Here’s The One Thing You Need More Of In 2020 Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Well, now we’re a couple months in and 2020 isn’t exactly shaping up the way we had all hoped and planned, is it? Leaving aside the general catastrophes that have been going on throughout the world, maybe your personal and professional life isn’t feeling so hot either. Fortunately, we’re here to help you, so as to ensure that the remaining 10 months of the year don’t go by like the previous two. Using your zodiac sign, we’ve determined what exactly you need more of in your life to make it better. Rather than a New Years resolution – which you know, you’ll have abandoned a couple weeks in any way – these suggestions are what you need more of throughout the entire year. They don’t require sacrifice and denial, the way so many resolutions do. These are all about positive thinking and, in all honesty, if you want to have an incredible year, maybe you’re better off trying all 12! Let’s take baby steps, though, and keep to your own sign. You’ve got 10 months left – make the most of it!

16Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): A Little More Love

Fire signs are inclined to be impulsive and headstrong, rushing into things without ever really thinking them through. More often than not, this can lead to bad decision-making and you could end up burning bridges rather than building them.

All last year, you felt like you were the one calling the shots, but this year, it’s time to take things down a notch. While fire signs generally hate to expose their vulnerabilities, 2020 will be the year where you feel comfortable enough – and safe enough – to do so, because this year, what you need most is love. Love from friends, family members, significant others – pretty much anyone, and any kind of love. Get yourself a dose of the really good stuff this year and don’t look back.

15ARIES: Affection

An Aries like you is always rushing off to discover the next best thing, usually diving impulsively into something before you’ve fully thought it through. That might have been all well and good last year, but in 2020 , you need to slow things down and really appreciate the good things life has to offer. Instead of always being the one doing the chasing, let people come to you!

Affection and intimacy are what you need more of this year, largely because you don’t give yourself enough time to enjoy either. You consider affection to be boring and slow-moving. You’re all about passion and anything that doesn’t feel like fire to you doesn’t seem worth having. But let us tell you that affection and intimacy are the slow burn in a relationship, the stuff that lasts after the fire has burned out. Allow people to be gentle with you – you might learn that you enjoy it!

14LEO: Family

While a Leo like you probably made a long list of resolutions at the beginning of the year, we’re betting that a couple months in, you’ve already waffled on most of them. Don’t think of this as a resolution, then, so much as a suggestion. Rather than waste your time going to the gym or putting away a certain amount in the bank, try and spend more time with family.

The generous spirit of the Leo has you trying so hard to give everything you have to everyone else, but really, all they want is more of you. We’re not saying to commit yourself to stressful family dinners, but try and keep in regular contact with the fam. Meet up with your sister for coffee, share a funny meme with your mom, whatever. We know your schedule is jam-packed, but we promise that making a little extra time for family won’t feel like added work.


Always on their own, conquering and exploring the world, 2020 is the year for the Sagittarius to have more support. We know that you can’t stand clingy people and that the thought of commitment makes you itchy, but no man is an island and all that.

Having a valuable and useful support system doesn’t make you weak, Sagittarius, it makes you human. Even though you hate to expose the vulnerable side of yourself, you might discover that doing so can create deeper and more meaningful relationships with those around you. We know that you prefer to handle things by yourself – often because you’re usually doing things by yourself – but having friends and family to fall back on is good for both you and them. You know they’re there if you need them, and they know that they’re needed.


12Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): A Little Bit Of Happiness

All too often, we assume that happiness is something that’s easy to come by. We find it in fleeting moments and then, far too quickly, it’s gone. Earth signs are known to be unsatisfied with a lot of things in their life, and they can’t seem to stop searching for something more, something better. This can be a good thing when it fuels drive and ambition, but for Earth signs like you, it can mean an unending dissatisfaction with the life you lead.

In 2020 , we suggest that those born under this sign appreciate what they have, and try to find joy in the little things. This year, you need more happiness, and part of that means changing your attitude about things. Of course, not everything starts and stops with you, and so you have to take account of your life and get rid of whatever – and whoever – no longer makes you smile.

11TAURUS: Fulfillment

Taurus knows that the best things in life are about quality, not quantity. However, because of that, you spend most of your time searching for something better, because what you have already clearly isn’t satisfying you enough. Rather than look around at everything and everyone else to see what you are wanting, we think you need to learn to find fulfillment inside yourself and in what you already possess this year.

Discovering more of what makes you feel happy and whole without relying on buying things or other people to make it so is a tricky thing to do, but we think a patient sign like yourself has the tenacity and ability to make it work. Learning to be fulfilled with who you are and what you have shouldn’t be limited to 2020 – try and make it last for the rest of your life!

10VIRGO: Social Life

Last year, Virgo, you were a nervous wreck. You were basically climbing the walls of wherever you were to stop from having a breakdown and, even though we’re well into 2020 , you don’t quite feel like you’ve calmed down. A lot of that is because you squirrel yourself away when you’re feeling anxious because you hate how others might perceive you. Just so you know, everyone is dealing with their own drama, so they’re not judging you for yours.

Getting out of your shell and seeking more social interaction is definitely what you need more of this year, even if it’s scary. Making more time for your friends, meeting new people, and arranging fun date nights with your SO are all ways to boost your mood while distracting you from your busy brain. Consider it a mental health year, okay?


9CAPRICORN: Relaxation

The notoriously high-strung Capricorn has been busting their butt since they were born, so might we suggest that they take just this year off – or at least some time within it – to relax? Because that’s our prescription for Capricorns in 2020 : more relaxation!

It may not be in the DNA of this hard-working sign to take a load off, but you need to understand that a car can’t run on fumes and neither can you. The world won’t end if you take a day off and your family won’t implode if you decide that you need a night all to yourself. Getting some quality R-n-R has been proven to have a positive effect on work habits afterwards and can leave you feeling refreshed and renewed when you get back to the grind. Hey, it would basically be impractical for you NOT to take a break every now and then, right?

8Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Ambition Is Key

Air signs have brilliant minds, are unparalleled conversationalists, and have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. The problem is, you spend so much time accumulating thoughts and theories, ideas and inventions, that you rarely ever find the time to follow through on them. Rather than thinking about all the cool stuff you COULD do, you need to make a plan and see it through. What you truly need the most in 2020 is ambition.

Ambition isn’t an easy thing to come by, but you need to follow just one of your multitude of passions and put some action behind them. History is written by the doers, not the people who thought about doing. Start small routines that will help to increase your work output and go from there. Besides, if you’re enjoying what you’re doing, it won’t feel like work!

7GEMINI: Commitment

The fickle sign of Gemini is terrible at making decisions because you always want to try everything. As the sign of the twins, you are always of two minds about everything and deciding to go one way over the other can be downright painful. Sometimes, though, change is painful, which is why in 2020 , you need more commitment.

Now, before you get scared off, we don’t mean that you have to commit yourself to one person, but we do think that you should pick something and see it through. A class, a course, a sport, a hobby – choose something that fires up that trademark Gemini intellect and do it! We know you’re inclined to duck out when things get hard, but we think if you can sign your name to a finished project, you’ll feel so much better.


6LIBRA: Motivation

Ever the people-pleaser, a Libra like you finds it hard to say no to just about anything. You are often the pushover, the rug that people like to walk on because they can. You are always the one to pick up your drunk BFF at some ungodly hour, always the one to stay late after a meeting, always the one to help your cousin move – it is always you.

In 2020 , things are gonna change. This year, we think that you need more motivation to do what YOU say instead of what everyone else does. Call it discipline or whatever else you want but girl, you need it. Giving yourself permission to turn someone down doesn’t make you the bad guy – it makes you human. If you ever have trouble sticking to this, just remember that all those times you do say yes, it’ll be so much more valuable!

5AQUARIUS: Success

The Aquarius looks at the world as one full of possibilities, and they’re usually bursting at the seams with new ideas on how to make it a better place. Hard-working and with a humanitarian bent, you always want to help the less fortunate. Unfortunately, all that hard work doesn’t always feel like it’s paying off, and sometimes it can feel like you’re treading water. Naturally, you want to see some good come of all your effort, which is why in 2020 , what you need more of is success!

Unlike the other signs, who might see success in terms of dollar signs, an Aquarius like you really just wants to see the reverberations of their work. You want to see other people commit themselves to your causes and have things go somewhere. Even when it feels hopeless, trust us when we say that 2020 is the year you’ll finally see everything pay off.

4Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Need Some Extra Positivity

Water signs are known for getting stuck in their hands and spend far too much of their time navel-gazing to really take stock of what’s going on around them, which means that they can miss out on a lot of the good things life has to offer. These signs are prone to melodrama and melancholy, and they can be so caught up in feeling everything that they don’t get to truly enjoy themselves. This year, however, will be different, because in 2020 , Water signs need more positivity and enjoyment in their lives!

Rather than dwell on the sad things in life – and we know there’s plenty – they need to go out of their way to do things that make them feel lighter and more positive. This means that the notoriously reclusive Water signs have to step out of their comfort zones, but it’s a small price to pay!



The bleeding heart of Cancer means that you’re often the one taking on the burdens of all your friends and loved ones. You always try to be the strong one, but even the strongest person in the world needs a break every now and then, and we’ve decided that 2020 is the year that you can allow yourself to cut loose and have a little fun for once!

Introspection and moodiness may be something you struggle with, but it’s only because you feel everything so deeply. Give yourself permission to have a good time for once and not feel bad about it. Guilt and empathy are what often weigh you down when you really deserve to lighten up! Whatever is fun for you – whether that be a party, a night in with no obligations, or a daytime hike – do it. You need to take care of you too.


Any Scorpio worth his or her salt will tell you that they are the sign that loves love. The sign most closely associated with getting it on as well as passion and intimacy, a Scorpio like you might have jumped from relationship to relationship or fling to fling in the years past, but not this time around! This year, Scorpio, we have someone new for you to fall in love with: yourself.

Giving yourself some much needed me-time is what the Scorpio needs most in 2020 . Take time to do what the magazines call “dating yourself” to see that you’re a pretty awesome person to be around! Read a book, go to a museum, go out to dinner, see a movie – just with you. This sign has a tendency to be introverted, and so taking some time to recharge your batteries isn’t just a good thing, it’s a necessary thing.


1PISCES: Adventure

Pisces girl, you’re always so lost in your thoughts and dreams, sometimes it seems like you’d rather live in there than out here.

Well, instead of fantasizing about everything, we think that this year is the year you actually go out an do something! Instead of sitting around thinking about your next big adventure, we want you to leap into it. Do you want to travel? Do it. Do you want to start a band? Go for it. Do you want to go scuba diving somewhere tropical? Pack your bags and get going! Life is too short for you to only live your dreams! We know it might be scary or that it might not be like how you imagined it, but almost every time, living the real thing that you’ve spent so much time thinking about is way, way better.


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