and that makes you difficult to be around sometimes can have a lot to do with your zodiac sign. For centuries, it’s been said that these signs have sway over our personalities, and affect the things we like and dislike as well as our loveable qualities and not-so-loveable ones. So read on to find out what part of you your boyfriend (or girlfriend) has to learn to love because it can’t be changed.


16The Fire Signs Will Always Act How They Feel, And That Can Be Confronting

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are pretty fiery (pun intended). Personality-wise, they are fueled by passion and emotion and don’t think things through every time. That goes for both the things they say and the things they do. Their partners might be able to help them consider other people’s feelings before they say or do anything offensive, but ultimately, they follow their hearts.

These signs are more prone to temper tantrums than the other elements, and they are usually exceedingly confident, sometimes resulting in arrogance. They’re blunt and aren’t afraid to tell you what’s going on in their minds, so it takes someone with a lot of patience and a pretty thick skin to last in a relationship with them. But when that person does come along, they get all the benefits of being with a fire sign, like excitement, passion, loyalty and red-hot love.

15If He’s Going To End Up With Aries, He Has To Get Used To Her Temper

The temper thing is true of all three fire signs to an extent, but mostly so with Aries, the leader of the zodiac. This sign has many good qualities that any prospective partner can look forward to, including unyielding loyalty, generosity, and strength to draw from in tough times, but anyone looking to date her has to understand that every now and then, she’s going to lose her cool. Majorly.

The best thing about Aries’ temper tantrums is that when they’re over, she completely calms down and gets ready to talk it through with her partner like an adult. The anger doesn’t last all day and doesn’t happen that frequently, so once she’s cooled down, her partner can enjoy all the amazing things she has to offer.

14Leo Is Confident Most Of The Time, But That Can Turn To Arrogance

Being with a Leo isn’t for the fainthearted or reserved. This is one sign with a huge personality, based mostly on confidence. Leo gals are the best at feeling good about themselves and allowing themselves to shine, and even if they’re not having a good day, they know how to fake it.

The downside to a tendency for confidence is that, sometimes, they can cross the line and end up being arrogant. Whether it’s about a job or money or the way they look, their egos can get ahead of them and they can get cocky, which can make their partners feel insecure if they don’t have thick skin. No matter how many times Leo hears that she’s being too cocky, she’ll still get carried away to that place every now and then, so her partner has to deal with it.

13Sagittarius Has Little Tact, And Might Seriously Hurt His Feelings With Her Words

Usually, Sagittarius is less feisty and confident than the other fire signs and has a cooler, more low-key personality. She’s a bit more easy-going and agreeable. But she is still a fire sign, which means she has a natural urge to follow what’s in her heart and in her mind, and she also happens to have the least tact in the zodiac. Basically, she says things without thinking about them, all the time.

She doesn’t do it on purpose, and if she knew how upset people could be by her words, she would feel terrible. That’s why nobody can change this about her—she doesn’t even realize she’s doing it, and she wouldn’t know how to stop. Partners of this sign can accept it by realizing that she doesn’t mean any harm, and her bark is worse than her bite.

12The Earth Signs Don’t Like To Emerge From Their Shell

The earth signs—Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn—are the opposite to the fire signs in that they don’t like to say what’s on their minds, and they don’t like to open themselves up to people. Someone who needs their partner to be intimate really quickly, who craves deep emotion and sentimentality or who gets annoyed by people who are quieter and reserved probably shouldn’t make any promises about settling down with an earth sign.

When they’re upset, these signs are more likely to be super passive-aggressive or even give the silent treatment rather than have a screaming match. They keep things bottled up rather than discussing them openly, leading to major stress, and take themselves very seriously. Those who can put up with the downsides of the earth signs get a loyal and organized partner who can always be relied upon, who’s hugely successful and who brings them stability in return.

11When It’s Time To Talk It Out, Taurus Remains Passive-Aggressive

Every sign has their own way of fighting, and some can resolve their issues with others while some just end up in World War Three. When it comes to Taurus, this sign has a very distinct, passive-aggressive way of arguing that can drive certain personalities up the wall.

Taurus doesn’t like open conflict, she doesn’t like harsh words, and she doesn’t like tears. Instead, when she’s angry at her boyfriend, she won’t reply to his messages, she won’t hold his hand back, and she’ll post subtly provocative things on social media. Then when he asks her what’s wrong, she’ll say “nothing”. This is infuriating to someone who likes to sort out their drama and move on, so Taurus should find someone who can give her the time she needs to get over her anger and to say sorry first.


10There’s Literally No Point In Telling Virgo To Relax

Some signs of the zodiac are famous for being easygoing and chilled out, but that couldn’t be any less Virgo. The Maiden is a worry-wart, a stress-ball, a fusspot, whatever you want to call it. And even though she’s tried yoga, meditation, herbal tea and mentally putting her thoughts on leaves and letting them flow down the river, the truth is she can’t stop worrying because it’s who she is. So if a person can’t be okay with Virgo being a little jittery, they should find somebody else.

It might be exhausting at times to deal with someone who isn’t able to relax when she wants to, but there are a lot of upsides to being with Virgo too. This sign is intelligent, reliable and talented, and will help you to be a better person (by picking at you, but still).

9Capricorn’s Reserved Nature Might Seem Like A Buzzkill At First

If the wrong person tries to date Capricorn, they could find themselves pretty bored. This sign is particularly reserved and though she is ambitious, she appears to be very collected. Worrying about what people think of her means that she takes herself very seriously indeed, and isn’t into letting go and having a good time in public. She’s easily embarrassed, and doesn’t care how many times she’s told to “loosen up”.

The sooner her partner accepts this about her, the happier they’ll be. And it’s acceptable because it’s not like she’s a dry, boring person with no fun side. On the contrary, she can be a lot of fun at times, but she’s just selective about where and when that is. Work and duties usually come first for her, but she can get wild after five p.m.

8It’s Hard To Get The Air Signs In Your Corner, Even If They Love You

Anybody who’s even slightly clingy or dependent in a relationship should stay clear of the air signs. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius can be great lovers, but as you might have guessed, they prefer to float in the wind than be tied down. Normally, they don’t like to commit to things or settle on a final decision when they can keep their options open, and as a result, it can be really hard to earn their support.

Those who date these signs might find that they don’t have their backs the way other signs would, and they’re perhaps a little less trustworthy. The air signs like to sit on the fence, try different things and get carried away by new people and places that intrigue them, rather than settling into routines. Aside from that, they make exciting partners who push their lovers out of their comfort zones in a good way, helping to enrich their lives.

7Gemini’s Zest For Life Is Inspiring And Exhausting At The Same Time

Whatever happens, Gemini will always have a ton of energy. This sign gets so worked up sometimes that she just about bounces off the walls, and her passion for life knows no limits. Being with someone who wants to go everywhere, do everything and see everyone she can (all in one weekend) can be lots of fun at times because there’s never a moment of boredom or dullness. But other times, specifically those times where you crave peace and quiet, it can be really tiring.

The person who ends up with Gemini must learn that there’s nothing they can do to quench her thirst for life, that she’ll always want to see more. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing—as long as they give her the freedom to go out there and satisfy her hunger (temporarily), she’ll be happy.

6He’ll Want Libra To Back Him Up, But She Prefers To Sit On The Fence

Perhaps the best thing about being in a relationship is that you have someone to support you at all times, even when you’re in the wrong. But those who want to be in a relationship with Libra have to understand that she always prefers to be Switzerland than to pick sides, even when the love of her life is on one of those sides.

She can’t help having lots of empathy for everyone involved and understanding all points of view, plus she’s a naturally friendly sign who doesn’t like to be in people’s bad books, so she just doesn’t like to choose a side. But aside from this, Libra is extremely loyal and would do anything for her partner. Just don’t ask her to back you up in public!

5Aquarius’s Unconventional Thinking Can Take Some Getting Used To

Aquarius might just be the one sign who is the most opposed to change in the zodiac. She doesn’t like being told what to do, and even if she agrees with the advice she’s given, there’s always the chance she’ll defy it just because she doesn’t want to conform. So she’s not likely to change for her partner on any front, but especially when it comes to the wacky ideas she has.

This is a sign who likes to think outside the box and get creative in ways that others can’t even imagine. She likes to experiment and take risks with all things, which might be hard for a very traditional person to accept. Once a person has come to terms with the way Aquarius thinks, they’ll see that she has some top ideas that nobody else can match, and has the power to make big changes.


4The Water Signs Struggle With Insecurities That Manifest In Many Ways

All signs suffer from insecurity to a certain extent, but Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces tend to be hit quite hard by their inner-worries. The trouble with insecurity is that it can fester in so many areas of life and have so many consequences, and it’s these types of consequences that people in relationships with the water signs have to get used to.

Not feeling great about themselves leads them to have mood swings and take out their feelings on their partners, and it also leads them to feel jealous when there’s no need to be. They might even trust people they shouldn’t, just because they’re desperate to form new connections. People who accept this about the water signs can then enjoy their nurturing and caring qualities, their unlimited creativity and the deep bond they will form.

3No Matter What He Does, Cancer’s Mood Will Swing Up And Down

Some signs might be prone to rage in particular, but Cancer’s emotions are a little more reminiscent of a rollercoaster. The Crab is known for her mood swings and with good reason. Sometimes she gets so overflowed with emotions that she doesn’t have time to think them out properly, and instead she responds to them immediately. The result is that she’s cranky one minute, all over her partner the next, and then rocking in the corner with a tub of ice cream an hour later.

To make it work with Cancer, people have to accept that her moods aren’t permanent (which is both a good thing and a bad thing). When Cancer is really angry or really sad, her partner has to remind her that the feelings will pass soon enough.

2Scorpio Will Be Jealous, Even If There’s Not Really A Reason To Be

A little jealousy in a relationship is a sign that both parties are still interested, while too much can completely destroy everything. Scorpio has a tendency to feel jealous, but the good news is most of the time this is to a reasonable extent. Still, anybody who’s serious about a Scorpio girl has to be aware that she can get envious when there’s nothing provoking her, and for the best results, they should give her absolutely no reason to question anything.

If Scorpio actually has a reason to be jealous, the relationship could be heading for a toxic place. Those who love her have to pay extra attention to this, making sure that they don’t give her a reason (or else there could be serious consequences to pay).


1Though Intelligent And Intuitive, Pisces Can Also Be Naive

Pisces is intelligent and is usually a fantastic judge of character, but there are times when her insecurities get the best of her and she ends up trusting people or things that she shouldn’t because she wants to believe the best. On one hand, it’s heartwarming that she has so much trust in the world, and on the other, it’s infuriating because she ignores all logic.

It doesn’t happen often, but from time to time Pisces will act in a naïve way, and there’s nothing her partner can do to change that. Instead, they have to keep an eye out for her and be aware that sometimes she might stumble into the wrong crowd or the wrong place. But most of the time, her intuition stops this from happening.



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